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When a girl suddenly wakes up and finds herself laying in a bed with a complete stranger, a baby crying in a cot and that she’s 4 years into the future in the motel of her hometown, she freaks out. But as the parts of the puzzle come together she finds out that she was in a coma and was a completely different person when she woke up. Her mind has lapsed and she doesn’t remember anything after the crash, not even her baby girl or husband. She only remembers everything from 4 years ago especially her boyfriend who she was madly and deeply in love with. She has to choose between the family she doesn’t remember and the one she does. View table of contents...


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Four years later...

Adam rolled to the side of his bed. The alarm clock rung for his attention, he groaned as he realised he had to go to work. 6a.m. on a Saturday morning after a big night out was not his cup of tea.

He eased up onto his elbows. Looking beside him, he realised he hadn't gone home alone last night. Adam stared at the redhead trying to recall her name. He drew a blank. Though it didn't matter she needed to leave, and he needed to get ready.

Slipping out of bed he grazed the floor. Kicking bits of clothes out of the way, Adam searched for a pair of boxes. When he found a pair he slid them on and walked over to the sleeping girl. Nudging her awake, she stared up at him stunned, "I've gotta go to work and I need to lock up." he told her, his voice still sleepy.

He didn't bother to see her out. He watched her start to collect her belongings then walked into the bathroom to run himself a shower. Stepping under the hot water Adam rubbed his hands over his face roughly. His hangover wasn't as bad as he expected. His body had grown use to the nights of alcohol abuse from earlier years.

When he heard the door slamming he knew the one nighter had left. He hopped out of the cascading water and into his steamy bathroom. Grabbing a towel he wiped the fog off the mirrors. Drying himself he went in search of his work clothes.

Once Adam was dressed he treaded back to the bathroom. He rubbed hair mousse in his hands and he began styling it in through his dark messy hair, after he finished brushing his teeth quickly. Entering his bedroom he wandered through the untidiness, unbothered by it and into the lounge room. Near the door he found his concrete covered work boots.

Now he was off to lay bricks for the new house on Patterson Road that was being built for the Evans. They wanted the house up and ready soon and were paying the money to make that happen. Adam loved the money but hated the hours.

Driving his Ute up to the skeleton frame work of the house, Adam parked next to Dave's black Mazda. Locking his Ute he walked over to the boys' and waited till Zack let them know the plain of attack.

The new apprentice, Hayden, a short little rump covered in freckles smiled at him.
"What?" Adam asked with a smile of his own.
"You are my idol. The guys' just finished telling me what you did last night." Hayden patted Adam's shoulder with a giant smile on his face. Adam shook his head. He had no idea what the hell he had done but it didn't come of a surprise. In the last couple of years Adam had never gone out without doing something that didn't leave an impression on the guys. It was usually who could get in with some chick first or how many times he could score in a night.

"I don't remember a thing." He told Hayden.
"Well it's your loss than." Dave pitched in chuckling. Adam joined in with his own chuckle though he was glad he didn't remember. Those women were quick fixes, momentary joys of pleasure, nothing special. Adam hadn't had anyone that was special to him in a long time. The last time he let someone in messed him up. He was left a hollow man. After that he built walls higher then Everest. Adam swore that he would never feel that way again. So far he had kept that promise.

Zack turned up finally and slipt them up, delegating different jobs. Adam thought he got the easiest, teaching Hayden how to measure up enough bricks for the side wall of the house. He was mistaken. Hayden turned out he didn't know past his five times tables. The kid was almost eighteen. Do they teach children anything at school? Adam wondered.

Watching Hayden try to do this work had Adam pulling his hair out. He started this when he was eighteen nearly four years ago and he managed just fine. What was so hard? Glancing down at his watch he caught the time, they had to hurry up.

By 9:37 they had a third of the seven bedroom house. It was a satisfactory effort in Adams eyes. Now it was time for smoko. They boys' all sat around in a circle making whatever do for a chair. Adam had plopped himself on top of five bags of concrete. A couple of the guys brought out food.

Adam just sat and listened in on the conversations. Laughing in on the jokes being told, enjoying the short break. "Oh fuck off!" Dave spat. Following his direction they saw a car stirring up the dirt towards them. This was probably the owner, Mrs Curtis, a moody old hag. She looked like her skin had lost all elasticity. She always came to making sure they were doing what they were paid to do.

From the distance he saw a woman hop out of the car. He heard his name being shouted. Standing up he tried to make out the person with the familiar voice. He'd heard it before but now he couldn't point a face to it.

Adam froze as the figure came to view, before him stood a ghost. His heart clenched. That ghost was Kate. She had changed but that was still Kate. Her hair had grown longer and blonder, while her body had move shape to it now. It was her, his Kate.

Tears were pouring down her face. She sprinted to him, yelling his name. This was all too surreal for him to grasp. She flung her arms around him and he stumbled back from impact. His arms snaked around her in a deathly hold. At the back of his mind he was waiting to wake up.

She sobbed into his shirt. Pulling her back just enough for Adam to hold her head in his hands, he peered into her eyes. "Are you real?" he managed to whisper. Tears ran down her face leaving a trail. She nodded. Throwing her arms up around his neck she buried her wet face into his neck.

"I love you and I'm so sorry." Adam heard Kate mumble in between her shaky breaths. His arms tightened at those words and his heart soared. This was what heaven felt like.

AN: Sorry it's a little short.


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