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Teenage Cliche

Novel By: Arid Land Kate

Dais~My heart and my head are screaming at me. Two brothers, one choice. Ugh I wish I could just love both!

Connor~She's the one, I know it, but my brother holds her heart! Does he even love her, or does he just want to possess everything I desire, making them untouchable for me?

George~I'm on cloud 9! I love my life, if I want something, I get it! Especially the girls, but I don't want them. I have my eyes on the one most desired prize, and I know I deserve her. I deserve every last inch of her!

Ivy~What do I want? I don't know, whatever is thrown at me, I'll make the best out of it!
Who do I want to be with?~I don't have the time for boys. I'm a rolling stone on the steepest hill in the world! Try to stop me, and you will be squashed. View table of contents...



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Teenage Cliche

Chapter One


I am woken up by the noise of my phone vibrating against the wooden surface of my bedside table. I grogilly pull my head up from my pillow and try to get my blurry eyes to focus as I activate my phone. I have to squint to see the message I have received.

Hey babe how are you? XXX. The text is from George. I found it sweet at first that he texts me to ask me how I'm doing, but right now it's about 2.47am so it's a little bit annoying.

I was good until I was woken up ;p XXX. I send as a reply, smiling a little as it sends. About two seconds later, my phones flashing again.

Sorry, didn't mean too wake you up.~George.

Why are you up so late anyway? Get some sleep or you'll be dead in the morning.~Me.

I was asleep but then I thought about you Dais so I waned to make sure you're ok.~George.

Aww thats sweet! It would be sweeter at any other time of the day though!~Me.

Oh, sorry Dais you must be tired. Night. Love you. <3 XXX~George.

Love you to. See you in school tommorow. XXX.~Me.

I throw my head back against my pillows and smile to myself. George is so sweet and thoughtful and perfect and he's MINE. He's finally mine.

1 Week ago;

I'm sitting in the uncomftorble plastic chairs in the schools cafeteria, tapping on the screen of my phone to make it look like I'm texting someone. I'm not trying to impress anyone, I've just discovered that if you look busy, people will (mostly) leave you be. I am staring around the empty table I am sitting at almost proudly. I'm not antisocial, I would non-stop chat with just about anyone. And it's not even like I'm unpopular, I'm not really the hub of attention but quite a few people hang around with me. I just like being alone sometimes allowed to roam free in my thoughts. I'm a very absent-minded person and wonder about the little and big things in life, and right now my head is spinning as I am trying to solve the unanswered question of the meaning of life. I'm pulled out of my little dreamland as I hear the slam of someone very loudly (either they're very ignorant or they want my attention) putting their lunch tray on the table across from where I'm sitting.

"Sorry, can I sit here?" I hear a guy say. I look up, startled, as I realise that this is not just A guy, it's THE guy! He has to be the best looking boy in the world, although he has created his own categary of good looking. He has pale skin, dark brown hair, and jade-green eyes. His face is perfect and so is his body, it's easy to tell that he's no stranger to the gym.

"Yeah! Please! No, I meant, uhh yeah sure," I say and lean across the table to take my bag off the seat (maybe I am SLIGHTLY antisocial) and knock my glass of water all over my top as my bag hits it, causing my already-see-through blouse to become more showy.

"Ah crap!" I say as I pluck at my saturated top.

"Are you ok?" he asks me.

"Yes, yes, yes! Fine. Thanks. Sorry," I say almost incoherantly. I don't want to leave to sort myself out because this is GEORGE right here across from me right now, and him getting girls alone doesn't happen to often, and to a very lucky few. I must admit, I have a HUGE crush on him. Well who doesn't? Every girl in the school is after George, it doesn't matter whether they're younger or older then him, if they see him, they want him. Even though he is so desired, it is a learned fact among girls that George has been single since forever. True, he is only fifteen, but all the guys his age have at least two girls on-the-go at once. Of course these girls eventually find out, there's a big fight (mostly an actual physical fight) between the two girls over who gets the guy, and then whoever wins mostly gets dumped anyway for being "to clingy". Its a vicious cycle. But George has, so far, had no record of ever having a girlfriend or anything like that, and he has had some pretty nosey people checking who have done their research about this.

"You're Daisy, right?" George asks, his eyes on my wet top.

"Yeah I'm Daisy. But please, call me Dais," I say as I frantically pull a jacket from my bag and put it on, zipping up the zip. George sits down across from me.

"I'm Geoge," he says.

"I know," I say. I think he knows that I know, he's just focusing on the traditional pleasentries. Georges eyes start wandering around the room as if he's looking for something (Or someone).

"So....um, I was just wondering if you're free on friday so I could maybe take you to..." George begins, but I quickly cut across him.

"087-91..." I stop when I see Georges head cocked to the side, an inquisitive look on his face.

"What were you saying?" George asks me looking slightly puzzled.

"M-my phone number," I stammer.

"Don't give me your phone number!" George says, his mouth pulled into a frown. My heart drops into the pit of my stomach. I'm so stupid! Not only have I embarrased myself, but I don't think George is going to be hanging around much longer now. Why did I think that GEORGE would want MY number anyway.

"I haven't got a pen,"George says, smiling madly. Then he actually jumps onto the table and whistles to draw everyones attention.

"Does anyone have a pen I could borrow?" he shouts, smiling down at me.

"Get down from there right now!" Mr Murphell orders, a half-French half-Irish guy who has the resulting surname of Murphell. He's my history teacher (He has a obsession with the French revoloution) and I'm guessing that he was alive for most of it. But despite his greying hair and bent spine he still gets sudden spurts of energy when it comes to discipline.

"Give me a sec I need a pen," George says to Mr Murphell then turns his attention back to the room at large. "Lads, anyone want to give me a pen?" George says with a hand in the air. Someone throws one at him, causing Mr Murphell to go into hysterics, and George plucks it out of the air as he leaps off the table.

"Detention! Everyone here is in detention!" Mr Murphell shouts madly, but no one is listening. All the eyes in the room are on me and George and I can hear all the girls take a huge intake of breath, hoping that George will just pass over me and move onto one of them.

"Ok, now give me your number." George laughs, a massive smile on his face.


Authors Note-Sorry, I know this is a really short chapter! Anyways, opinions? Sorry if this isn't as good as my novel but this is a "Purely for the fun of it" thing, wheras with my other novel I feel EXTREMLY passionate about. Thanks to all who read!


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