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Her Dark Knight *The Guardian Angel*

Novel By: Black hearts

After her fathers Death Melissa is stuck with an abusing step father and a mother that seems to care less, will meeting the school's bad ass and the pretty boy put an end to the miserable life she's had? or will these relations create more drama for Melissa? read to find out more! View table of contents...



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Chapter 1~

Fairytales? I chuckled to myself and rested my head against the cold glass of the car, I hated pathetic romances they were totally obvious I mean girl think's she's not good enough for the guy, turns out she's wrong they fall in love blah blah they sucked. I sighed and threw the book on the floor it screamed terrible, absolutely obnoxious. Why don't they just throw themselves at each other and suck each others faces it's that noticeable that they'd end up together. Love means pain and pain means depression and that leads jumping off a damn skyscraper nah that's not me nor do i plan off jumping off a building, i plan dying in the arms of my lover at peace... pfft no i hope i die in the arms of nutella. the car jumped on the road as we neared our future, i stuck my headphones in and closed my eyes.

"Melissa wake up and unpack the bags would you? try to be something other than useless" i stirred in my sleep and took my headphones off wow the irony of it all i was just listening to "i hate everything about you- 3 days grace" I gave a fake smile at my father and pushed myself out of the car, did i mistake him for my father? i snorted, he's my step father, and god i hated him with my guts i'm not sure why my mom sticks around him she seriously does not give a shit that he tortures me. I lifted the bags out of the car and turned to see the new house, i gasped the house was speechless it was an elegant two story foyer. Frank? I'm sure my mother married him for his money the man was filthy rich.

"Mel Darling, I'll show you to your room" my piece of shit mother moved her hands in a circular motion as to order me to follow her, which i did. I stammered of the big steps holding a huge box filled of room decorations and a huge suitcase filled with clothes that were totally unnecessary. When i reached the top step i did a happy dance as for my victory having that i made it up a dangerous climb,

"Melissa, are you coming?" her rose petal soft voice echoed through the house, i sighed and dragged my things down the hall she turned onto a stair well., oh you have got to be kidding me.

I seriously used all my strength to reach the top of the second stairwell and i think we had finally made it seeing as there was only one room up here, and for the first time i smiled it was exactly what i wanted the wood was dark and the beams were a creamed color. "wow thanks mom" she smiled and patted my back "Thank your father'" I flinched and glanced back het heat building in my chest "He's not my "Father" mother get over the fact that i won't except that and you know it" i snorted "Leave me alone" i stomped through the room and shoved her out of the room slamming the door behind her, i slid down the door until my bum reached the black carpeting , God this was going to be too much.

We had just moved because of Frank's Business he was scheduled to move here so we did, luckily enough i hated the last place we lived in the house had that haunted feeling and for god sake the people were all fucking idiots, today was saturday i decided that i'd walk around town in the morning seeing that it was already late, i rested my head against the door for a minute and stood, i gave the look a good glance and started unpacking, i had at least two dressers in the room enough to space to fill, as i was unloading the boxes i came across a picture, a little girl with black curls and emerald green eyes had her arms wrapped around a man her smile was eye candy and his smile was heart wrenching they were giving each other that look that look of daughter/father love, i bit my lip and held back the tears that were threatening to escape at any moment i threw the photo across the room and hit the floor with a loud crack,

"Why did you leave us ?" i whimpered i was strong i wouldn't cry i wouldn't cry i braced myself in the corner of the room and fell to my knees "Why" i whispered i was absolutely alone no one to hold no one to make me feel the way my Dad made me feel i put my black hair into a tight ponytail and wiped my eyes no way was i going to cry now, after i've gotten this far, no.

I fell asleep listening the small rhythm of the music , my thoughts all lost and my mind exhausted i was exhausted, i lifted my eyelids and stared out the window for a moment and as the trees shadows cascaded through the room i fell into a restless sleep.


Lifting my hair into a tight ponytail i stayed satisfied with the blue jeans and a tank top after all the weather was somewhat nice.

Turning on my car i headed out of the driveway having no idea as to where i was heading, down the road i glanced at the trees that made a nice path for the smooth road i had to say the area was beautiful. I turned the music up and some form of rap music came on in disgust i switched it onto Bryan Adams with ` summer of `69` playing i sat back down satisfied.

I reached the town and pulled into an old looking store, i turned the ignition off and stepped out of the car, locking it i turned my attention to the piece of shit store in front of me luckily i liked things like that, i smiled and pushed my earbuds into my ears and continued my walk into the store.

The bell rung as i opened the store i chuckled lightly seeing as it still worked looking as crapped up as it did, i walked around and looked at the dusty books taking one and blowing the dust off i viewed the cover it was about the war of 1812 mostly on the battle of lexington i loved history, i took it and placed it under my arm and headed for the cash register surely this would help pass the time away, as i neared the corner i gagged when i saw the sight ahead of me.

a guy, probably some stuck up jock and a blonde girl aslos probably some stuck up slut were devouring each others lips they stopped when i cleared my throat both alarmed stared me down, i raised an eyebrow and held the book up "I need to pay for this" the blonde sneered at me and returned to kiss the guy his eyes were still on me as his lips worked on hers, ew.

I grabbed the cash out of my wallet and threw it on the table, still not looking at me the blonde continued devouring him `him` whoever that was held her hips in place as she grounded on him his green eyed stare still focused on me, i scrunched my face in meer disgust and grabbed the 5 dollar bill reaching over the counter i stuffed it into her bra she jumped and gasped at me, giving her a fake smile i said "Keep the tip slut, you might not get one out of this one" i shook my head towards the guy who threw his head back in laughter, she gasped and gave me a look that could break a mirror her face was scrunched as she gave me an evil stare,

"might want to get a botox if you don't want your face to stay like that sweetie" and with that i stuck my earphones back in and pressed the volume up walking out of the store i ran into a hard wall, i swear that wasn't there before i looked up to meet a smiling blue eyed boy, his boyish smile was cute i had to say ,

"i'm sorry" his smiled widen and he shrugged "it's no problem" i turned and headed for my car turning back to him his gaze was still on me, i frowned creeper much? "Be careful theres sex animals in there" i winked, he chuckled lightly, "I'll be fine thanks for your concern" i gave a wave and stumbled into my car.


I sat in my car for an hour before i drove down the road exploring the different shops, once i found i wasn't satisfied with anything i turned home only this time on the road was the same blonde slut, devouring the lips of another guy, that looked about 30, what in hell.

I smirked and pulled money from my wallet throwing it at her as i drove by, she looked astonished when she turn to see it was me she shot me the finger, smirking i pushed my head out the window "I think he'll do just fine doing that to you sweety" her mouth hung open and i sped off.

Weird town.

A/N: excuse the errors lovelies anyways thoughts? next chapter will have some more background on Melissa for now let me know about this short chappie!! love y`all


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