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Jack and the Princess

Novel By: aurorablack

For those of you who know the fairytale well, Jack was a lonely boy living in a small village with his mother. They were poor, and we're running out of money and food very fast. The traditional tale would tell yout hat Jack's mother sent her son into town to sell their prized cow for some money that they could hopefully live off, but instead he returns with three 'magic' beans which turn into a beanstalk that grows up to the sky and a is where a hungry giant lives, and you know the rest. If you don't, I'm sorry to say your childhood must have been as worthless as what a bath is to a pig.
In this story however, there is no giant, or beanstalk, or magic beans, or even cow. This is a story about romance, about how your background or wealth shouldn't effect your choices in life, and about knowing what you really want in life, without the decision being made by someone else.
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Beneath a forest of gorgeous willows, surrounded by nothing but open fields and wild animals, and just on the outskirts of nowhere, there was a small village resting in quiet passion. This little village was known as Rockbrook, as it resided next to a beautiful, shimmery river that flowed pure clean water for the village to survive on. The tiny rocks underneath the water were claimed as magical to the village people, as all the dirt and muck from the water just washed to the side of the river, making the water extremely clean enough to pick out with your hands and drink.
The village itself though was quaint and peaceful. Everybody knew everyone and it was hard to go a day in the village without someone knowing your name. It wasn't that people were nosey; it was just that they were friendly and caring, and not a lie could be told without the truth getting out sooner or later. It was just their way of living, they knew of no other life but the one they were living in Rockbrook.
Sadly though, the village wasn't big on money. It was a sad sight for such a lovely town. Most of the woman and men dressed in rages and had urged their children to do the same, even though it was gross and highly unhygienic. But it was all they had.
They all lived in tiny houses that were built side by side. Since the town was so small, you couldn't go anywhere without seeing your neighbour at least twice during the day. Some neighbouring families would even dine together on special occasions, such as children's birthdays. They were happy with that; the money troubles just didn't bother them.
Down the road from the little village, there was a quieter area and this is where the farms were. They still rested in Rockbrook, but were in a more secluded area in which to escape the small village and relax, although, life for the farmers and their families was worse. They had almost no money, as they had such a big land to cover and growing season for their crops was just never in range.
Most of the farmers had even packed up their families and left Rockbrook, to find a better life to live in and grow their food and herd cattle whenever they wanted.
But among the ones who had stayed strong was a tiny family in a small house resting on a big property. The property had stretched out for miles and had even reached out to Opal Forest, which was the forest that was neighbouring Rockbrook.
In this tiny family were only two people. A young woman by the name of Asyth, that had lived in the house for 25 years and had been widowed for 17 years after her husband had severely knocked his head on a large rock and cracked his head right open. She had kept the farm as a broken promise to him, as he had lived on this farm since he was a child.
Living with Asyth was another broken soul. Her son, Jack, who had never known his father, as he passed away right on the day Jack himself was born. But every day, he was reminded from his mother that he was just like his father. Strong, fearless, and extremely open-minded. Jack saw himself as a traveller and had longed to get off the farm and live in a place with more opportunity. But his mother could never let him go, he was all she had left of his father, and with that, Jack stayed.
But every evening, he would walk out onto the paddock and walk on further and further away from the house. He would climb up and sit on the sturdy, wooden fence and watch the sun set before his eyes, wishing that there was a way he could escape.


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