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Elena - Loved and Broken

Novel By: anstasia416

Tags: Ivana

Elena is the best warrior of her kind. sent to earth on a mission she is forced to leave behind everyone she knows and loves and xavier. and she can only bring a small group of warriors with her. as more time passes on earth she finds love there. terrible things happen and love is lost on her journey at earth. soon she will have to choose and each of her decision can cause the evil or light to stir up in her. View table of contents...


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Loved and Broken

By: Ivana

Chapter 1

Many centuries ago our land had been peaceful, till the shadows figured out how to travel to our humble world.

As I plunged my sword into the demons chest it gave a blood-curtailing scream. I yanked my sword and looked at what use to be the pixie spring field. It was all gone now trampled and cover in both my people's blood and the blood of the shadow's demons blood.

"Push them back! There weakening now is the time to attack, archers at my ready! Swordsman and women ready after the archers launch! Get in line warriors! Where are those archangels!" I was barking orders at my army. I waited till the shadows got to the pixies trap once they exploded, we waited but the restless of my warriors was in the air. I waited patiently and once the pixies traps started to calm down I order the aerial attack, "Archers take your aim! Let the phoenixes out!" and at the moment a blur of fire and phoenixes flew over us and once they were never to the demons erupted into a ball of flames. Then my archer signal was made obvious. And their arrows were launched into the air and soared through the air. The demons kept coming though.

" Warriors take your positions! Get ready! Hold your place," I could see the impatience in my warriors but they needed to learn to be more patient and wait for my command when they were close enough, i lowered my sword forward and my army charred forward. Time seemed to pass by as we too the demons down we used every trick we had, old and new.

By the time we had the demons running back I was tired. My second in command, derrick, came running up to me and once we reached me he bowed how every creature of our world did to a higher-ranking warrior.

"They are retreating back and leaving our home-" before he could finish a demon had risen behind him using the last of his strength he tried to plunge his sword in his chest, but I was faster and I pushed derrick out of the way from the demons blade but I wasn't fast enough for myself. A searing pain spread from my stomach to the rest of my body as I felt the demon push his blade in deeper and the feeling the poison spread quickly through my body. Derrick scrambled to his feet swiftly and killed the demon. I could stand up on my own anymore and I fell to my knees then on my side. Derrick came to my side crying he was shouting something but I couldn't hear them the pain was too strong. My eyes began to become heavier and heavier each moment I held them open, finally they became to heavy to hold and I closed them. But just as I did I saw a bright light appear then it was gone.

I soon regained consciousness everything was a big blur but I felt all the movement that my body was put through. I no longer felt the poison's pain, yet felt the pain of my wound. I saw the glowing symbols of all the chants, incantations, and spells the healers were speaking, even though I couldn't hear them I recognized some of the symbols. There was one for strength and life and others I couldn't recognize but I started to feel the powers of each one deep within me. I focused on those and tried to use my own strength to make them stronger, but in dong that I caused my self to pass out.

A foul smelling sent woke me up from my rest. And as I looked around I saw that I was in the infirmary and Xavier was rest at the edge of my bed. He looked so cute in his guardian outfit. Xavier had been the guy I had a crush on forever. He was tall and had a deep rich tan and dark brown hair with some light brown highlights mixed in. His body was well sculpted from the years of training and working out with me. He had hazel brown eyes that were absolutely gorgeous. He was wearing his guardian uniform, which wear made with the richest fibers our world could come to offer. The colors worked perfectly for the uniform and fit him well, but I realized that he was missing the cloak that was given to each guardian with there own symbol indicating whose would be whose. Then I looked down and realized that he had draped it on me, probably while I was a sleep. I sat up slow because of the pain that was caused when I moved. When the cloak fell I realized that I was exposed except for the bandage that cover my chest and stomach and that I probably was laying in my bandages till Xavier had covered me. The thought of him seeing was just unbearable. I pulled the blanket and Xavier's up to the top of my chest and accidentally woke Xavier up. He smiled slyly at me like he knew a secret and I wasn't in on it.

" Look who had finally woke up," he said through a stifled yawn and I laughed at his pathetic joke.

" Look who's talking," I said weakly but I managed to smile back at him, " so how long have I been out for?"

" Seeing as its past two days I'm gonna say a long time," he said smiling at me then he took my hand in his, " so how you feeling you know you were hurt really bad and you have been torturing derrick since you got hurt, the kid is blaming it all on himself." He shook his head. He never truly understood why I did what I did. But ever since the warriors came to my hometown and saved me from a surprise attack on my village I have always felt indebt to the warriors, and I have always known what I wanted to be. And I had worked my hardest to even become a warrior because only men from my town were able to become warriors. But I had made my point long ago that I was meant to be here and that I wasn't leaving and no small wound would stop me.

" Ugh, where is he anyways? This is going to take forever to straighten out with him."

" You can find him later but the right now we have to get you dressed the royal court asked for your appearance once you had woken up," he stood up and held out his hand. I looked from him to his hand then to his cloak draping me then to him once again. He stood there looking at me puzzled for a moment.

" Um, Xavier would you turn around for a moment so I can um…" I wasn't able to finish the sentence cause of how embarrassed I was becoming I could jut tell my face had begun to redden.

" Oh, yeah, sorry," once his back was facing me I tried to stand up and let a cry escape my mouth from the sheer pain, " are you ok back there?"

" Yeah just fine give me a sec.," I gritted through my clenched teeth and once I was up I was glad to see that I had my light blue tights still on me. Then I gently tried to wrap Xavier's cloak around me with as little movement as possible, " ok you can turn around and help me to my room do you mind calling for Emily once I get to my room?"

" Yeah sure we'll take it slow ok," he slid his arm around my waist as I slid my arm across his shoulder for support and we walked to my room like that.

I stood in front of the royal courts great doors in my warrior's outfit. Which looked well on my body. I had curves in all the right places. I had the top of my light brown hair with natural highlights pulled back in a tight bun and the rest fall down in loose curls around my shoulders. My bangs where pulled back into my bun exposing my crystal clear blue eyes. My uniform was crisp and clean and I was wearing my best outfit. A silver corset over all my bandages then a long flowing dark blue silk skirt that had been cut close to the middle so I was able to move swiftly in it. Around my waist was my sword held in its scabbard and under my skirt I had chosen to wear a light silvery gray pair of tights with my dark blue cloak draped on my shoulders. And my silver satin ballet flats that tied my whole outfit together.

I took a step forward and two tall strong guardians came across my path and blocked me.

" State your name and purpose here," said the one on my right in a deep rich voice.

"Elena warrior of the moonlight clan, leader of our worlds army. And I am here because I have been summoned. Will you let me pass or not," I said, in a intimidating but firm and clear voice that echoed through the hall looking directly at the guardian who had spoken to me. He stood there looking at me then both guardians had bowed to me.

" You may pass Elena warrior of the moonlight clan," said the guardian to my left who was one of Xavier's friends. I nodded slightly at both of them then opened the doors to the royal courtroom.

I watched as the doors closed behind me and once they were fully closed I turned on my heels and faced the wide empty court. I walked quietly but hastily to the long curved semi-circle table, where all the high officials sat. I stopped when the back door opened and while three royal guards came in first then the seven royal rulers came next and last were four more guards came in. I stood my ground and then the seven royal rulers took their place at there seats each one was a different element that helped our lives there was fire, water, wind, earth, light, life, and death. Each ruler had gotten a piece of land in our world. And took part in a special ritual each new year. Once they all took their seats I bowed graciously and stayed bowing as I spoke.

" I have been informed that you have summoned me and wish to speak to me about something urgent," I said projecting my voice so they could hear me clearly because my head was bowed.

" You may rise and yes this is true we have summoned you because what we have to discuss is of the utmost importance." Arun said ruler of the eastern grasslands whos gift was the element of light and one of the oldest rulers of the seven. I stood up to face them all. He took a long breath then finally spoke, " would all the guards who were uninformed leave the room at once." One guard stepped forward and bowed then stood up he looked over to me and I shook my head for him not to speak but he ignored me and looked straight at arun.

" I do not wish to be rude, sir, but what you ask of us means there will be fewer guards he I can not allow that especially if we were attacked," aleksei said but he was one of my newer warriors and had chosen to guard the royal court. Eileithyia stood up then, ruler of the northwestern forest cities and her element was life strong and powerful for such a younger nymph, she raised her hand and pointed to aleksei and motioned for him to come closer, so he obeyed but I had stepped in front of him which caused Eileithyia so look at my cautioning me and my next move.

" Aleksei here only means for the best of us all, I'm sure, and yes he is one of my newer warriors but I have to side with him I do not know why you had me summoned here but that does not mean that your protection cause before the importance of this meeting." I said with my hand on the hilt of my sword still in front of him like a mother protecting her little child from harm. Sitting between Eileihyia and Arun was Piera, her element was earth and she ruled the canyons and caverns, she rested one hand on each of their shoulders and looked at them both then they took their seat.

Piera looked at me for a moment before she spoke but when she did it was very soothing and comforting, " Elena you are our top warrior and the commander of our army are you not?" she paused as I nodded not wanting to interrupt her, " And you are the best warrior we have at this current moment?" I opened my mouth to speak but she held her hand up silencing me and she continued on, " but are you?" I nodded slightly, "would you protect us till your death?" I nodded and bowed to them all and allowed her to continue, " So if we got rid of some of our guards at the moment while you were here your saying that you could protect us?" I was shocked by her question, but I still nodded slightly. She clapped her hands in delight an said smiling, " there you have it, now, I do believe we have delayed this conversation far to long so if you don't mind." She took her seat and I was stunned for a brief moment then turned to aleksei and the rest of the guards so they could see me and I nodded for them to leave, yet some were about to protest but I hushed them by holding my hand up.

" You may wait outside the doors you are not relieved from your post and those that were told to say I wish you to take your positions closer to exits," I commanded them all and reluctantly the guards moved to their new positions then I turned my attention back to the rulers.

" Elena we have called you here today because we decided to send you on a mission," said Azrial in a gravely voice and stroking his salt and pepper gray beard.

"What kind of mission, sir, if its possible are you able to give me more information?" I questioned cause it wasn't much information to go by on the quest.

" You will travel to the third dimension-" said darya, ruler of the sea towns and water ports and her element was water, smoothly before I before I spoke.

" Your sending me to earth!" said loudly and a little irritated at thought that I would have to travel to earth. To where the humans lived and usually stayed, " you can't be sending me there! What have I done wrong?" Darya stood up and smoothed her satin ocean blue dress out and walked calmly towards me.

" You have done nothing wrong," she held her hand up silencing me, "you are being sent there because the shadows have been able to get to earth easier and then slip into our world instead of coming directly to us and we want to know where their door is so we can shut it and hope while your there you can fix some of the damage that has been done by them."

" But why me, if I may ask," I asked quietly.

"We have decided that you are most fit for this task, of course, you are able to choose to bring people but only a few, but we must approve of them first," said Melissa, who was the ruler of the sky kingdom and her element was wind, from the edge of the table where she sat all alone. All eyes went to her just as she spoke she was known for few words and rarely spoke even when spoken to. She rose from her seat and walked over to me but it seemed more like she had floated over to me. I bowed my head to her until she had told me I might rise. " Come, follow me young child," she said and started to float away to the balcony of the royal court room a small gust of wind blew the doors open and we walked out on to it we stopped at the railing, " what do you see and truly see," she asked me looking out on our world.

" What I see," I asked back.

" Yes what do you see?"

" I see our land but tainted by death and chaos, and I see brave families sacrificing more then they ever had … I … I see more deaths of our people and at the same time trying to amplify our army to comprehend with the numbers of demons and shadows and the darkness I see," I tried to finish but I began to cry for all that was lost, " I see all that has be lost and changed." Melissa took my hand in hers and I looked up and into her eyes.

" I see you understand and can see what has been happening to our world and it has affected us all, now do you understand one of the reasons why we have chosen you for this task," her voice was so even and calm but while I was looking into her eyes I could see all the hurt and pain it was causing her and all the other rulers and even some of the people that could see the change.

" I do and I accept I will get packed and choose a small group I'm guessing the smaller the better so I'm judging to bring two or three others with me, if I may? " I questioned considering the consequences of taking a larger group. Melissa nodded and allowed me to leave to get ready as I was I was leaving I bowed once more to the rulers then left them behind me. I opened the doors to see Xavier talking to his friend they had stopped talking as soon as I came in and I was trying to fight back the tears but looking at Xavier made it harder so I ran back to my room even though I was still healing and I could feel the pain I kept running. I even ran from Xavier but I didn't get far enough and I was to slow, but I knew I would never have a chance Xavier was incredibly fast. I bound another hoping that I lost him but my mistake was looking back I didn't see him but as I looked forward again I crashed right into him and fell back. He caught my wrist just before I hit the floor.

" What is the matter with you, Len," he asked me gripping on to my wrist I didn't look at him I couldn't bare to so I looked away, " Len look at me." I shook me head and tried to get out of his grasp but his grip just got tighter the more I moved. " Len look at me! What's wrong what happened in there?"

" Nothing just drop it, please," I said on the verge of tears.

" It wasn't nothing cause you wouldn't have just did that!"

" Did what! Run from you maybe I had to go somewhere and it argent!" I shouted at him and looked at him. I could feel the tears so I looked away quickly and he let go of me and took a step back, he seemed a little horrified.

" What happened Elena?"

" There sending me away," I said hushed barely over a whisper and a tear a escaped my grasp and I brushed it back quickly before he would notice.

" You mean like another region Len I don't see the big deal we could still visit," he came closer as he spoke and wrapped his arms around my waist.

" I'm not moving to another region," I whispered as I hugged him pressing my body to his.

" I don't understand then where are they sending you to?"

" Earth," I looked up at him and I couldn't take it anymore I started to cry one small tear at a time then it sped up and more and more fell at once. His expression was grim and shocked.

" What," he said hard like he wasn't able to grasp the concept.

" Xavier I cant say much but I'm leaving to go to earth that's why I ran from you cause I knew spending more time with you would make it harder for me to leave," I spoke in between sobs.

" shhhh, its going to be ok len," he said soothingly and stroked my head as I rest my head against his chest. I looked up at him with tear filled eyes.

" How?"

" I don't know yet but there not taking you away from me," his voice had gotten all defensive and rugged. We stood there a moment and then Xavier bent down and softly kissed me on my lips. I reddened remembering the fact of how he saw my chest bare and exposed until he cover it with his cloak. I took his hand and mine and we started to walk back to my room.



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