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The Replacement Girlfriend

Novel By: bimbobunny

Chase Evans may be a notorious playboy, but he’s always known he’d fall hopelessly in love one day. So when he meets Spanish beauty LaCienega [lassie-anna-ga] Perez and falls head over, he knows for sure she’s what he’s always been waiting for.

Except LaCienega is already engaged by the time he meets her and to none other than his childhood best friend Jace Waite who Chase hasn’t seen since high school graduation.

Meanwhile, he meets Krislynn Reimer who has a strange attraction for bad boys and imperfection. She's not interested in the pretty boys who are complete jerks like he is. She wants the real bad boys, the ones with addiction problems, family problems, money problems, woman problems, any problems!

It’s her favourite hobby to take them home and put a Band-Aid over their hearts and nurse them back to health. Except when they make a full recovery, they always abandon her and always in the cruellest ways.

The two utterly can't stand each other so how in the world did Chase end up as Krislynn's boyfriend and how in the world did Krislynn end up as Chase's maid?

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Submitted:Apr 4, 2010    Reads: 13,200    Comments: 130    Likes: 43   

A tear rolled out of Krislynn's eyes as she watched the little Mexican boy beside her cry as he held tightly onto a picture of his decreased mother begging for burial money. She too was sitting along the side of the dirty road, holding up a picture, only it was a picture of her best friend Elizabella and her boyfriend Pedro whatever-his-last-name-is.
She watched as tourists graced by, many of them Canadian or American from the looks of it, and stood up when they passed the boy after listening to his story. "I'm looking for my best friend," she said to the small crowd in front of her, hoping that they spoke English and would understand her. She tapped on the picture lightly, pointing at the girl with a wild flock of brilliant red hair and then to the tanned male beside her. "Her name is Elizabella and she eloped with this man last Sunday. I'm not even sure if she's in Mexico, but have any of you guys seen her?"
Half the crowd gave her funny looks while the other half shook their head before moving along. Krislynn sighed in disappointment. She had been in Mexico for four days and had done this for exactly four days without a single clue as to where Ella might be. She had been gunning on the fact that Pedro would have taken Ella back to Mexico and had spontaneously purchased a ticket with the last bit of money in her savings account to come here. What in the world would she do if Ella wasn't here? How come she never thinks before she acts?
A sudden laugh brought her out of her miserable thoughts and she looked up to see where the laughter was coming from. Frowning, she stared at the obscenely attractive man standing in front of her who hadn't moved along with the previous wave of tourists. He was tall like a supermodel with chocolate colored hair that curled just slightly at the ends. Unbelievably gorgeous-so not her type.
"Sorry," he said immediately when he caught her glaring. "I just think the situation you're in is plainly hilarious."
Crossing her arms, Krislynn turned the death dial of her glare from a 2 to a 9. "How so," she asked bitterly. "I don't think it's very funny."
"First of all," he said with a wide grin. "From that pasty look of your skin, you aren't originally from Mexico."
Krislynn bit her lower lip, feeling her temper raise through the roof. If she had extra time, she would rather be relaxing at the resort she was staying at, but instead she was standing on the side of the road listening to some strange and possibly gay male bitch about her complexion. "Surprise. Surprise," she snapped. "Pretty boy has got a brain."
She watched with disgust as he smirked at her, obviously taking her insult as a compliment. "So then you know the flaw in your story, right?" He asked. "Why would someone fly all the way to Mexico to find her best friend on the side of the road? Even more ridiculous is that you don't even know if she's actually here! What kind of insane story is that?"
"Why don't you just move along like everybody else if you haven't seen her?" She growled back. "Why do you care if my story makes sense or not? What?! Do I have to tell you everything? Do you need to know that I was born in '87? That there's a heart shaped birthmark on the left side of my butt? Please!"
"Whoa, chill out there." He lifted both his hands up to the side of his head and spread them out, facing his palms toward her as if in surrender. "I'm just saying. If you want to make a few quick bucks you're going to need a more convincing and more emotional story. That or you could parade around in a bikini. I'm sure somebody would be desperate enough to take you home for the night."
Krislynn clenched her fists in anger. "I hope you die," she simply said. Quickly slipping the photo under her armpit, she grabbed the blanket she had thrown onto the ground to sit on and started walking away.
It was getting late now and she was only planning to spend an hour longer to look for Ella anyways. Hopefully, she would find a clue tomorrow, but today she was going back to the resort to enjoy herself-unwind from meeting the douche-bag of the day. It was way too dangerous for her to be out by herself after the sun descends; the streets of Mexico aren't known to be friendly.
Once she was back inside her hotel room, Krislynn striped off and took a shower to wash off the dust and dirt all over her body. Then she threw on a cute top and paired it with a long flowing skirt before making her way downstairs to one of the restaurants inside the resort to have dinner.
It was a good thing that most Mexican resorts were all inclusive otherwise she would have had a terrible time trying to find something to eat from a day to day basis. All she needed to do was stay put until she found Ella. Her best friend would no doubt save her ass and pay for her tab provided that Krislynn finds her first.
Brushing a loose strand of auburn brown hair behind her ear, she looked up from her dessert menu when she heard a bunch of commotion from the center of the restaurant. "I said no," she heard a familiar masculine voice say. "I said no the first fifty times you asked, why would it be different the next fifty times? God. And you even followed me all the way to Mexico. Can't you give it a rest?!"
Krislynn got up from her seat and pretended to walk to the washroom so she could walk by the table to see what the whole uproar was about. When she was a couple tables away, she could make out the same curly mop of brown hair she had seen only a few hours before and instantly felt sympathy towards the blonde standing beside him.
"But you said you'd give me a part in your movie," the girl shrieked. "I even slept with you!"
"Yeah, well! Unless you're not only stupid, but also have amnesia, I did give you a part in my movie," the guy retorted.
Krislynn couldn't make out their facial expressions since they both had their backs facing her, but she slowed her pace, her curiosity getting the best of her. She was always so nosy when it came to these things. "But one of my friends got a part in your movie and then she got an amazing modelling contract right after," the blonde exclaimed. "That didn't happen to me!"
"And what do you expect me to do? I gave her the exact same thing I gave you-a one liner. Maybe she shagged some other poor fellow in L.A and didn't tell you about it."
"But why wouldn't she?" The blonde whined, clacking her stiletto to the floor.
"Well, I don't know. Jesus! Stop bothering me already!"
"But Chase!!!"
Krislynn stood back and watched Chase lose his temper and bolt to his feet. "Would somebody get this annoying chick out of here before I file a lawsuit?" He yelled, disturbing what was left of the restaurant that he hadn't agitated a moment before. "I mean, holy crap, what would it take for me to have dinner in peace? Everyone else in here agrees with me, right?"
Two staff members quickly grabbed the blonde and dragged her out as she dramatically screamed his name one last time in desperate attempt for him to change his mind. "CHAAAAAAAAASSE!!!"
Hastily, before he had a chance to sit back down on his chair, Krislynn ran up and hooked her ankle around the leg of the chair, pulling it away as he sat down. He fell with a loud thud and she couldn't help but turn around to look at him.
"Ow," he muttered, propping himself up with his elbows. His eyes quickly flickered up and glared when he saw her standing there beside him. "You!"
Smirking, Krislynn shrugged. "That one," she said, "is for women everywhere." Laughing and feeling rather proud of herself, she spun on her heel and began to walk away only to stop when she heard a huge rip.
She bit down on her lower lip, immediately hoping that whatever that 'rip' was, it wasn't what she thought it was. "It's all a dream. It's all a dream," she prayed as she whispered quietly to herself. Hesitantly lifting her eyelids up, she looked down and sure enough, her skirt was lying in a pile on the floor. Her nose flared as she turned her head around to throw darts at the man on the ground with her eyes, but he blocked it all off with a lazy smirk.
"You lied to me," he said, his grey almost silver eyes glittering. "Your birthmark is on the right side of your ass."


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