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Legion: Death for Love

Novel By: AshleyRose

Alejandro is a cold unfeeling assasin... until he had to have a heart transplant that changed the way of his thinking and the way he feels. Then he met Kali... a girl destined to an arranged marriage that she never wanted.

Kali was planning to elope with the love of her life, Leo, but all their plans crashed when Leo died and Leo's heart is transferred to Alejandro...

As Kali and Alejandro's world clashed, deep feelings for each other developed... but how far would Alejandro go for love? In the end... is love enough to save them from the threats of the Assasin world of Legion? View table of contents...



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Chapter 1


"Alejandro Hawk, Basilicus wants you." I turned around to see who the speaker was and saw a man with short dark blond hair and icy blue eyes. The man also has a cobra tattoo on his left arm symbolizing him as a Legion assassin. He is wearing a white short sleeve and skinny jeans. From his bare arms, I can see that the man is built and that there is a long white lines of scars covering his arms.

"Looks like I'm going to have to miss some bonding time, boys." I muttered, expressing how unimpressed I am at having been interrupted while drinking.

My name is Alejandro Hawk, I have black hair and green eyes. Code name is Addonexus, meaning "death". I'm a Legion. You would know what it means if you watch the news, but if you don't then I'll tell you anyway. Legion is an organisation where the cowards who don't want their hands stained pays us to kill. Which I think is pretty pathetic if you ask me. If you are wondering if we only kill people who only deserves it, then you're wrong. By killing them I'm saving them from their stupid miserable life. I mean really, look at them. Look at how they got everything and still can't be fucking grateful about it. Enough about the stupid humans, anyway let's go back to the topic (because thinking about them makes me ummmm.... disgusted, I guess. Yeah I know emotions are my enemy, but even I can't be immune to the feelings of disgust). Legion Assasins all started as a homeless street kids, which include boys and girls. From that moment of their life, they train, fight and kill. There is only one thing that you can't afford to forget in the Legion: Emotions are your enemy. Emotions... I thought about the word and tried to think of what it means, but nothing came into my mind.

"Alejandro, baby don't leave us." Jack, my comrade in Legion said mockingly.

"Ohhhh" the table of drunken Legion assassins laughed.

"A******s" I replied trying to cover my word with a cough.

"We heard that!" another assassin shouted.

"Enough chitchat!" the blue eyed man scolded.

"Someone's not getting laid enough," I smirked.

I turned his back to blue-eyed man, but watched him with the corner of my eye. That was how I saw him pulling a knife from his back pocket, throwing it at me it, but because I'm a trained assassin I was able to dodge the knife with a speed that I gained by training in the Legion Camp.

"You know... One of the things I really hate is when someone throws a knife at me" I smiled. A smile so cold that it made some of the drunken assassins froze.

Slowly, I walked towards my opponent and took a good look at his eyes, because eyes... they cannot lie and they can tell about the person's intention and emotions. You see, when I took a look at his eyes I quickly saw the glint on it which means he is thinking about defeating me and killing me. So I let my eyes wander over his figure and saw the small movement of his left hand reaching on to his left front pocket, which might contain a weapon on it and I didn't want to take the risk so I punch him on the face and he falls over his back, there was a loud crunch which probably indicates a broken nose.

"You think you're so great, don't you? You think you could do anything and just walk away? One day... you will lose something that you value most and you will wish that you could have died intead of losing it. One day, Alejandro Hawk. I curse you-!" I walk closer on to his lying form and shook him and then grabbed my opponent's neck. With one hand, I squeezed it and squeezed some more until the other man's breath ran out. After I dropped the body I turned around with a big smile of satisfaction on my face.



I nearly screamed in fright. My heart aching for the dead man. And even though I know that they are all criminals I still believes that there is a good man inside of them wanting to be let out.

I'm Tyler by the way. I've just started training in the Legion Camp a couple of days ago when Basilicus (the Legion leader who trains us) saw me nearly dying of starvation in the streets. If you are wondering how a boy like me ended up in the streets, well let me be the first to tell you that I'm an orphan and ran away from the orphanage. I don't really have a name, I was found 8 years ago when I was a baby in a clothe wrapped around my tiny little body, but a Sister in the orphanage gave me the name Tyler. Anyway, enough introduction because I'd hate to bore you with my long talks about myself. I need to focused my mind on mission: sneaking away and not getting caught. so I quietly slipped away from the horrid sight...


I crept along the familliar grounds and surroundings of the Legion Camp. Legion Camp is actually just a big tall house that looks a lot like a mansion and it's as beautiful from the outside view as well as inside. The floors are covered with red carpet which have the Legion insignia on it and the walls are painted white but are decorated with paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. Which I thought is probably stolen.

I let my mind drift off, so I could not think of what I'm about to do. So that by the time I get there it will be too late to change my mind, but to not think about it is proven a difficult task for me. What if he finds out? I asked myself. Would he kill me? or would he make me suffer first for my betrayal and torture me until I'm begging to die? I winced. Just thinking of these thoughts makes me feel sick and everytime I heard thew loud thuds of my footsteps, I flinch.

I was still walking when I realized that I just went pass the office that I needed to go to. I walked back until I'm facing the mahogany wooden door that have a golden plate on it that says: Basilicus, Head of Legion.

I balled my right hand into a fist and knocked on the door three times. When no one answered I reached out to twist the door handle and pushed it open. I frowned puzzled about why it was left unlocked, but as soon as I looked inside I realized why.

It wasn't really as shocking as much as it was embarrassing. Imagine walking into an office just to find a man and a woman kissing passionately and desperately. Each one of them clinging to each other like their life depends on it and what's worse is that I've just walked in on Basilicus and Morgan (Basilicus' current wife). Thank goodness that Basilicus is too engrossed with GOD KNOWS WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN DOING for the last five minutes and didn't really notice me.

I looked back at Basikicus' office and familliarized myself with its surroundings. I put the image of gray carpet, white walls and black and white furniture in my mind. There was no colour in his office and it was like watching a black and white film.

I was about to leave when I met Morgan's warm brown eyes from behind Basilicus' neatly styled black hair. Morgan raised her free hand and gestured a "walk away silently" sign.

Morgan really is pretty, I thought. With her long black silky hair, smooth pale skin and sharp cheek bones. She looks like an ice princess minus the snobbish attitude, the platinum blonde hair and icy cold blue eyes. She could have gotten any man she wanted, yet she still chose Basilicus, which just makes me confuse. What could a pretty angel see in a monster like him? Yes, I do beleive that the Legion assasins still have a good in them, but in Basilicus' heart? I don't think so.


Legion Camp


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