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Skylight Academy

Novel By: Bella94

Alix Roscoe is the all too serious witch who has a secret that no one knows, except for her best friend Alice, that is. One night, her roomies Alice and Kate bring a guy back to their dorm- and what makes it worse is that it's a male vampire. This one event sends her world spiraling into a phantasmagoria of thoughts and feelings she never thought she'd feel for anyone- especially a vampire as cocky and sure-fire as Ryan Tyler. Both of them have secrets. But will their secrets and insecurities pull them together? Or destroy any chance they have together? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 24, 2011    Reads: 780    Comments: 8    Likes: 3   

AN: This story is featured on my Wattpad account. It is a Co-write, by myself and my best friend Skylar (Skylar27ful is his Wattpad account name). We've started writing this story awhile ago and I thought maybe you guys here on Booksie would like it!

So please read and enjoy!

-Bella & Skylar

Chapter 1:

"Natural science concerned with the study of life and living orga- What the hell are you doing bringing a Guy in here!"

"A guy from Starlight," Alice added accusingly, throwing a pointed look at Kate, then looking at me sympathetically. "It wasn't my idea. Really."

"He's not gonna bite." Kate glared at her.

"He's drunk, Ka-" Alice started to argue, but I cut in.

"You brought a Drunk MALE Vampire, into our Witches-Only dorm room!" I yelled, uncontrollably.

"Told you she was gonna rip you a new one." Alice sighed.

Kate shrugged innocently and dumped him onto my bed.

"Eww! No get him off, right now!" Suddenly he started giggling. "You think this is funny Mr... Mr-"

"Tyler," he said now looking at me levelly- all traces of his inability to hold liquor with a straight face gone. "Ryan Zachary Tyler. In case you wanted to, you know, find my number sometime." Insert egotistic wink here...

"Okay, no. I'm not a fang-banger." I growled.

He laughed loudly. "Nice. Is that what they call them these days?"

"Ugh, yeah. Now get off my bed."

The spiky haired blonde smirked. "Nah, I think your bed is comfortable, but you know what would make it even better?" he asked, stretching his arms and moving back onto my pillows.

"Do I want to know, or will I end up gagging?"

"You're a funny little witch." He paused, blinking. "Umm... so do you do your own nails, or what? 'Cause I'm just not feelin' the pearly green color goin' on there."

The room grew silent.

"Oh dear God, he's gay." Alice face-palmed, sadly.

"Actually," Ryan declared, "I am totally into v-a-n-g-i... wait. Something like that." He looked confusedly at the ceiling. The poor boy probably had no idea what was going on.

"You mean V-A-G-I-N-A? Right?" I asked as Kate and Alice laughed louder, realizing what he was trying to explain.

"Mmm-hmm, that," he agreed, snapping his fingers by his temple and nodding. "Back to what matters." The teen-aged boy shoved his fingers in front of my face. "See that? Manicure. Get one... Wait, that was mean." Ryan flopped back and groaned. "Neva-mind," he slurred drunkenly.

I turned away from him to Kate and Alice, "He-" I gestured to his passed-out form. "Is not staying here."

"He's not hurting anyone." Kate pouted.

"Then how about he sleeps in your bed?" I suggested loudly.

Alice jumped onto the already crowded bed enthusiastically. "He can sleep in mine!" Did I mention she was bi-polar?

"Okay, Alice think this through. He has fangs. He bites. He eats people-"

"He can eat me!" Ryan suddenly yelled and wrapped his arm around Alice, pulling her closer against him.

"No! This is not happening! He needs to go. Now!" Just as I said that a knock sounded at the door.

"Oh, Shit!" Alice sprung up.

"Could this get any worse?" I whispered furiously.

Kate, being buzzed, only started laughing until she fell down against the bed.

"Hide him." I ordered throwing my hands toward the vampire.

"I'm trying. He's kinda heavy, ya know?" Kate yanked on his arm, but just as the brunette said that, Ryan sprung up and whisper-yelled that he'd hide by himself, like a big boy.

And he dove into the closet- my closet. FML, I thought while smoothing out my tank and walking toward the door. I peeked back at the girls once more and pulled the oak door open.

Standing there was no other then the Sunlight Dorm supervisor. "Is everything okay in here? I heard yelling? And something about nails and, well..." She trailed off, instead deciding to wait for an answer.

"Uh, yeah, sorry we spilled nail-polish," I lied, thinking quickly. "We'll be more quiet. I promise."

"Well, let me remind you that it Is curfew."

"Yup, thank you. Sorry 'bout the disturbance." I said innocently. Once the door closed I let out the breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding.

Ryan tumbled out of the closet. "Sheesh, It's all fuzzy and girly in there. BUT LOOK WHAT I FOUND!" He exclaimed, whirling my pink winky-face bra around one finger.

Needless to say, I hit him.



I sat next to Alice in the last class of the day, in our Connected-Histories class. I was staring vacantly out the window. This was one of the few classes that all species of the houses shared. There were actually three different houses. The Moonlight house, the Starlight house, and the Sunlight house; they belonged in the latter. The whole school was called Skylight Academy. It was a boarding school that brought together Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches, none of which generally got along. Unless your a outer-species banger, or just strange like that. Which, what with the new philosophies being drilled into parents' brains by figures of authority and teachers, a lot of people were only getting stranger. Many students were not fooled.

In this class, we learned about how all of our ancestors were connected and whatnot. Very bloody. The teacher was called Miss. Nallay, she was a witch, and the best part was that she didn't assign seats. Most teachers at the school were witches, since vampires didn't generally lean towards learning so much as luring the poor, clueless humans daily into traps so they could FEAST UPON THEIR BLOOD. Ahem...

The school had donors, but they weren't half as good as the real thing, apparently. As long as a vampire attended the school, they weren't allowed to bring a human onto campus. The only humans allowed were the donors, and parents who were human. Vampires didn't have parents though, and if they did, it was under very special circumstances; there were only four vampire students in the school like this.

"Alix, I really am sorry about last night. I tried to talk her out of it, but-" Alice began again.

"Alice, it's fine. No blood no fowl, right?" I choked on a laugh as I tried to pull off the joke. Then I felt it. Like a Zing of electricity jolt through my body. My head automatically turned to the door way. I locked gazes with a set of ice blue eyes. And my gaze dropped from his eyes to focus on his perfect lips- that suddenly morphed into a crooked, knowing, smirk. I turned quickly in my seat to look back to the front of the room to try-and fail- at calming my suddenly rapid breathing. What was wrong with me? Jesus! Was I having a panic attack?

I'd finally managed to calm myself when a warm body sat in the desk next to mine. He leaned in to me- close enough that I could feel the warmth of his breath against my neck.

Ryan's POV

"Hey little witch," I whispered into her ear.

She didn't look at me, only narrowed her eyes on the chalk board. "What do you want, Mr. Tyler?"

"Well, how about your name? Or do you like me calling you little witch? Wow, that sounds kinky." I laughed jokingly.

"I don't want you to call me anything."

I sat back and looked at her. Trying to remember what had happened last night. When I'd woken up on the floor beside this girl's bed both of us and her room mates fully dressed -sadly- but only when I got back to my own room did I find the bright pink Smiley face bra that had been, at some point, stuffed into my pocket. A pink smiley face bra that smelled exactly like the nameless little witch sitting beside me now.

I pushed my fingers through my uncontrollably messy-sex-hair while thinking of some way to get her to at least look at me, maybe even get her name. The perfect plan suddenly appeared as I dipped my hand into my uniform pocket. I found the object of thought. The little scrap of pink material that had become a sort of souvenir of my own Cinderella story- where instead of my princess loosing her shoe she ended up loosing her bra.

"How about we compromise, Cinderella?" I asked chuckling at my new nickname for her. "How about you agree to go out with me on Halloween and I'll give you back your item of extreme value."

"Nothing could be that valuable." She argued.

I bit my lip to keep from laughing. "It depends on your point of view, I suppose." I paused, thinking about all the possible views on this point that one person could have. It didn't help me keep a straight face. "Guess you'll find out sometime though."

"What did you steal from my room?" She asked finally looking at me. Sexy. Score 1 for Mr. Tyler.

"I didn't steal anything... well, not that I'd remember if I had, but in my defense I found it in my pocket. It smells like you." I blurted. Oops!

"You were sniffing my... what is it you found any way?" She walked right into that one. Score 2 for Mr. Tyler. Scoreboard, Scoreboard, little girl! I thought happily.

I pulled the... article of clothing from my pocket, "Look down." I told her, smiling uncontrollably. She did, and then she looked up at me with the most adorable mortification. I slipped it back--using my vampiric speed-- in my pocket before she could take it away. "Ah-ah, you didn't agree to go out with me."

"Give me my..." Her voice trailed off, as her face heated.

"So what do you say? We got a date or what?"

"I'm not going out with you." She huffed.

"Why not? You think your to good for me?"

"No, that's not it." She defended.

"Then what is it?" I demanded, seriously.

"I don't date murderers." The pretty little honey-haired witch blurted rather loudly, causing everyone within a three seat radius -and practically every were-wolf, due to their enhanced hearing- to turn and stare.

I blinked, unsure of what to say. I wasn't really even sure what to think at this point. I really couldn't believe she just said that; I mean, I know some people don't like vampires. What with the violence and killing, sometimes we even get down on ourselves about it. But what she'd said was just crossing a fine line. There were so many times that I'd cried to my mother when I was younger, not understanding why I had to go to a human school, learn human things, make human friends, only to hit "puberty" and accidently kill one of them. Attachment wasn't really one of my things anymore, but this girl seemed to get under my skin in the strangest sort of way.

My confusion turned into irritation, which morphed into disapointment and a hint of anger at her, and myself, for reasons I didn't really want to describe right then.

"Alright then. Have it your way, because I guess with me being somewhat different then you, my way doesn't matter. I wonder what you think about other people that actually go out on the streets and kill, rather than me, because I sure as hell feel bad for them." Then I stood up and showed the bra off to everyone paying attention, saying much louder for everyone to hear, "Yeah, she's a fang-banger. I was in her bed last night and have this to prove it. Protection is for the dogs. Suck on that one, little bitch." I threw the pink THING at her and walked out, pissed. I didn't even want to think about anything related to her right now.

Honestly. Some people...


Alix POV

Too embarrassed to stand up before everyone had left the room, I turned to Alice and said, "Wow. Think he over-reacted much?" I forced a nervous laugh.

She was quiet for a moment before replying. "Well... not to go against you or anything,--Because you know you're my best friend-- but you don't know him very well. And that was really judgmental thing to say. Not that the dog comment wasn't, but you know how the vamps and were-wolves are; that's not a big deal between them. And also because it's true, but that's a different matter entirely." Which Was true. Vampires multiplied by biting a human and not killing them. Were-wolves actually had to have sex, and then stayed pregnant for thirteen months. Long time, I know. But their bones and whatnot needed more time to develop so they could shift. That, and if the mom shifted back and forth, the baby needed to be prepared mentally as well as phisically.

"I guess you're right. But I didn't mean to say it like that. You know why I can't... go out with one of them." I said sadly remembering the night I'd walked in on my parents death, instantly my hand shot to the side of my neck. Once bitten by a Vampire- even though the actual wound healed, the memory of having your blood taken... unwillingly remained forever. The pain. The fear. I shook my head fighting the scene that forever haunted my nightmares. Alice put her hand over mine.

"I know why, but he didn't do that. You hurt him, Alix; that's why he lashed out. I think he really liked you. You should talk to him and see if he still does." She advised me gently. I nodded, knowing I had to make things right between Ryan and I.

"Okay," I leaned over and hugged her, "Thanks. You're the best."

"I know!" She laughed and clapped excitedly as I ran out of the class room towards the Starlight dorms a.k.a. the vamp dorms.


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