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Roseanne. (ro ZAN) and her room mate aka Kandy are moving to Bainbridge island to have a normal life out of collage when blood written letters on the walls start to form and things start to happen to the house and them too.
But why is it happening. How is it happening and why isn't Roseanne scared but her friend is........... View table of contents...


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1 Dead blood

I looked around the room, wondering if I missed anything else in here then I left. But it seemed that there was nothing to worry about. I grabbed my last box and headed out the door with it. I was on my own now. It didn't take me long to finish collage there really was nothing to it just another school full of people who looked at me funny. I really didn't care if they beat the living tar out of me. It didn't make a anything better.

I hated people how tried to be perfect. No one was perfect. It made no meaning to anything and I didn't really care about anything, not really. I had friends but I knew as well as they knew that they were only hanging out with me because they felt sorry. If they told me to go kill myself because they hated me, then so be it. It didn't matter to me and I didn't ask them to be my friends. But if they were willing to put up with me then I guess it had to matter some what and I only had to give them that much.

I put my things in the back of the car that my friend drove. I was going to drive us to are new house. It was near this one but then far in the same way. I sort of like the house it was a old one. The guy who sold it to us said that someone had died in it a long time ago and no one wanted to move into it until now. I wondered why no one wanted to live in that house.

Was there left over blood from the murder. A stain that was there forever. I could live with that. Blood didn't bother me. Hardy anything bothered me.

I looked back at the house one last time knowing that I wouldn't live there anymore. Then I place the box in the back of the car and got into the drivers seat.

"Took you long enough. How long is this car ride." My friend Kandy asked.

I looked at her and said. "A hour."

She nodded. I guess it wasn't that a long a a car ride. We both know that we have had worse then that.

To the place I was moving to was a small place not very big. Bainbridge island was a wealthy place. It was more to the rich. But then again both of my mother and father paid for this place.

I didn't understand why they went this far for me. I wanted to take care of myself from now on. But they said that they would bother me if they paid for the house so I let them just so they would get of my hair.

"Roseanne. (ro ZAN)." Kandy said.

I looked at her.

"I know how you feel and I'm not just another friend. Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong." She told me. She had a real smile on her face. I knew she was being real.

"How did you know." I asked her.

"Your ex told me."

I nodded. Ah my ex. He used me. He never really loved me for who I was. He always told me I was dull and needed more of a life. I didn't care.

The car ride was long but I made it through.

We stepped out of the car and looked around on the out side of the house.

The house was very nice looking. Water fount view too.

I didn't get why my mother and father paid for such a house. I didn't need such things. I would have been happy for anything. Even it was ran down. It would have been good enough for me. More then good enough.

For one thing nothing has to be perfect when it come to where I live that kind of things or even not having enough money. I was fine with that. Have little money was better then having nothing. I was grateful for something. Even if it was just having friends with me. I was only to grateful.

I never expected much out of people. I never did. How could I expect difficult things out of the people I love if I'm not even willing to do such a thing for myself. Don't ask anything out of people that I'm not willing to do myself.

I walked into the house and looked at the work that was done to it. The paint that was painted on. Evey thing just over done. There was even furniture was place in it. Again my mother and father out did themselves.

I was going to have to call them to tell them thank you. More then a thank you.

I looked more at what kind of house it was it was very rustic. It was very simplex and I like it simple.

I moved around the house. Looking at all the paint. Dark woods and paints painted on to make it look warm to the eye. To please the eye and I have to say it was pleasing to the eye. I like it that way.

I walked up to the second level and to the first door to the right and for some reason it started to get cold very cold. Not like I have no coat on type of cold but a icy cold that you can't get ride of.

But their was something about that cold that made me really think about this room to make me think that I fell in love with this room. It was the only room that had a day bed and I love day beds and knew that this one was my room.

Not because I fell in love with it. It was the fact that it felt nice to be in a room where I didn't have to share with a sibling. But sibling where a good thing to have.

A sibling meant you were to always have piece of your mother and father with you when they died. Sometimes something can't be helped if they don't like you.

"Oh my god." Kandy said behind me. Most likely to try and scare me. But she failed. She had been trying to scare me my hole life and not once did she put fear into me.

"Damn." She muttered to herself. "Your mother and father really went out of their way to make this home for you."

I sighed. "I going to have to tell them thank you."

"Yeah they went all out this time. A little over kill don't you think."

"Indeed." I told her.

Later on that day we got everything we had into are rooms and I had started to unpack it all for hours. I didn't get tired of doing this it kept my hands moving and so I didn't have to think about much where I was going to put things. I was a very plain person. I only like the things I needed. I liked being plain.

Then I started to smell something very bad like a dead body rotting in the house. But I had look in every room. Then heard Kandy scream. It was blood curdling scream.

Fear ran through me. So I ran to where she was and with every step I took the dead smell got more horrid. It became hard to even more because the smell was so wrenched.

It almost made me vomit. I stopped to hold my myself. So I would try and not to puke but with every breath I took it was like a pip being smashed on my head over and over again. Then a letter started to forming and it read.
DeAd bLOoD LiVeS hErE. LEaVe tHiS PlAcE.

I didn't know what to say or what to do. But then the blood on the walls started to leave. The blood seemed to moved back into the walls where it had come from.

But why would writing on the walls just start to form. There wasn't anything their before. Now Kandy was on the floor with her hands around her knees and she was rocking herself back and fourth saying. "I didn't see it."

Then I started moved to Kandy to help her into my room because she hasn't gotten her room done yet her bed isn't even set up. "Come on Kandy." I told her in a nice tone. It was the best one I could find.

So I picked her up.....sort of. She helped me as best as she could to my room and when we got their. I laid her on the bed covered her up and I tried to leave the room but she wouldn't let me.

"Don't leave me." Her voice was scared. I could hear it.

As soon as I sat down she clung to me like clue. So in stead of fighting her I just went with it. For a long time we sat their and we ended up falling a sleep and when I woke up the next morning Kandy wasn't next to me. I got up and moved around to see her making food and she looked sort of worried. It was on her face.

She looked at me and gave me a pleating look. "I'm going to go on like nothing happened last night." I knew that she meant the blood and the writing on the walls.

I nodded. "It's for the best." I say. And it was for the best. Kandy got scared very easily. But it didn't bother me. Seeing things like that.

I went out for a while. See what jobs I could find and their wasn't much for what I liked to do and what jobs there was I didn't like or it didn't pay enough. So I went down town and found more places and I knew one might call back. But there was Seattle and I might have to go their for a job. But then again. I wanted some where near. I came home so see Kandy on the floor in a ball again.
But this time she wasn't saying anything.

I ran over to her and asked. "What happened." I asked her in a sweet tone.

She shook her head.

I knew I wouldn't get the answer right away but maybe time. Then again she clung on to me and then she started to talk.
"Dead body's everywhere. Blood everywhere Roseanne." Kandy told me.

"Don't think about it." I told her. But then the lights start to flicker things start to moved out of place and I saw the moving dead body's everywhere.

Some carrying their own heads some had no arms and there was blood splattering everywhere and the same smell was back.
Kandy started screaming but I didn't flinch.

"Stop." Kandy yelled. "Stop. Stop. I don't want too see anymore." Then just before everything stopped. I saw a figure standing in the back of the room. I wasn't sure if was a figure in the back. But then the house was normal.

I didn't know what to do with Kandy. Things just kept getting worse but then sometimes better. Worse because I still didn't have a job and better because things didn't happen to the house and we didn't see things.

Now Kandy wasn't worry about the things that she saw now she was more worried about money. So that weekend I went to Seattle to get a job and I knew I wasn't going to want to go home after along day. So I asked my mother and father for money for a hotel and witch I knew they would give me. So not we had a little more money and I wasn't the only one looking for a job Kandy was too but she got hers faster then I did.

I went from place to place looking for a job and then I found a place that had a wanted sigh on it. It was a small bakery. So I went in and I asked for a job here and I was hired on the spot and I was they said I could start work on Monday. They asked me if I had training in backing or backed a lot at home and I told her that I went to school for it.

So in that day I felt like I had gotten something done and I went to my hotel and slept. The next morning I went back home. To tell Kandy the good news. I knew that she was going to be in joy when she heard this news. But then I got back. She wasn't the same. As soon as she looked at me she screamed.

"GET A WAY." She screamed for her life. But then she napped out of it when she saw it was me and ran to me. "I'm so scared. I don't want to be hear anymore. I want to get away from here. As far as I can for a while?"
I hugged her tightly and said. "I've got a job."

Then she froze pulled pack with a smile. "You were hired on the spot."

"The bakery was in need of someone badly." I say. "I start on Monday." I could see that my news had taken the house off of her mind. But to why these things are happening I couldn't tell you. I didn't know myself if it was all real or just something that came with the house but I was going to get to the bottom of it. But where would I start and where would I end and I didn't know what I was dealing with. For all I know Kandy and I could be going crazy and we are in need of being in a mental institution or if I really was dreaming. But I some how I knew that you I wasn't dreaming. Everything that I did seemed to real to me. Not just that but when would I wake up to. My past really isn't something I shouldn't be proud of.

Or at least I'm not proud of it and most wouldn't say to be proud about and most would look down on it. After all I come from a past of violence. Something that no one really knows about and hurts to even think about it.

"I still want to go home for a while." She said and walked over to the phone and started to call her mother.

I stood their and listen. She started to tell her mother about how the house was doing something. I couldn't hear what was on the other side but from the look on Kandys face said it all. Her mother didn't believe her not even a little bit.

"But I'm not lying mom. You can even ask......."

Kandy was just about to cry.

"But mom. NO DON'T DO THAT." Then she hung up on her mother and this time she really was crying. She came to me and would let go. She seemed to be doing a lot of this.

"She wants to put me in a institution or to see if I need to be in one."

All I could do was just hug her.

"You believe me don't you." She asked me. Her baby blue eyes looking into mine.

"I do. I saw them too."

"You do see them so I'm not the only one." She sounded relaxed now. Almost.

"I'm going to get to the bottom of whats going on in this house." I told her.

She let go of me. "You could get hurt."

"I can take care of myself." I told her. My tone was bleak. "Who ever is doing this to us want us out of the house."

"You mean the house." Kandy tried to tell me.

"How do you know it's the house." I asked.

"What else would it be." Kandy started to yell.

I didn't want to fight. Not now. So I said. "Whatever is going on. I'm going to find out." And I really was going to find out. It was the only way we could live in peace. I just wanted to live my life with nothing interfering. But where to being how to being.

How do you go about looking for something if it can only be seen when it wants you to see it and what do I look for. It's not everyday you go looking for the thing thats haunting you. Most would run away and do what came to them. But my mother took the time and got me this house and I wasn't just going to give it up just because something was trying to scare me away, for me that not how it went.
Well I could give the house a look around. There was one room I haven't been too. Well more like I hadn't gotten the chance to look at the room. With all the haunting and comforting Kandy and looking for a job was a big job. But I guess I didn't mind to take care of Kandy. After all she was the only one how had ever wanted to spend the night with me when we were kids.

Kandy always had the guys after her when we went to school. She always had a boyfriend. But now it wasn't the same she wasn't so much of a boy user. She looked carefully for the right one but so far nothing was to her standers.

I started down to the room that I had never been to and just as I reached the last step I felt something cold streak through my body and made me shiver and at just a second later the door to the room locked and I heard something like a key drop to the floor and the sound of the thing slid down the room. Just to be sure if I was right I moved to the door and tried to open it. No good. It was locked just like I had thought.

Bummed out I moved to the other parts of the house to check if their was anything that didn't belong where it shouldn't. But everything was just like I had seen the before.

I stood in my room and I felt that same cold streak come over me and letters in black and red started to form again.
Time is ticking away. Leave THIS HOUSE. GET OUT NOW.
I looked at the writing as it slipped back into the walls. I wasn't going to just leave. Just because it said so. Their had to be more motivation to it then just this.

Why would this 'thing' keep doing this to us. Their had to be a reason why. But again what was in that room that I couldn't get into. Was it really the house or was I going crazy. I didn't know at this point.
I ignored the writing and I was not going to tell Kandy about the writing on the wall. It was just best if I didn't tell her I saw it. I didn't want her to go crazy on me.

Feeling like I got nothing done that day I laid my bed and started to read. Reading was I good thing that kept my mind off things just like unpacking and cleaning. It was some passing time that I in joyed to do.
But it didn't last for long. I heard Kandy scream. So I went to see what had happened to her. She was standing on the middle of the living room with a glass of something in her hands. Then she started to sob. "I can't take this anymore. I can't. Make it stop make it stop."

She cried some more but she tried to pull herself together. But failed to I went to help her.

"Roseanna why is this happening to us. Why us."

I wish I could answer her. "I don't know."

"I want to go home but my mom things I'm going crazy." Then something lit up in her head like a bulb. "Would you mom and dad let me stay their for a few days?"

I knew they would if they were home. "Their not home."

"Why?" Kandy pressed.

"Their on vacation." I told her.

All kandy did was nod. Thats all she could do was nod. Thats what I would have done. But again I didn't get what was happening to this house or if it was even the house.

I still think about why this house is the way it is. I mean I was told that a man died here. Maybe his ghost was haunting us. But I didn't believe in ghost. Maybe the house was alive and it didn't want to be bothered. Everything just seemed crazy to me. Everything and anything.

I move to the kitchen to make Kandy some tea. It was a tempt of a calming thing. Warm things made me sleepy but what worked on me didn't mean it was going to work on Kandy.

But when I give her the tea she just about spills it all over the leather sofa and on me.
"Sorry." She told me. "I'm just so freak out about this. I don't even want to sleep on my own anymore because of this house and your the only one who believe me."

"It's ok. I'm going to find out what going on." I promised her.

"You don't know even where to start." she was shocked by the thought.

"I've got a idea." I told her.

"Like what?"

I could see that she couldn't read my face and that was a good thing. I wasn't going to scare her to much. "Well I went down to that room that we never had time to cheek out when I went down and I heard the door lock and the key drop to the floor then it moved somewhere else." I didn't tell the part of where I felt the cold chill or the writing on the wall I thought it was for the best.
"Roseanna that doesn't help us any."

"Never mind." I knew she wasn't going to get it. I could see that I had told her to much and I just should have just kept my mouth shut and from now one if anything I see or hear is to me kept to me and only me. But what she and we hear and see is something else.
But that night was left on a good note. Nothing more happened and nothing strange. Me and her slept in peace.

Everything was going good for a long time. Nothing happened. We were happy with are jobs and are life's. We even got along better that the haunting has stopped. At the bakery I spent three days out of the week making goods and I got payed well for it too. But I would spend the three days their and all of them were in a row. The other days some guy worked their.

I still was stumped on are house problem but no haunting was better then nothing. But is what I found weird was that there was a lot of cold spots in the house and I didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad one. But before I went home from the ferry I stopped by the library to pick up a book. But all the book didn't real give me what I wanted to hear.

Then I came to the book. I flipped through the pages and skimmed through them. Then I read something that made me believe something. Hurrying I closed the book and cheeked it out and headed back for home. As I drove I could stop thinking about what I read and something in me speed the car up.

I got home and the house on the house side seemed fine. I went in and everything was fine. But I had a sick feeling.

"Kandy." I called out.

No answer.

"Kandy." I called again.


So now I started to run into every room to find Kandy on her bed rocking back and fourth and saying something about the house and it was alive. I tried to talk to her but she wouldn't make any scene. She would say thing like 'green things on' or say 'blood and Santa'. I didn't know what that had to do with anything.

But I knew she wasn't ok and she didn't look ok. She looked like she just got out of a horror flick and got really scared and took it one step too far. I knew that she wasn't ok when It came to her mind.


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