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Poisoned Strawberries

Novel By: AnotherLovelessMachine

It's the year 2017 in a city call Trilox. In this town, being different to a whole new level is all the rage and what's in style this season? Murder and Poison! That's what Snowelle Rose finds out anyways.

Every night murder occurs because of how popular it is, from the time of nine at night until dawn. Snowelle's parents were killed two years ago and she has finally found that man and slayed him herself. But Snowelle's seems to have an admirer. Jovie Cerqa, a thirty year old male who was once a good friend to Snowelle's parents despite the large age gap.

The night Snowelle kills, she believes Jovie will kill her by forcing her to drink what she believes to be a poisoned strawberry drink. But when she awakes in her room, she is completely confused. The sight of strawberries make he sick to her stomach now, but only tells her best friend and maid, Raven, a powder blue haired girl.

As time goes on Snowelle is forced to spend more time with Jovie and they slowly begin to connect. They keep murder, poison and love in style in the future city of Trilox, but how long can they keep it up for before they get into trouble for being in love? View table of contents...


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Back stage, everyone hurried around to get models dressed and re-dressed for the runway. It's a little bit chaotic but I haven't been paying much attention. Even though all these beautiful models are wearing the clothing I've designed, my mind hasn't left last nights events.
I thought about to look of fear on the mans face who killed my parents. He was terrified. It must have been fate to run into him while at a concert. The look of fear he had almost gave me a sense of pride. Like I was glad that I had killed a person when I promised myself to never follow this "fashion statement" unless my own life was at risk.
Than there was Jovie, who had witnessed me kill the man. Jovie claims to have seen my work, but the only way he could possibly know would be through Dolson. It would make sense. I let out a deep sigh in frustration as I slumped in the crystal styling chair.
Raven sat next to me in one of the dresses I had designed. When we left, she wasn't wearing it I only had her wear it when we came backstage. It seemed to suit her. It was a black strapless dress that falls to her knees and the bust was covered in diamonds that were cut so carefully to look like snowflakes, and just like normal snowflakes none were the same.
There were lace gloves that were matched with the dress that went up to that bend of Raven's elbow. Instead of becoming a maid, she should have become a model. "Are you alright, Miss?" Raven asked and I looked over in her general direction.
By the looks of it, Raven was being highly careful to not make any sudden movements so she wouldn't ruin the dress. That dress looked near impossible but it was funny to watch her in such a state.
Should I really tell her what's going through my mind? I told her that Jovie had poisoned me already so if I told her that I'm convinced it was poison, she may think of me as being insane. Plus, I don't want to worry Raven. If I asked, she would go to the most wretched part of Trilox without any form of a weapon to defend herself and back for me.
If Raven were to die, I'd be lonely again. Even Dolson wouldn't be able to fill the void in my heart. So to make sure she would believe me, I grinned my bright smile at herand nodded. "I'm perfectly fine, just trying to take all of this in. Doesn't seem real sometimes. It's to perfect," I said trying to muster up a lie.
Lying is such a dirty thing to do, but there are times when it needs to be done. Even if you're speaking to your best friend. Raven stared at me a moment before accepting the lie. I think she knew I lied to her. Maybe not, she never said anything in response.
I feel so guilty have to lie to her, but if she didn't believe me about Jovie poisoning me last night, she wont believe me now. Raven staring at me made me feel uncomfortable so I looked over her shoulder, noticing Jovie was standing there flirting with some of the models who were done on the runway until they did their last strut.
Jovie's eyes caught onto mine, giving me a grin with a wink. My face heated up and I had to turn my attention back to the mirror. I shouldn't get all flustered over such a thing. The only thing between Jovie and I, is hate.
Despite the fact the fact that I completely hate the man he's attractive. One of the most attractive men I have ever seen. I've travelled the world with my parents and Dolson a couple of times. I've seen many attractive men, but none of which can hold a candle to Jovie.
That's all I will think of him as though; another pretty face.
Raven was watching my closely. She could see the shade of pink rising on my cheeks beneath the gold. My eyes flickered back over to her and I gave a smile. Raven was about to ask something until the conductor exclaimed with excitement. "Good job ladies!" His name is Malarae, one of those pretty faces again.
When Malarae and I first met, I continually called his Malory because that's how I thought it was pronounced. That was until he became fed-up with me being rude.
"It's not pronounced Malory! It's pronounced Mall-ray." Those were his exact words one year ago. To this day, they still make me laugh.
Malarae came running up to me his deep blue hair bouncing in the pony tail. "Let's go, we've got to get you on stage right after the girls have line up!" Malarae exclaimed pulling me out of the crystal chair. There was no point in fighting back.
I wanted to fight back as soon as I heard him call for Jovie though. Must he walk down the run way with me? No questions were asked.
Jovie hurried up to the two of us at the runway entrance. You weren't capable of making out who we were from behind the golden mesh curtain, but you could see our shillouettes. Before I could say something rude to Jovie, he gently took my hand into his.
It scared me. I feel like he's going to kill me while we're on stage. It would seem like a stupid thing but the citizens and press of Trilox would love it. My death while on the runway would be the talk of the town for days; weeks and months even.
The mesh curtain opened down the middle, revealing myself and Jovie to the press and the rest of the audience. Silence filled the hall. Malarae gave the two of us a light shove. I stumbled a little in the shoes I was wearing. The heels were far to large for my liking.
With these shoes, I was bumped up at least seven inches so I was closer to Jovie's height now. I hate him, but using his hand for support is some good help. "Your hands are freezing cold," Jovie pointed out to me as we walked down the chrome runway.
I glanced at him with a smile. "Cold hands, warm heart," I said trying to make myself look like a better person than I am. It was clear that Jovie was trying to surpress a laugh.
Jovie has no right to laugh at me but now that we both stand on the end of the runway, looking out to the crowd I can't say anything to him. Camera's were flashing, capturing photos of Jovie, all twenty four models and me.
There was applause and people congratulating me on a good job with the clothing. I did do a fairly decent job. It made me proud and made me wonder if my parents would be proud. Some of the press reporters were trying to get my attention to ask questions and before I had the chance to speak, Jovie spoke first. "Ms. Rose will answer all your questions during the interview in one hour at city hall."
For some reason, I was so unaware of this interview. It was probably programmed into my phone just like that fashion show was, but I never took the time to check. Once again, I feel guilty. There's no point in me even having a cell phone if I don't ever use it.
Without having the chance to wave good-bye to the press for now, Jovie led me back down the runway towards Dolson, Raven and Malarae. Jovie was being pushy. A little too pushy for me to handle. It took a ton of will power to not lose my temper, but I managed to control myself.
"Well, Darling. Ready for the interview?" Dolson asked wrapping his arm around my shoulders. I looked at my god-father with a small smile.
I'm as aready as I'm going to be. "Let's go get it over and done with," I said unhappily. I never asked for this kind of treatment, but I guess it was going to happen sooner or later.
I yanked my hand from Jovie's hand and looked ahead like I had done nothing. Why would I want to touch the man who tried to kill me? No matter how many times I'm told, I'll always believe he tried to kill me.
The limo sat outside waiting for Jovie and I with the door open. "I want Raven in there with us," I demanded. If someone wasn't in there as well, I'd start yelling at Jovie. Trying to take all my anger out on him.
Raven looked at me with a shocked expression, thinking I wasn't being serious. The look I gave her made it clear that I was totally serious. "Alright..." Raven said hesitantly. Once again, I was forced to enter the limosine first. It was okay still. Raven had to go in next. If there wasn't a gap between Jovie and I things would get out of hand.
The drive was short, but as the limo went through the streets it began snowing lightly but the snowflakes were large. "Beautiful, isn't it?" Raven asked and I nodded slowly.
The snow made me think of my parents. It snowed the night they died and the day of their funeral. "Yes, it is," I agreed in a low voice. The cold never bothered me anymore. It snows so much here that I was now capable of simply walking around in shorts and a tank top while it snows.
I hadn't noticed the car had stopped until a cold breeze came gushing in. Gooesbumps appeared on my arms and legs but I didn't care for it. I turned my head, looking out at the public. The press was already there waiting for me to step out of the limosine. It had to be done sooner or later.
Raven and Jovie had their hands extended to me so I had some assistance getting out of the car. My hands reached forwards and I grabbed their hands tightly as I stepped out of the car. As soon as I stabalized myself, I let go of both hands walking ahead of them.
My shoes clicked against the pavement as I made my ways to the glass doors of city hall. My hair blew around slightly and as did my dress. It seemed like a picture perfect moment with the snow around me. Snowelle in the snow. I've been told I'm most beautiful when I'm caught in the snow.
Never before have I listened to them say such a thing. There was silence from the press. So far no questions. Maybe they would save them for the actual interview. Despite the silence from voices you could hear the clicking from the cameras.
As I walked on I turned my direction to a little girl who stood behind the metal gate. She was probably the youngest standing there. "Miss? Where are you off to?" Raven asked as I turned walking towards the little girl.
I've seen this little girl on the streets. She's so young and she lives in the absolute scum Trilox. I've gone through there once before and it was to try and find Raven. For some reason, she decided to go see her family.
Without responding to Raven, I crouched down in front of the small girl with yellow hair. She was still so natural besides the color of her hair. She's so young. "What's your name?" I asked curiously and the girl blushed.
All eye contact was broken from her. She seemed to be nervous. "Ursula," The small girl replied in a hushed tone. Ursula... I smiled to her and pulled of one of the pearl bracelets carefully. I handed it to the small girl. There was a look of shock on her face.
Ursula didn't stick out her hand so I grabbed the small hand gently placing the pearl bracelet in her hand. "Stay beautiful, Ursula," I told her as I stood up right, fixing my posture. As I walked towards the doors again, I could feel Ursula staring.
The metal handle was cold against my hand through the lace glove. My direction turned back to Ursula. She was so shocked. I placed my index and middle finger to my lips, blowing Ursula a kiss. Children from the slums of Trilox seem to never be loved or given gifts.
My life has always been easy. I had two parents that loved me very much. From the time I was born, I have been showered with gifts. Not only from my parents, but others as well. I hope she'll be okay in this city. She seemed to be alone here which isn't the safest thing for her to be doing.
I pulled the glass door open and walked in with Raven next to me. Jovie had already entered the building. I guess he got irritated with waiting for me in the cold. "About time," Jovie said rudely and I rolled my eyes. He still has no right to speak to me that way.
Raven and I stared at Jovie as he stormed off. What was he so upset for? I was just talking to a little girl outside! Raven rubbed my shoulder gently, trying to calm me down. I was tensed up completely on the verge of going insane.
Before I had the chance to say anything, Raven pulled me along to the conference room. There was still about twenty minutes before anyone from the press was allowed in to speak to me. I'd have to control my anger once again within those twenty minutes.
There was a long wooden table on the stage in the room and four chairs with name plates. Jovie Cerqa, Snowelle Rose, Raven Aril and Dolson. I laughed slightly at how they didn't give Dolson a last name. It doesn't shock me. No one knows his last name. I don't even and we're family!
I was just glad they were allowing Raven up there with me. Someone had to be there with me besides the man I despise and my god-father.
Jovie alrerady took his seat and I couldn't see Dolson anywhere. Raven was still leading me along and helping me up the steps so I would stumble.
They should have just allowed Raven to be my date! Raven is a female but she's more of a gentleman than Jovie is. "Thank you, Raven," I said taking my seat next to Jovie. I rolled in under the table just as Raven took her seat next to me.
My hands rested on the table in front of me and my fingers began drumming along the wood. I began wondering why Ursula was in the city center by herself. It's not night time yet and she should be safe. Still, I'm worried about her. Will she be able to make it home without someone hurting her?
I guess I had thinking about it for the past twenty minutes because I hadn't noticed people from the press and a few from behind the metal bars walking in. My eyes scanned over the people who sat in the seats, looking for Ursula. She's so tiny I wouldn't be able to see her from up here anyways.
Ursula isn't out in the crowd. Hopefully she's headed home. "Thank you all for coming out," Dolson said into his mircophone and I looked pass Raven seeing Dolson sitting there. When did he get in here? I shook my head, sitting straight back against the chair.
"Snowelle!" A male voice hollered and I looked at him awaiting the question. "Of all the dresses you designed for your fashion show today, which is your favorite?" The male with pink hair asked.
I gave a smile and looked to my friend. "The one that my maid Raven is wearing. It didn't make it out on stage, but it is the best I believe," I responded before moving onto the next question.
There were many pointless questions that I answered within the first half hour but finally, only one stood out to me. "There were rumors that you killed a man last night, is that true?"
A small smile tugged onto my lips. My hands folded together on the table and I moved closer to the mircophone. "Yes, I did," I answered starting at the woman who had asked me the question.
Commotion started in the crowd. "How do you feel knowing you feel into the fashion statement?" The woman who appeared to be in her late twenties asked. Moldy green hair and dark brown eyes. It's not suiting her at all.
"There was a sense of pride," I answered nonchalantly. The woman appeared shocked with the rest of the crowd.
I've told the press that I'd never fall into this fashion statement. This was something new. "Do you know who the man was?" The green haired woman asked me.
I nodded, showing that I knew exactly who it was. "The man that I killed last night is the man who killed my parents two years ago," I told and silence fell over the room. The camera man for the Trilox television station focused directly on my stiff face.
It was clear that I didn't care. "I apologize, but I must leave," I said jolting up from the chair. The large rolling chair rolled back a few feet. I glanced over the crowd one last time before making my way to the stairs.
"Snowelle! Tell us about that little girl you gave a pearl bracelet to!" One of the press people shouted. I walked down the steps before walking towards the man with the mircophone and camera man. It was the TriloxVision news crew.
Everyone watched it. I looked right at the tall journalist before at the camera. "Listen up Trilox, if any one is to touch Ursula, I will hunt you down and kill you in the most horrid way possible. I'll make sure you feel every piece of your body being ripped to shreds," I said sternly with a hint of anger in my voice.
With that, I turned on my heel walking back to the entrance. No one dared to ask anymore questions. They all knew I was serious. I don't know why I was being so protective over this little girl who I don't even know.
I stormed out of the conference room, with the sound of high heels running to catch up. It was probably Raven. I looked over my shoulder, seeing her there. Thankfully it was Raven and not Jovie. He's the last person I want to see right now. "That was very brave," Raven told me and I nodded slowly.
There was still a huge crowd outside of city hall. Faces all had a shocked look as I stepped outside. "They broadcast it out here on the television just above city hall," Raven explained in a small whisper. That means everyone out here heard what I said about killing them.
My eyes scanned over the crowd until I found Ursula standing there with tears streaming down her dirty face. I frowned and walked towards the small girl. "Young ladies like yourself are to beautiful to cry, Ursula," I said as I looked down at the girl who reached my waist.
Ursula wiped the tears from her cheeks and I smiled brightly to her. "Would you like me to take you home?" I asked as I rested my arms on the cold gates that were covered in snow.
There was hesitation from the young girl. "I don't have parents or a home," Ursula explained and my eyes widened. She's a street girl. Ursula has lived in danger for awhile now than! "They were killed," Ursula told me and my jaw hung loose. It was a lot to take in!
"I'm taking you home than," I said without thinking about it. Raven looked at me as if though I were crazy. I must be getting there. I lifted the gate up and moved it aside easily. Ursula watched me shocked. If I were in her position I'd be just as shocked.
Raven had the same look of confusion as Ursula. With no struggle, my arms slid around Ursula's waist and I stood up, lifting her with me. Ursula didn't struggle to get away. That was okay by me. It made it easier. I almost feel like I'm taking home a lost puppy.
That's what she reminds me of really. Raven just followed us and I said nothing to either of them. Ursula had her parents killed, probably because of this fashion trend. If I have Ursula under my protection, I can make sure she never actually gets hurt. It'll be best that way.
The three of us climbed into the limosine and without waiting for Jovie we went back to the house. I wanted to get her out of the public. As Ursula sat in between Raven and I, she seemed highly uncomfortable. I wouldn't ask her any questions until we arrive at the house and she's actually comfortable. I'm still not sure what I'm exactly thinking by doing this. All I know is that I want to keep her safe.


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