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My Hot Body Guard

Novel By: BeeReezy1

Sasha was placed with a body guard named Liam. Her father felt that she needed to be guarded after he began getting phone threats and even being at gun point because of his past actions of gambling. So he hired Liam to keep watch over her whenever she was to leave the house.

The first time they met , they didn't get along at all. She disliked him even though she agreed he was good looking. Liam on the other hand didn't really to much care for her because he cared more about the money he was given.

When things began to get worse and people begin to show up at her job trying to kill her , her father had no choice but to secretly send her along with her body guard to California for a year to the most ,at least till things were sorted out and safer.

With there strong dislikes against each other , will it bring them closer ? Will they began to develop feeling for each other and what dangers lie in California? View table of contents...


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"Are you being serious right now?!" ,I shrieked throwing my arms in the air. I can't believe my father hired a body guard for me. He told me he'd be everywhere I go everyday until my father relieves him of his job.

"Baby girl, I'm just trying to keep you safe. Business is a little hectic and people are getting desperate to where they'd do anything to get money ." He sighed , rubbing his temples."I just don't want anything to happen to you ,that's all. So like I said , starting tomorrow you will have a body guard by your side until you return home."

I rolled my eyes. I can't stand having some random guy following me around like some stalker. Even though it happens a lot . "What's his name?"

"His names Liam , he'll actually be here in a few minutes. You have work today don't you?" He asked standing up from his desk,reaching for his silver cane.

"No." I replied trying to sound like I was ok with the whole body guard thing but I wasn't . Not at all. My father walked over to me slowly with his cane, and I began to feel a sudden sprout of sadness. My father got in a serious car accident causing permanent damage to his left leg , leaving him with a limp. I hate to see my father try to move around. He's in his 40's but looked as if he was in his 30's by his appearance .

"Don't be rude please.." he begged, while walking out the door, and then turned around with a 'o I forgot ' face.


"Um , did I mention he 's staying here as well. And..."

"You got to be kiddin' me dad! I'll never have any time to myself when he's up my ass 24-7." I complained , huffing and puffing. I took a deep breath,"What else?"

"Stop cussing." He said sternly. "As long as your in the house , he's off duty but when you leave he's with you everywhere you go. " He explained and then the door bell rung. "The last thing I was going to tell you , is that I set up a little dinner at Greeville diner for you two. You know, so you guys can get to know each other."

I don't have anything else to say, I'm just fumigating with anger."I wonder who it is !" I said sarcastically heading downstairs, as my father took the elevator. I walked to the door, ready to give him the ' I hate you look ' but when I twisted the knob and opened it ,all I could do was stare at him .


"Where's Mr. Vasquez?" He asked standing casually in dark baggy jeans, a red tee that showed off his body ,2 silver chains rested on top of his shirt . I could already since arrogance in his deep voice.

"He's on his way." I said with crossed arms , looking him up and down as if I was disgusted of his appearance but really he was hot and sexy .

All of sudden he had laughed , sticking one hand in his pocket ,leaning on the frame of the door. "You must be Vasquez's daughter. I thought you were the maid at first. But everything he told me about you matches exactly what your doing now." I know my eyes looked like they were going to catch on fire as I glowered at him angrily. Did he just say what I thought he said.

Maid . He thought I was the maid? What exactly did my dad say to him.

Just as I was about to reply , my father limped to the door. "Liam, come in."

My father gave me that 'move' look and I stepped to the side letting him in.

"Liam thanks again. This is my beautiful daughter Sasha , and Sasha this is Liam your full time body guard." He looked over at me then back at Liam. "Well ,Sasha will show you to the room I prepared for you. It's right across from Sasha's. After your settled, I set up a dinner at Greevil diner for you two. Just so you two can get to know each other." He waved leaving us two alone.

Liam turned towards me with a smirk on his sleek carmeled skinned face. I eyed him down his toned body and stopped at his waste where I saw a gun strapped to his side and then my eyes peered back to his cold unsual grey eyes.

"You checking me out , or are you check'n my gun out ?" He said with all arrogance , as he started looking around the place. He had a duffel bag slung over his shoulder , standing in a confident stance.

"Why do you have a gun?" I asked walking to the coat hanger, grabbing my checkered black and red trench coat. "It's no that serious."

"It's required by your father, wouldn't be anything without it anyways." He said , looking around. "So you going to show me to my room or what?"

I rolled my eyes,"I guess I have to."

I turned around swiftly on my black heels. "Follow me." I said flicking my hair, giving and unpleasant huff of annoyance.

He laughed , "Look shorty, chill with the whole attitude thing you got goin' on .I was hired by your dad, and unfortunately you and me are going to see each other all day ,everyday. So it is what it is, and it wont change."

"Unless ...you get fired." I said with a smirk on my face, leading him up the steps.

He laughed following after me ,"I doubt it."

"Hm..I wouldn't." I said showing him to his door. "Here's your room, hurry up so we can get this stupid dinner thing over with."

I went downstairs , and sat on the sofa putting my feet up on the wooden coffee table. I pulled my blackberry out my pocket and dialed Raina."

"This is Raina." She answered in a high pitched voice.

"It's me..." I answered driely.

"What's wrong..I can tell it in your voice your upset... Come on, tell Ray Ray."

I laughed, and smiled. Raina's always there ,whenever I need her . No matter what. "My dad hired a body guard for me . He has to be everywhere I go. I can't go out to the mail box without him being on my ass Ray ."

"You can't go out to the mail box without him?"

"Ray! shut up" I smiledrolling my eyes. "focus ."

"Sorry..So , what's so bad about having a body guard? Your father's just trying to keep his brat safe.

Giggling , I shook my head. "I know but, I think he's being a little over protective."

"No , I'm pretty sure your father has a good reason for this. So...is he , cute?The body guard."

I rolled my eyes,and looked to see if anyone was around before I answered.

"Sexy as hell. But so arrogant , and obnoxious. He told me he thought I was the maid when he first saw me."

"I -want - to-meet him."

"You will." I replied .

I sighed ,frustrated.

"Girl ... stop stressing. Your father is making sure his daughter is safe and sound . He doesn't want to take the risk of losing you. So at least go with this for him ok."

"Yeah ok."

"Anything else?" She asked which made me smile. We could talk all day about my problems and she wouldn't care.

"No , nothing important. Thanks girl, I guess I'll see you at work tomorrow."

"Yupps. Bye girl (muah) " She said before I hung up.

I laughed and hung it up.

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs , and of course here he comes.

"Let's get this dinner thing over with. I'm tired as hell." He said stretching his muscular light caramel arms.

I grabbed my keys, slipping into my black flats.

"Woah.. I'm driving. Sorry, your daddy's orders." He smiled at me,as I held out the keys for him. "No we're riding in my Benz ."

I shoved the keys in my pocket, feeling irritated.

"Calm down, we're going now." He said laughing, spinning his keys on his index finger."Let's go shorty."

"I can tell me and you are gone to have some serious problems." I put my hood on, heading towards the door. ,"Hurry up before I let your ass have it."

"Let my ass have it." He mimicked , starting to get weak."Show me what you got." He faced me .

I turned around towards him ,"Your so ...ughh!!!" ,I walked out the door and headed outside.

The car was a beauty I had to admit. It was perfectly shined , not a scratch on it. I thought I had a nice car but compared to his ,mines was scrap metal.

I got into the car, closing it shut, placing my clutch on my lap.

He got in and turned the ignition putting it in gear.



  • On the road


The ride had to be another 15 minutes and the silence,besides the music,it was killing me .

"How'd you and my father meet."

He peeked from the corner of his eyes as he shrugged. He turned down the music. "Your father confronted me at some store , and just offered me a job. So I took it." I knew it was way more to what he said . My father doesn't pick just any person off the streets.

"Turn left up here , and then right into the next entrance." He turned the wheel smoothly, turning into the parking lot. He parked into a parking space , taking out his key.

Silently I got out , already walking to the building. When I walked into the door he was right behind me.

We walked up to the front desk

"Dinner reservation under Mr. Vasquez."

The guy looked through his book and nodded. "Right this way ."

He led us to a table for two and layed two menus in front of us. "A waiter will be right with you to take orders."

He left , and all I could do was stare down at my menu. I didn't want to look at ...Liam. I already new what I wanted to drink and eat. I wanted a shirley temple for my beverage and the feddecini alfredo topped off with bread crumbs. Mmm.. it's so good.

I heard him place his menu down on the table. "You trying to avoid eye contact with me shorty?"

I looked up at him and smiled evilly. "Not just that , your face .Its just your face makes me sick."

He chuckled,"I doubt it. Look at me so we can talk ."

I did , sitting back in my chair.

"So ,Sasha your father told me you work as an accountant. Correct."

"Yeah , I do. Why?"

"Nothing just wondering what kind of job I'll be sitting at for hours."

"Tell the truth .., how'd you and my father really meet."

He looked from side to side. "Can't talk about that here ." I Figured he was lieing . I smiled. "How old are you Liam?"

"25." He answered, and I smiled."I thought you were like 30."

"Trying to be funny ,huh?" He smirked ,"How old are you?"

"I'm 23 . I just graduated last year, with my master and associates degree."


"Sorry for the wait." A guy interrupted , stepping up to the table. "I'm John , can I take your orders. "

"I'll have a shirley temple, and the chicken alfredo with bread crumbs."

"And for you sir?"

"I'll have the same thing she's having except for the drink Ill have a coke."

"Alright, sounds good. Your food will be out in 15 minutes, so can I get you any appetizers?"

"No , we're fine." I answered and looked back at him as the waiter walked away. "So...since you don't want to tell me how you and my father met , then where did you currently work before this?"

"Damn,that's not something I can tell you either. My life isn't important let's talk about you."He said sitting back. What is he hiding?

I sighed,"I told you mostly everything about me."

"What do you like to do during the day your off?"

"I like to go clubbing , but you know that's going to have to change since I have my own personal stalker ." I rolled my eyes, which made him smile.

"Stalker huh? So I'm the stalker and your ..the maid..hmm"

"Whatever..how about I tell you a few other things so we can stop chatting. Your starting to piss me off."

"I'm scared." He said sarcastically. "What else you want to tell me."

This guy has a lot coming to him. I'm not a maid, nor do I even look like one.

"I can't stand obnoxious people like you honestly. Your so childish." He looked at me , but there was no smile.

The waiter came back to the table with our dishes of food, and drinks. "Here you are ." He sat the dishes of food in front of us , and placed our drinks beside them. "Does everything look alright."

"Yeah it looks amazing , thanks so much."I replied and the waiternodded leaving.

"Alright , enjoy. I'll be back to check up on you two." Once he left the table, there was straight silence so I just started eating. He did the same without a word, thank goodness.




-15 minutes later

"Alright hears your box for your food, have a great night" , The man said as he put the remainder of my food. I eat really slow so it takes me awhile to even finish. Liam ate all within 10 minutes, unlike me I was a quarter of the way finish. The bowls are huge.

We walked the diner quietly, until he broke the silence.

"That wasn't half bad. " He said stretching his arms , although it looked more like flex in my eyes. He was to good looking to be so arrogant. Although that how a lot of guys , at least the ones I've met.

"It always good." I said as we were to the car. I spotted two men leaning on the hood of the car, dressed in all black attire. Liam did too because he put his hand in front of me.

"Stay behind me." He said barely above a whisper. He kept on walking towards the men. What is he doing, what if they're armed or something, or have pocket knives.

"What are you doing.." I said in a shaky voice already scared. He didn't reply , except stick a hand in his pocket.

Once we were close to the car and the two men who were leaning on it, he stopped. "Get the hell off my car. You know I hate when people do that shit." He hissed in anger , as they lifted their selves from the car with a smile. "What do you two want?"

"We heard that Vasquez's daughter would be here , but not that she'd be here with a boyfriend. Liam what's going on ? " They laughed. "You dating the man's daughter. We were supposed to be using her ,to kill the father together. I thought we were going to split this money three-way?"

He smiled venomously.

Liam's in on this , and is just using me to get to my father so he can kill him. I'll make sure his ass is fired, and never near him again. I knew there was something suspicious about Liam.

I kicked him in the back of leg at the joint, causing him to groan in pain and bend down. "He's not my boyfriend for one, and you make me sick Liam, you bastard!" I pointed towards him and took that moment to run back near the restraunt... Maybe I could call a taxi, or call Raina for a ride. No , I should call my dad....


I leftmy cell phone inthe car. I'll just tell the man to call the cops.

Soon as I was about to reach for the door handle, I felt arms reach around my waist and lift me from the ground effortlessly. I was about to scream my ass off, but he put me down covering my mouth with his hand.He trapped me against a wall staring at me dead in the eyes.


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