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We Learned the Sea

By: Between Angel and Demon

Chapter 1, It all started with a kiss--which led to a bar fight and a vow of forever hatred... Adam Hodgens went to the sleepy little island of Yelson to start up his family\'s newest luxury resort, not thinking that the inhabitants would actually be opposed to the rise in commercialism. Then he met Shannon Fey, a small woman with one hell of a punch and a temper to back it up. Fey is the island\'s jack of all trades, making her living doing random jobs around the island and helping her grandfather maintain the island\'s lighthouse. Yelson is her home and she refuses to let some expensive resort for the rich and bored come in and suck away the heart and soul of the island. Hatred doesn\'t even cover how the two feel for each other as they break into an all out war...that is until Adam finds himself in an awkward position, forcing him to go to his newly proclaimed enemy for help...


She looked like something straight out of a fairytale. Tiny and seemingly frail, he could almost envision delicate, gossamer wings sprouting out of her shoulder blades, which the cut of her halter left bare in what would be a tantalizing way if he went for ridiculously skinny girls.

Pale-golden hair pulled black into a loose braid and highlighted with green, blues, and red from the neon signs of the bar, along with the palest blue eyes he had ever seen on a person. She looked like a fairy princess…it was only the smirk curling up her full lips that showed the impish demon dwelling under the angelic surface.

“Eight ball in the back, corner pocket.” Her voice, touched with a musical lilt that he was starting to think was the accent of the small island, called out as she pointed her cue-stick towards the intended destination before she bent over the table and shot the lone black ball in with ease.

Yep, definitely a demon wearing a benign costume…and one dangerous hustler.

Adam winced as at the perfect shot. The eight ball didn’t even bump against the pocket’s wall, just sailed right in as if being pulled by some unknown force. Reaching into the back pocket of his designer jeans, which were out of place in the tiny, run down bar, he reluctantly pulled out his wallet. But held off giving her the promised fifty, just held it lightly in his hand while contemplating her from his significant height. “Best two out of three?”

Rebellious locks fell from the confining braid simply from a gentle shake of her head. “Don’t think so.”

“Why, you afraid that you can’t do it again?”

“No…I know that I can wipe the floor with you, so why waste my time?” She held out her hand, which was just as tiny and delicate as the rest of her. He had to admit that she was an adorable sight, like a child trying to play grown-up. Practically begging to be teased.

He flashed her one of his best smiles. “Come on, one more game.”

“I do believe that she said no already.” A sandy haired man, muscular and tall where the woman was short and thin, materialized at her side, as if out of thin air. Hazel-gold eyes glared at Adam under shaggy bangs as he gave a slight nod of the head. “So why don’t you just pay her already.”

Adam held up his hands in a gesture of feigned submission. “Alright than, no need to glower.” Placing the fifty onto the woman’s hand, he gave her mock bow so that their eyes were almost level. “It was a pleasure.” He glanced up, into the man’s heated eyes and smirked. There had been a challenge in the man’s gaze and Adam was never one to back down from one of those. Before the woman could react, he grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her into a kiss. A quick peck on the lips, nothing earth shattering or oozing with sexual need, but enough to get a raise out of the lumbering giant who probably didn’t have two brain cells to rub together. “Can’t walk away completely empty handed,” he added with a smirk that matched the one that had shined in her eyes only moments before as he pulled away.

His attention was on the man, excepting some kind of retaliation from the local, so he didn’t see the pale fist the crashed into his jaw.

Adam learned two things right than.

One: With enough force and pissed-off rage, even the smallest of fists can carry quite a punch.

Two: One punch is enough to start a full out bar brawl when the right clientele are present.


Fey perched on the edge of Sheriff Roberts desk, ice pack in hand as she examined the shiner starting to form around Cole’s left eye. “It serves you right. You have to know how stupid it was to just launch yourself into the middle of an all out riot like that.”

He winced as she reapplied the cold surface to his sun-kissed skin. “Yeah, a riot that you were at the center of.”

She just snorted. After over twenty years of friendship, she would assume that he would know that she was more than capable of taking care of herself. Two years ago he wouldn’t have bothered to ‘save’ her from the mists of a fight. But, then again, two years ago he still had the notion that she was indestructible. He had yet to see her fully break down…

Now everything was different, even though they tried to pretend that it wasn’t.

“How come I’m the only one in a cell?” An annoyed voice asked from the back of the one room police office.

“Because there is only one cell,” Fey shot back, not bothering to look over at the scrawling man behind bars.

“Not to mention the fact that you started it,” Cole added. Unlike Fey, he looked over his shoulder to snap the guy a withering glare.

“She punched me!”

“You molested her!”

The stranger snorted, “A kiss is hardly in the bounds of molestation.”

Cole made as if to storm over to the cell, but was stopped by Fey grabbing his arm and Jim Roberts, sheriff and lone police man on Yelson Island, came back in from outside.

“Enough you two,” the elderly man, whose advanced years did nothing to dim his fiery personality, snapped as he walked over to his desk, shooing Fey off the top, and grabbing up some papers. “To answer your question Mr…” He squinted down at his scribbled writing, “Hodgens, the only reason that you’re in the cell while Fey and Cole are out here is because, unlike them, you resisted arrest.”

“Because I did nothing wrong!”

Cole fought against Fey’s hold on his arm, though not enough to actually break away.

Jim looked up from his papers, lifting a steely brow as he absently tugged at the tip of Fey’s braid before walking over to the man’s cell. “According to a bar full of people, you’re the one who started the trouble.”

“Yeah, a bar full of drunk locals, all protecting their midget princess…”

That got a laugh out of Fey. “Midget princess?” She let go of Cole and went over to stand with Jim in front of the cell’s door. “I didn’t ask those people to join in the fight or say anything about what happened Mr…” She trailed off as the name that Jim had used slowly sank into her mind, clicking pieces together. “Adam Hodgens?”

His dark brows knitted together, marring the smooth skin of his handsome face and adding tension to his stormy-blue eyes. Under different circumstances, she would find him more than a little attractive. But, at the moment, the sight of him only repulsed her.


She could feel the sharp smile cross over her face as she took another step towards him, wrapping her hands around the bars and matching his glare with one of her own. “As in the man who came here with the intent of taking over and smashing the very soul of this island?”

He took a slight step back. “I wouldn’t go as far as to say that…” He trailed off, a shocked expression crossing his face as Fey spat on the floor in front of him.

“Don’t let him out Jim,” She said over to the sheriff as she turned her back on the man, “Evil should stay locked away.” Then she took Cole’s hand in hers and led the way out, before she did something that would earn her a place in the tiny cage along with the bastard.

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