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What he did.

Novel By: baileyjeanj

Tessa got cheated on by her boyfriend. And to make it all worse he told her at the worse possible time. Now she just wants to be independent and leave boys behind, but will her heart agree with her mind? View table of contents...


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"Tessa, 10 minutes and then we are leaving without you." My mom yelling up the stairs.

Mumbling under my breath, I decided on the blue dress that my friend Sarah had gotten me for my birthday the year before. Tonight was my celebration supper for getting into San Diego State University, and I had invited a bunch of my close friends and my boyfriend to our family supper. We were going to my favorite place in town , Mikeys, they served the best italian food you can find and we got it on the house almost everytime we went there because he was a family friend. But if you asked me, I say its because Mikey has always had a crush on my mom but I guess whatever works for a free meal.

Picking out my favorite white vans, I slipped them on and quickly checked myself in the mirror one last time before I went downstairs. My family was waiting by the door, just about to walk out when I came down.

"Good thing you came down honey. We were just about to leave." My dad said with a cheesy smile on his face. I just smiled, I knew they wouldnt leave me, not for my own celebration dinner anyways. My family has always been there for me, they are my biggest support group along with my boyfriend, Seth. When I sent my application in for college, my family was there every step of the way with me and Seth was there with me when I would freak out about my grades in all of our classes. He really was the best.

When we got to Mikeys, my friends were already all there. Sarah, my bestfriend since we were like three, we had gone to the same daycare, was sitting right by Aubrey. Aubrey and I had become close through German class when we had been assigned as class partners. There was also Daisy, Josh, Luke, and Seth sitting on the other side of the table. I had been friends with those guys ever since middle school when we had the same homeroom teacher. As we all sat, I couldnt help but look around at how blessed I was. I had an amazing boyfriend of 2 years, a supportive and loving family, and of course friends that were like siblings to me.

"Tess, do you have a minute?" I heard Seth whisper in my ear, I immediately smiled and nodded. Seth then took my hand and led me out the back door of Mikeys so we were in the alley. Seth looked nervous, which was surprising because this was a guy who played at the state championship for football and didnt have an ounce of nerves in him. I, of course, knew what this was about. I had told Seth earlier in the week that he didnt need to get me a present, but he had probably seen all the presents that everyone else had brought so he wanted to come out here and make sure it was okay that I didnt get one from him.

I decided to let him out of his misery. "Seth, I know why you wanted to talk. And its totally fine." I assured him.

"Um Tessa, what are you talking about?" He asked slowly.

"I know you didnt get me a present but its totally fine, I dont need one from you. I mean after all you have done for me with my grades and helping me keep sane. I probably wouldnt have been accepted to college if it wasnt for you." I smiled gratefully at my boyfriend.

"Tessa, you need to listen to me. Okay?" I nodded, feeling slightly nervous now. "I slept with someone. It didnt mean anything and after I did it, I mean we did it, we promised to never do it again because well it just felt wrong. I mean I love you Tess, I know that now. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, so please just dont take this the wrong way." He looked up at me with expectant eyes waiting for me to respond.

I couldnt think straight. He slept with someone? My Seth slept with someone. I probably knew her, who could be so low to sleep with someone who had a girlfriend, a long term girlfriend. I closed my eyes and then asked the question I had been wondering. "Who?" I asked through clenched teeth.

"Does it really matter?" He asked.

"Tell me Seth." I could see in his eyes that he was a little wary to tell me but he knew in the end I would win so he gave it up.

"Aubrey." I felt my heart ache and I wasnt sure what to think or feel right at this moment. I couldnt place a word on how I felt, there are too many emotions running through my head and I didnt know which ones to let out.

"Why are you telling me this now?" I asked, wondering how he could have picked a worse time or a worse place for this to happen.

"I wouldn't have done it now at your celebration dinner, but he made me tell you. He said that the longer I didnt tell you the more it would hurt in the end. I swear I would have waited but he said he would tell you if I didnt and I didnt want you to know by anyone but me." He stated as he took a big breath as if his words had tired him out.

I was confused now more than ever, who would be so cruel to make Seth tell me tonight? Maybe it was one of my friends but they definetly would have told me before this. I couldnt tell what i felt towards this person, I felt relieved and grateful to them but at the same time I felt as if they wanted me hurt. I had to find out who he was. "Who told you to tell me? Who?" I asked desperately.

I could tell Seth was debating on whether to tell me or not, but it looked like in the end he decided that it really didnt matter. "James, his name is James. I dont know his last name. I just know that he goes to school at Cleaver High a couple miles away from our school."

I stood processing this imformation. How did he know me? I had to find out. I was drawn out of my thinking state by Seth pleading to me "Promise me Tess, that you wont go find him. Promise me. He will only hurt you."

I turned and started walking towards the door but before I got there, I turned around, looked one more time at Seth, and went back into Mikeys leaving Seth behind for good.


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