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All You Need To Do Is-BELIEVE

Novel By: Arshia

Sammy was a girl born with one simple dream and passion-DANCE. But being shy and reserved she is not able to express it. But when she gets an opportunity of her lifetime to prove herself, will she be able to conquer her fears and beat them down or will she break down and loose hope?
Also will she be able to get the love of her life that she had wanted to have all her life?

This is officially my first story so please be easy on me......
It is actually a short novel that came to my mind..
I hope you guys like it....
Dont forget to comment or like and give any suggestion that you feel like.....!!!!
I will appericiate both positive and negative comments. View table of contents...


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CHAPTER 1: The Sign Up

"Amanda, please! Can't we do this some other day? I promise I will go by myself tomorrow. But just not today.", I begged my best friend as she dragged me to the school auditorium.

"No Sammy. I am not going to fall for your this shit this time. We are doing it today and thats final!.", she said as she pulled me to the long que outside the auditorium.

Star Dazzle Dancing Competition-the most famous and prestigious inter school event that every teenager wants to be a part of. My school, Mayfield High School has been winning the first position for 5 consecutive years. Our school team 'The Dazzlers' (the name people have given them, not like its their official group name) has one of the finest dancers and acrobats. They are the most popular and coolest group in our school. Everyone wants yo be a part of them but not everyone can be a part of them. But this year is different. This year, Camelia Sandelwood and Ryan Haywire, the senior most members of the group had completed their last year and moved out to pursue their respective colleges leaving two empty places in the group and opening the golden gates for two lucky candidates to be the part of the dream team-The Dazzlers.

But why am i telling you all this?

You see the que where Amanda dragged me to join was the line for the sign up for the auditions for the two new places in the group.

But where does me-Samantha Hill, the nerd with the regular black eyes, long brunnett hair, normal slim figure and olive skin with huge black rimmed glasses and boring baggy clothes 'famously' called "The Queen of Nerds" come in??

Well you see, dance has always been my passion. I have loved dancing since the day I first learned to stand on my feet. I have always been shy and reserved. So I was never good in expressing myself with words. But dance is my own personal language. Whenever I am sad or excited and need to breakout my feelings, I put up a song on my stereo and dance. Its like my body doesn't need any directions or guide. Once I start to dance, it moves on its own, bending and molding perfectly with the flow of the music freely. But there is just one problem. I can't dance in front of people.

Being reserved, whenever it comes to dancing infront of people i freeze there and then. A fear creeps up my skin and i just can't move. Strange, right....??

Maybe thats the reason why i decided to give my studies main importance as thats the second best thing that I can do and hence have successfully earned the title of a nerd.

Mark the sarcasm.

"Earth to Sammy.....!", I heard Amanda shout as made me come out of my thought bubble. She stood there infront of me in a blue tank top and white shorts with her long blond hair down and perfectly manicured nails.

Amanda Swan was everything that I was not. With her deep green eyes and a figure to die for, she was the part of the cheerleaders and had been my best friend since 2nd grade. Surprised? Well thats Amanda. Eventhough she is one of the hottest girls of the school she has a heart of gold. She did make new friends when she joined the squad but never let anyone replace me and always found time to hang out with me. We know all the deepest secrets of each other and have always sticked together in every situation we have ever faced.

"Amanda can we please do this another day. I am just not ready to do this today.", I whinned again.

"No Sammy. I am not going to listen to you this time. You said the same thing two days ago but never followed it. So no, this time I will make sure that you give it a shot.", said Amanda as she holded on to my wrist tightly so that I don't run. One thing about Amanda that made her unique and sometimes unbelieveable was the fact that she was very stubborn. Like HELL STUBBORN!! If she has something in mind, she would make sure that she gets it done. Even if she becomes a bitch at that moment, she is least bothered.

I felt a tightning in my gut as I saw the line becoming shorter and my turn coming near. Amanda was going on talking about some new dress she saw in a shop but my mind was just on the line becoming smaller and smaller. I could feel my hands getting sweaty and saying that I was nervous would be the understatement of the century. Damn! I was shivering shitless!

"Hey Amanda?", I find myself saying in as steady voice as possible ,"Can I just go to the washroom? I am not feeling well. Please?", I pleaded making my best pouting face with pleading eyes.

"Nice try smarty pants but there is no way I am going to fall for that pretty face of yours. You are going to be awesome Sammy. Please for christ sake, believe in yourself for once!!"

"Please Amanda, I promise I won't run away. I just need to calm myself down. Please! Please! Please!"

She looked at me with suspicious eyes for a minute and then sighed.

"Alright. I will trust you this ONE time and if you didn't show back in ten minutes, I swear I am going to drag your ass back here without mercy even from hell. Clear?"

"Yes boss.", I gave her a little salute and turned around to go to the washroom and the next thing I know is..........my face falling flat on the ground.

I feel like seeing stars and my head spinning as if I am high. I try to steady my head as I support my body and sit up.

"OH MY GOD SAMMY! Are you alright?", I heard Amanda as she helps me sit up.

"Ya are you all right nerdy? Did it hurt so bad little one?", I heard a rough male voice strangely familiar which is followed by a group of people laughing.

"Shut the hell up Chase!", I heard Amanda say. As soon as she took his name, I feel my heart suddenly beat faster than ever. My breathing become accelerated as I slowly open my eyes and try to focus on my surrounding and met a pair of aqua blue eyes staring at me.

There he stood in a black t-shirt and blue torn jeans on his broad muscular and fit body, his blond hair styled up in spikes and his icy blue eyes piercing through me as he stood tall in front of me and I just could not help myself from opening my mouth wide and gaping at that god like creature standing in front of me - Chase Armour, best dancer at Mayfield High School, the head of The Dazzlers, the most wanted guy by the girls and my crush!!! Shit! I want him too bad!

Oh my God! Why does he have to be so perfect?

"Are you ok Sammy?", I heard Amanda speak as she brought me back to reality from my dream land.

"Yes Ms. Nerdy? Are you a right?", Chase said in a comical voice. All his friends started laughing and I felt blood rushing to my cheeks turning them red.

"Shut that trap of your Chase or I swear I will make you regret it!", Amanda said and I could hear the struggle she was putting up from raising her voice.

"Oooo... I am so scared! I didn't know that your mommy comes to school with you Ms. Nerdy. Please save me! I promise I would never repeat my mistake again. Please don't let her call my mommy!!!", Chase said again in a overdramatic voice acting as if he was actually scared.

"Chase, Stop your nonsense right now or-"

"Or what Amanda? Are you going me with your pompoms? Or with your signature cart wheel?", Chase said flashing an evil smile. I stood their with my head down as I watched Chase and his friends laughing out loud and Amanda getting really pissed off, completely red with anger.

"How about blasting off your nuts?", someone said from behind which made everyone to stop laughing. I don't know why but it sounded very familiar, so I turned around and saw Dan standing there in his blue shirt and dark blue denims.

Daniel Raymonds has been mine and Amanda's best friend since 4th grade. He was one of the 'good boys' at school. With his hazel brown eyes, light brown hair, sexy dimpled complete smile and athletic toned body. He too was on the girls to-do list but him being a guitarist than being a Dazzler made him a little less popular.

Dan walked towards me and gave me an assuring smile. I smiled back and he turned his attention to Chase once again who had started to boil up with anger.

"What the hell did you just say?", Chase snaped.

Dan stepped in front of me and Amanda, standing face to face with Chase.

"You heard me right Chase, I did say that. And you see if that happens I would really be sorry that I didn't bring popcorn along", said Dan smiling evily at Chase.

Amanda chuckled but Chase looked pissed off. In a flash he was all over Dan by pulling Dan by his collar and just about to punch him-

"STOP!!!", a shrill voice came. We all looked in that direction and found Britney Hamelton in her short sparkling pink skirt, short white blouse and damn high heels with her gang.

Britney was the perfect defination of a bitchy school queen bee who thought that the school was her kingdom and all the other students her slaves. With her long blond hair, blue eyes, slim body and sparkling short clothes made her look like some model and thus 'the girl' of every guys dream in school. She was the lead female dancer of the Dazzlers and Chase's current girlfriend. God how much I hate that self centered bitch! How can Chase like someone so dumb like her?

She walked to Chase and pulled him off Dan.

"Baby, Why are you talking to these low market people? Don't stress yourself with them. They are just not worth your time and energy. Let them be.", she said as she pulled him away from Dan.

Dan and Chase kept giving each other death glares.

"Its not over Raymonds. I will make sure that I make your and your little nerdy's life a living hell. My eyes are now on you two.", saying this Chase left with Britney and his gang.

"See you never losers!!", said Britney to me as she left.

"You fuckin-", growled Amanda as she leapt towards her but me and Dan caught her in mid way and motioned her to stop.

They finally left. I felt so helpless and ashamed. I was right there seeing all this happen but did nothing. I just stood there and watched. I actually felt like a wimp and a loser. Tears started flowing through my eyes as I realised what a big coward I am.

"Hey hey hey... what happened?", Dan said as he saw tears in my eyes. I didn't answer. I just kept sobbing. He cupped my face pulled my face to face him while wiping my tears but I still couldn't look at him as I was so filled with guilt so kept my eyes on ground.

"O Sammy what happened?", asked Amanda in a worried voice.

"I'm....so....so..sorry..", I said between sobs.

"Don't you dare say that Sammy. It was not your mistake. It was all that bastard. I wonder why do you like him so much. I mean he is just so dumb and full of himself. How can you like someone like that?", Amanda said as she took me in a side embrace rubbing my back and helping me to calm down.

"I don't...know..."

"Ok now stop crying." , she said "You need to relax and forget all about this. You need to give a good performance up there so just don't think about it. Ok?"

"You will do good Sam, just relax. Amanda is right.", said Dan.

"I don't now guys but I will try.", I said unsure of what I was saying.

"Good. Come on lets go. Come Dan.", Amanda said and we walked to the line again.

I don't know what is going to happen but I really hope that everything works out fine. I really hope so.

Oh God!! Please.....HELP ME..!!


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