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Somethings shouldn't be said

Novel By: AnotherLovelessMachine

When Elodie Green and Zach McCallahan meet at a party, they seem to hit it off nicely. Nicely enough that they end up in the same bedroom for a wild night. The two swore to never speak of the night again, until two months later when Elodie realizes she's pregnant. Elodie had now refused to tell Zach about the pregnancy until Elodie begins to show signs of being pregnant and the news spreads like wild fire. View table of contents...


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Gorgeous green eyes shimmered down at the dark brown ones. Drunken teenagers were tangled up in bed sheets. Tiny hands were tangled up into short blonde locks and cherry red locks were scattered across the pillow. "What happens in this room, does not leave this room," The false red head whispered up to the male who was about to enter himself into this virgin. "And you better be wearing a condom," Elodie added with a smile.
The blonde male above her gave a smile and nodded in response. Both of them had repuations to uphold. If any of this were to leave this room there would be problems. Luckily everyone at the party they were at, would be to drunk to even realize the two had escaped up to Zachary's bedroom. "Happy Valentines day, by the way," Zachary said softly before his lips crashed down onto Elodie's.
It took all of her will power not to scream out in the pain she felt as Zachary pushed his self carefully de-virginizing the girl. As soon as the pain disapeared, it was quickly replaced by the pleasure. If only this wasn't Zachary, the male that's at the top of the high school food chain, even though he should be gone. Ever since Elodie was in grade nine, and up until now in grade twelve she had been attracted to Zachary.
Elodie's stomach twisted in knots, worried that after this night her life would change horribly. The two would never speak to one another again, but they will think of each other frequently. It doesn't help that the two of them have multiple classes together and they sit directly across from one another. Things in their life were going to change drastically.
*Two Months Later*
"El! We're over here!" A deep voice boomed from across the cafeteria. Elodie's head snapped up only to see her brother Cameron waving down his older sister to her group of friends. Elodie grinned and hurried over to them.
As she made her way over, she could feel someone watching her. Being her curious self, Elodie looked over her shoulder only to see Zachary watching her every move. Once pale cheeks turned a fiery red before she scampered off again.
Elodie tried to ignore the fact that she was being watched by Zachry from a few tables down. From where she sat, she could hear the team talking. The hockey team. "Yo, Zach man, you okay? You've been spacing out constantly for two months!" Micheal said snapping his fingers in front of his friends face.
Zachary pushed one of his hands back through his hair. "Yeah man, I'm fine," Zachary lied, knowing he couldn't stop thinking about the night he spent with Elodie. At this point, Elodie was staring at her brown paper bag in front of her.
There was something about her lunch today that made her want to throw up. But it was made by her this morning. It should be perfectly fine. Elodie ripped up the paper bag pulling out her homemade chicken noodle soup her mother made. Cameron's jaw dropped and was about to become a drama queen. "How come you get soup for lunch!?" Cameron asked, complaining like a little child.
A sly smile tugged onto Elodie's lips as she wiggled her eyebrows up and down. Elodie pulled off the lid and the scent hit her right in the face. It was enough to make her gag. "Elodie, are you okay?" Her bestfriend Kelsey asked. Elodie had no idea what was wrong with her.
Ever since she was old enough to eat it Elodie loved her mothers' soup. "Yeah.. I'm fine," Elodie lied. 'What the hell is wrong with me!?' Elodie asked herself before taking in a spoonfull of soup. Elodie's eyes widened as her stomach twisted violently in knots. She was going to be sick.
The red head jumped from her seat, running to the nearest trash can which was right behind her table. Elodie hunched forwards with her arms hugged tightly around her stomach as she was sick. Her friends turned to look at her in horror. None of them knew what was going on.
A nasty taste of acidic bile built up in Elodie's mouth in throat. "Morning sickness!" Hollered a voice from close by and the table roared with laughter. All the males, but one. The tearing up eyes widened as the words "morning sickness" chimed over and over again in her head. Elodie stood up right from being hunched over and looked over at her friends who were already standing up along with her brother. Everything was quickly packed away into their bags and they were ready to go.
Cameron handed his sister her school bag, leading her out of the cafeteria and her friends following close behind. As the group left all eyes were on Elodie, especially Zachary who had a look of confusion on his face. "Man come on! Admit it, that was funny. Can you imagine? That little freak being pregnant!" Micheal said roaring with laughter still.
Zachary forced a laugh out, finding it confusing. 'Who got her pregnant?! I used a condom so it can't be mine...' Zachary thought to himself before ignoring the thought. If it was his in the first place, he'd probably try to run away from the comitment.
All of her friends' gathered around her in confusion. "Two months ago, I slept with Zach McCallahan, but please don't tell anyone! Especially not Zach" Elodie admited almost inaudibly, but Cameron of all people heard it. You could see the rage building up. Cameron's body tensed up.
"Kelsey, Courtney and Sam take my sister to the drug store. Get those things you pee on! Take her home and I'll see you after. I'm just going to grab my things from my locker" Cameron said, leaving the girls in shock.
Courtney rested her hand on Elodie's shoulder. There's no way Elodie could be pregnant! It would just completely ruin her life! Elodie looked down at her flat stomach, picturing it large with a child inside. It made her dizzy. How would she even tell her parents' such a thing?
"They're all positive, El," Sam said carefully as Elodie lay in her bed with tears streaming down her face. Cameron sat next to his sister, running his fingers through the crimson red hair. Sam frowned and everyone was silent.
More tears streamed from Elodie's eyes as she lay there in bed crying. "Do you want me to call Dr. Crane and make you an appointment?" Cameron asked his sister. Elodie slowly nodded, resting her hand on her stomach.
Inside there was a child waiting to be born to loving parents. But her parents were totally different on the social ladder. Zachary could never find out that the baby is his! "When exactly did you two sleep together?" The brunette, Courtney, asked as she sat on the bed next to Elodie.
Elodie thought about it a moment before turning onto her back staring at the ceiling. "Valentines' day... We uh, promise each outher we wouldn't let anyone find out but... I'm pregnant so I have to tell someone and it just so happens to be you four," Elodie responded. Kelsey went wide-eyed and ran over to the bed.
"At my party?!" Kelsey shouted in shock. The redhead slowly nodded, feeling ashamed that she did such a thing at her best friends party. Kelsey huffed and laid next to Elodie who covered her face with her hands.
Right now, she ignored that her friends were beside her. If if happened in February she's two months pregnant, which means in seven months it will be October. She'll be out of high school at that point, but so much for college. There's also having to tell her parents as well as Zachary.
It was to much stress for such a young girl. Elodie had only just turned eighteen three weeks ago so she was an adult now. When Elodie was younger, she had promised herself she would never have a child until she was married. Turns out Elodie is now "married".
Soft footsteps came walking into the bedroom again. "El?" An older woman's voice called out to her daughter. Elodie shot up and felt embarrassed knowing that her mother could see the pregnancy tests around the bed room. "Are you pregnant?" The women asked as she sobbed.
Silence was the only answer her mother recieved.
Elodie's mother broke down into tears and walked to the bed, pulling her daughter into a loving hug. "It will all be okay..." The caring mother said, running her fingers through her daughter's hair. It was easier for the mother of Elodie to find out than it would be her father who concieved Elodie at the age of sixteen and seventeen.
Her mother, Cara, knew what it was like. What the stress was like and how to deal with it. Elodie's father would be upset for quite some time. As all the women sat in the room, Cameron walked in with a sad smile. "You have an appointment at Friday at two-thirty," Cameron told his crying sister.
For the longest time, Elodie had been a relatively happy teenager, but now that she's pregnant, it's all crashing down.


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