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Always (chapter 1)

Novel By: awesome pants

Kate is pages muse his insperation
but she wishes more then that! much much more! but little does she know so does he! View table of contents...


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chapter 1 - only a muse

Kate opened the micorwave and instantly Page yells "Stop!" She knew what he meant. He wanted to draw her again. She had her hand on the corn canin the inside of the micerwaveand her hand on the micerwave door. He was done soon after and handed her the sketch. She looked at it it was BEAUTIFUL! It didnt suprize her though. It had shown such detail! It even showed both of her dimple's! She remember when he had told her shewas his muse like it was yesterday.

Kate was all alone at a new school in 6 grade and noone liked me. One day Kate wassitting on the bleachers reading.She had 2 finger onher forehead andKate's overgrown bangs reaching hernose were inher face. Football practise was going on in the background but Kate did'nt care. Then this guy with terquiz pants and a green neon jacket came up to her and studied her face. She knew who he was. Page Art, The bad boy who stuck out from the croud and was 1 year older then her. "First days always tough," He had said softly to her. His voice was like threads of gold to her. "No it's more like the best day everrrry!!" Kate had said saracticly "I bet I could chang that, Beautiful," He said to her she looked at him her and said "I am not beautiful and drugs arent fun to me," Kate had ment it to! Her red hair and freckled face was nowere near beautiful to her! but the drug part she was kidding about "No none of that I want you to be my muse because truthfully you are beautiful!" SHe looked up at him with such warmth and happiness that someone thought she was beautiful! "sure!" Kate had said and that was the beginning of there AMAZEING FRIENDSHIP! afteer that they were with eachother all the time!

And now they were thick as thieves! Kates puppy jumped into her lap as she sat down. "aww Sketch!" I had told my little puppy asshe staired into Pages big sweet blue eyes! ANd he staired into her green ones! 'SHE IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!!' Pages head screamed at him. 'Kiss her! Tell her how you feel' Man his head would;nt stop!

Michele walked in and snatched the shetch book away from Kate and studied it as she plopped down on the closes shair moveing a strand of pink hair from her face. "Pretty who is this because it certaintly is'nt Kate!" Michele said sarcastickly rolling her eyes. She knew Page liked Kate and Kated liked Page! Everyone thought it was so obviouse just they were so stupid they didnt know it!

"It's so obviouse" Michele murmered under her breath "what is?" Page said turning to face her "Huh? oh nothing! So Kit Kat! Hows Dylan the delicouse!" Michele said to Kate. Kate blushed "No sparks!" She squeled "Honey if you dont take him then I will!" Michele said licking her lips "He is surtainly one peice of ass!" Page said mimmicking Micheles voice. Everyone started laughing! Then the micerwave started sparking and Kate screamed. Page yanked the plug out of the wall Michele was the first to speak "you put the METAL can in the micerwave AGAIN did'nt you?" "N-Ye-Mabe" Kate said. Page pulled the can out of the micerwave. It was burnt and black "So you were planing on eating this? Wow I did'nt know you were THAT weird, My muse" He said embettween laughs. "It cant tast THAT bad" Kate said grabbing a fork and eating it "mmmmm crunvhy!" Kate said befor gulping it down and takeing Michele coke to wash down the flavor. "so whats it like to be a muse?" Michele asked Kate. Kate wanted to say 'It's fun but I wish I was more then that' but she didnt. Page looked at her waiting for an anser hopeing it was a good one "It's the worst thing ever!" Kate snapped but then she stgarted laughing to show it was a joke

hi! everyone! thanks for reading i hope u enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed writeing it! and i will be putting photos up soon! comment and like please! Oh and Page is a boy if you have'nt you know notised. HA HA!And they're in collage to just so you know or if you are wondering! I am ok to with telling people when new chapters have been added!


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