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We Learned the Sea

Novel By: Between Angel and Demon


It all started with a kiss--which led to a bar fight and a vow of forever hatred...

Adam Hodgens went to the sleepy little island of Yelson to start up his family's newest luxury resort, not thinking that the inhabitants would actually be opposed to the rise in commercialism. Then he met Shannon Fey, a small woman with one hell of a punch and a temper to back it up.

Fey is the island's jack of all trades, making her living doing random jobs around the island and helping her grandfather maintain the island's lighthouse. Yelson is her home and she refuses to let some expensive resort for the rich and bored come in and suck away the heart and soul of the island.

Hatred doesn't even cover how the two feel for each other as they break into an all out war...that is until Adam finds himself in an awkward position, forcing him to go to his newly proclaimed enemy for help...

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"So, you dumped a tray of salad onto his head?" Droplets of water dripped from the tips of Cole's hair, which went spraying about as he shook his head and ran his hands through the wet locks in an attempt to tussle them dry. He was stilling on the edge of Fey's boat, leaning against the roped railing as he watched her stand at the helm. He hadn't had time to shower after the afternoon milking, when she had come driving up to his house and all but kidnapping him for the rest of the day, so he had to do with a quick swim while his friend fumed over whatever new stunt Adam had pulled.

Yes, that was a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black, and, normally, he would chastise Fey on her childish behavior. Sadly enough he was the 'mature' one of the two of them…or, at least, the one who remained calm and kept her semi-anchored. But that was before the 'incident.'

No one talked about what happened, especially in front of Cole, seeing that he was an extension of Fey, but that didn't change the fact that it did happen. And Cole had been useless to stop it and could only help Fey piece herself back together after she was left broken.

After that, after having to watch her for nearly two years being a shell of her old self, he was actually relieved to see fire in her eyes once more. So, maybe, he was encouraging her actions a bit more than he should…

"Yep, got some on that friend of his in the process."

He smiled at her, getting to his feet and walking with the familiar sway of the boat, kissing the top of her head in passing as he automatically went to trim the sail. Fey had inherited the boat when her parents died when she was sixteen, eight years later her and Cole had their sailing routines down to an art. "That's my girl. So, what are we up to today?"

"Well, I don't have any other jobs today…and your family doesn't need you--"

"Gee, I feel loved."

She ignored him and kept talking, pale eyes on the watery horizon. "I thought we could go to the mainland…" She glanced over at him with a smile curling up her lips. "Maybe see a movie?"

He groaned, "Tangled, again?"

"Come on, it's cute!"

"You do realize that you're a twenty-four year old woman…right?"

She looked over at him, batting her eyelashes at him in an overly innocent manner. "Please!"

"I can't believe you even like that movie."

Her eyes lit up, sensing an easy victory. "What's not to like?"

He looked down at himself, indicating the fact that he was dripping wet, in only his drenched jeans, then looked up at her and lifted a brow. She was only in sweats and a bikini top. Spring had brought with it an intense heat wave.

"I have spare clothes below…for both of us."

"You're such a brat."

"But I'm your brat."

He couldn't keep the smile from his face as he just snorted at her.


Sign of a true friend: A fully grown man who sits through a Disney movie for the second time just because he knows that you need to watch something happy.

For the past couple of days Fey had been on edge.

Why, she wasn't really sure herself…She just felt restless with an overpowering feeling of depression hanging just at the margins of her conscious. It had come to a head the night before when she had put the cow on the roof. A good artist never repeats the same feat twice, but she felt the need to do something…anything…and the cows were right there.

Seemed like a waste not to act.

Cole stood at the helm, he was the only person she let steer the boat, singing along with the radio they brought along with all their ocean adventures. Twilight had fallen while they were in the theater and a peaceful evening was blanketing them as they sailed back to Yelson.

Fey loved Cole's voice…and felt guilty every time she heard it.

There had once been a time that he had plans to leave the island and make a name or himself…yet he stayed around because of her.

"-I've waited here for you. Everlong. Tonight, I throw myself in two--"

"Have you talked to Kyle and the others recently?"

Cole stopped singing, reaching over to turn down the volume before he looked over at where she sat. "Yeah, they've been good. Opening for a few bands at some clubs."

"You should have gone with them."

"Alright," he muttered under his breath, tying the helm so they didn't get pulled off course, and went over to sit beside her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "What's this about?"

"I have no idea…I just feel…" she let out a frustrated growl, putting her face in her hands. "Angry, lost…and I find that none of this is directed towards that bastard Adam, for the first time in months. And not know what the hell is wrong with me only adds to the chaos…"

Warm lips pressed to her forehead. Some people on Yelson thought that there was a 'thing' going on between the two of them for years now. The concept of them having a relationship beyond the physical seemed to be just out of these people's grasp.

"You do realize that it will be two years next week." His voice was calm, comforting, and barely able to hide the protective note of ire that ran through it. "Any chance that it might be why you're feeling like this…That it might also be why you're throwing yourself into your war against Adam with such a passion?"

"I hate Adam."

"I know that, just like I know that, if you could, you would live in denial forever. Like you did last year around this time, when you spent seventy straight hours on the roof of the lighthouse."

"At least I wasn't in my dress." She said, lips brushing over the worn fabric of his favorite T-shirt.

"Very true, that doesn't make your pain any less."

She snorted, but didn't deny.

"You know what would make you feel better--"

"You're not killing Jared."

"Damn it."

That got a laugh out of her as his fingers started to weave through her hair. "Does that mean you're going to ease up on harassing Adam."


"Thought so." He got up and went back to the helm.

"You really should have gone with them." She added, pushing stray locks off her face. "I mean, I'm going to be buried on that island…after spending all my life there. But you're made for something more."

"More than being with you? Watching you make some yuppie's life a living Hell? I don't think such a thing exists."

She ignored the comment and turned her attention to the dark water surrounding them. Mind easing away all the tension and baseless worries that had been consuming her for weeks now and letting herself be content…

A feeling that went away the instant that she saw who waited for them on the dock.

"Gramps?" She called out, going to the bow of the boat. "What are you doing out here? Is everything alright?"

"Shannon Lynn Fey…You have some explaining to do. Starting with why there was a cow on the roof of an incomplete hotel this morning."

She winced at the tone of her grandfather's voice as Cole let out a muffled curse.

Alright, someone might have to die for this...And Fey had just the guy in mind...


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