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.Romance Is Dead.

Novel By: Blackdragon99

The world is a different place since the Outsiders and Wraithers invaded.
Sasha is a young human girl just out of the safe age. She is not a out there girl but she has meet someone on an old website called Facebook.
His name is Matt Nothing.
How can she obey the law and be inlove with a stranger... Better yet how can she be sure he's not an Outsider?
A quentioning girly piece of shit writing that I hope has you laughing out loud. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 31, 2011    Reads: 29    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   

The world has a disease. Other races have joined Earth causing an almost Star Wars era. The world's air composition however soon made many of the more exotic races look human. This happened to such an extent that humans and other races begun breeding among other sexual things. Now a STD is bad enough but an STD from Mars? Let's say it wasn't sweet as caramel, it was in fact how they intended to control earth. This STD was a mind link. Basically it linked the minds and the strongest mind won. The outsiders been trained in this manor by their masters quickly devastated the human race into mindless drones and slaves.

The city became a war ground of fear and lust. Rapist from outer space targeted humans to create more slaves or Cows as they started calling the human race.

Soon people became smart. With the right wards and spells they could discover and kill these outsiders. Magic was brought back and human split into small camps and cults, modern day medieval took common place.

The outsiders soon ruled the earth unable to enter houses they found one group of humans and tried to force their disease onto them. However these human look alike were not human… They were something far worse. They turned the disease against the Outsiders and earned the name Wrathers. The ability to ghost and blessed with Immortal life to aging they became the new threat. The Outsiders were threatened by this small group of beings and rules were established.

No human under the age of 15 could be possessed.

They could not enter a human home without permission from someone who has lived there for at least 15 years or was over the age of 40.

In public buildings they could not force themselves on a human. All contact must be by consent.

They could not reveal the name or identity of any non-human

Prisons did not count due to human scum been forced into there

Wraithers were required to register their names to the government due to their disease been five times stronger than an outsider's.

Thus the Prisons became cleared. Crime among humans decreased for a great deal of time. But soon the laws became second nature; again humans became a race of attitude and daring. Spitting in the face of stronger races and whining when they were struck back.

Soon the ability to transfer the disease via a bite to the tongue or inside the mouth came into existence and again the Outsiders used this. Soon romance between unwed couples became illegal punishable by imprisonment for scientific experiment.

So it is the real story begins. How could love blossom in such a cruel and unforgiving world? We start our story with Sasha Granning, a 16 year old girl desperately trying to adjust to her new life and keep her secret from her parents, the police, even the government itself.

She had a crush

On an older Punk


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