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Brain Storming and Loving your Enemy

By: Azelia

Chapter 1, Imagine a world where brain transplant could also happen!!!!! Here\'s a pop teen star-MIA HOOKE.She got brain transplantation and started falling for her biggest enemy!!!!!

I am in a tunnel which is long,dark and empty.I am afraid but I have to cross it.I am moving now,slowly,fearfully. Suddenly I heard my mum's voice calling my name!I started to run.I want my mum now.I am running and crying and then fall over and I opened my eyes! I am in a room I realised. "Thank Goodness!"-I mumbled. Then I realised I have something inside my nose.What is it?I thought.I raised my hand to touch my nose. What is in my hand?I thought.I peeked over and saw tubes attached to my wrist. Wait!Who's hand is this?So much pretty and manicured with fuchia nailpaint. What is it?Am I in a hospital?What happened to me?I have so many questions in my mind and now a shot of pain started in my mind.Oh God,what's happening to me? And the pain increased so much so that I screamed my lungs out and closed my eyes and dozed off!

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