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Falling For Cupid

Novel By: bimbobunny

(COMPLETED) She’s hot, he’s not. She’s dumb. He’s got an IQ of at least 200. She’s hip and he’s into black vests and thick glasses. But what happens when they’re forced to live with each other? Can they work together to win something they both really want? But most importantly, can Arden Patrick and Shane Hurst really fall in love?

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Submitted:Jun 25, 2009    Reads: 3,617    Comments: 35    Likes: 12   

Chapter One
"You're shittin' me!" I said as I pulled off my sunglasses that were half the size of my face. "What do you mean I have no more money?" I showed my lawyer Owen my large, gold hoop earrings, the bling on my fingers, wrists and neck. I even took off my shoes and showed him the bling on my expensive manicured toes. "I have lots of money!"
He sighed, rubbed his forehead and messaged his temples for a long time before speaking again. I noticed that he did that a lot. Every few minutes actually, whenever he talked to me. I mean, I paid him by the hour didn't I? He was totally trying to scum more money off of me and to think he was my daddy's favourite lawyer before he passed away.
"Arden, that..." He said, widening his eyes along with the word emphasis. "That is why you have no more money."
I never liked Owen to be honest, but I respected him as a lawyer. He was just so smart, I had no idea what he was talking about half the time. "What is that?" I asked. I made sure I widened my eyes when I emphasised the word because I've been told that sometimes it changes the meaning in a sentence if you emphasis a different word or in a different way.
For example: I didn't say she killed him. à I didn't say she killed him. à I didn't say she killed him. à I didn't say she killed him. à I didn't say she killed him.
Owen threw his documents up in the air and jumped on his desk about to lunge himself at me. "You're married Owen!" I screamed. Owen looked at me shocked for a minute before banging his head hard against the desk. "I'm sorry!" I whispered, lightly patting his back. "It's just that, we have a 20 year age difference!"
Owen got off his desk and pulled off his tie, which I'll admit is very unprofessional of him. Wait, was he going to seduce me even though I just told him no. "Look Arden! That... that is your... What do you call it? Your bling is what's making you poor."
"No Owen. I think you have misunderstood. Bling makes you rich, it doesn't make you poor."
Owen started taking deep breaths as if he was going into labour. "Arden, the money your late parents left you is all gone! Do you understand that?"
I gasped and started whimpering. "Who stole it?!"
He pushed me out of his office and out of his law firm and right into the elevator that would take me downstairs. "Arden, you have to go get a job and make a living for yourself from now on!"
I laughed. "That sounds like a line right out of a movie Owen. You know, the ones where the rich, party girl who ran out of money has to go and get a job."
He laughed with me. "Your life has always been right out of the movies hasn't it, Arden?!" He pretended to dangle something in the air. "Gucci bags."
"Prada shoes!" I said, still giggling.
"Good luck Arden!"
The elevator door closed before I could say goodbye to him. It was a little bit after that a train hit a gasoline truck in my head. I was the rich, party girl who ran out of money and has to go get a job.


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