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Alone & Together

Novel By: AznDorrk

Jennifer is happy. She has the perfect life but to be honest, she doesn't want it. She misses her old life, the one she lost four years ago when her parents took her away. She knows that she's different, knows her secret. But when will she actually ever accept his. View table of contents...


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"Can I talk to you about something?" I ask, nervous, not knowing how I should say this.

She laughs and shakes her head, "Okay Dylan, you've walked in on me when I was in the shower and I've seen you dancing in your boxers in the living room, I think we can talk about anything."

"Um, okay then," I start to say, "you've been living with us for a while now and I've gotten to know you a lot more than I use too and I think that I-"

"Oh My Goodness, Amanda!" she screams.

I turn my head and see Amanda laying face down in the water. We both rush swimming towards her. Jennifer got to her first and starts to pull her towards the edge.

"Amanda, Amanda, open your eyes, wake up sweet heart, come on baby girl, you have to wake up!" Jenni screams and starts to cry, she has really gotten attached to Amanda, I think and smile.

Amanda starts to cough and opens her eyes; she smiles and says, "Gotcha," and laughs. Jennifer just stares at her and wipes away the tears.

"Do not scare me like that again, young lady!" Jenni says and stomps back to the house.

Amanda looks down and says, "Dylan, I'm sorry but Jasmine and Brittany made me do it. Can you tell Jenni that I'm sorry, I think that she's mad at me and I'm scared that she might yell at me again?"

I sigh and roll my eyes, we both know that Jenni would never be mad at Amanda but for some strange reason she can't seems to see that.

"Okay, fine but you owe me one, you understand little girl?" I say, but know that I can't ask for anything in return. I head towards the house and grab a towel before I look for Jennifer. The first place I go to is the attic, her favorite room.

"Looking for me, Dyl?" She says, coming out of the kitchen. She's always hid in high places when she was upset.

"If you're going to tell me that Amanda is sorry, you don't have to because I'm not mad, but she just doesn't understand that I worry about her so much. I mean there is a reason I signed up for the big sister program and I figured that she would need someone since you all lost your parents and, I-I, ........................ since your 18 I thought she would be put in the system and I-I just ,have nothing better to do..... you know, since my parents................... left." She says and looks away and wipes a tear from her face.

"Hey, don't do that, don't cry, you have me and Amanda, remember that. We're your family now and you're ours." I say and wrap my arms around her, and she cries into me, she has no idea how I feel about her, she sees me as a friend, maybe even a brother, but she could never love me like I love her…



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