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Desperation of Fate

Novel By: blackheartroza

Tyler Anderson and Becka Knox had a complex relationship. That was like being on a rollercoaster ride 24/7 . Having their ups and there downs fighting and hating each other to death then acting as if nothing ever happened, to them it was just best friends letting off some steam . To others it may seem like two teens madly in love but to them it was hate and love situation. But nothing as it always seems . Or is it? View table of contents...


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Chapter 1


'Tyler those things are going to kill you' Ann hissed as she waved away the puff of grey smoke I blew into her face watching her in delight as she scrunched her nose as she glared at me with her fake blue eyes her orange tinted skin throwing off the look of her dyed blonde hair her dark brown hair showing at the roots. She looked like Snookie from Jersey shores but only the cheap knock off version that only coasted 45$'s to get the look. Her off brand Gucci bag slung over her shoulder, and her torn up pants from Old Navy fit snug to her thighs and calf's, the one size two small shirt she wore screamed as the logo was stretched out by her water bra showing off her too perfectly sculpted breasts . Every bit of her was as fake as my parents love for each other, and that said something.

Chuckling I took another hit and blew another puff of grey smoke at her, smiling as she again desperately waved the small grey cloud away with her small hand her eyes glowing with disapproval. 'So?' I snorted as I rolled my eyes as she gave me an exasperated look.

'don't you want to make it to at least 30?' she asked as she looked at me pleadingly her eyes staring at me with intensity as if she was attempting to actually getting me go fall under her spell like so many others before me.

Rolling my eyes I sighed, how typical. I thought bitterly to myself.

I had known Ann sense 3rd grade, from the outside others assumed I was in love but to me it was just a sister and brother deal. I will admit back in 7th grade I did have a crush on her but I quickly hushed those feelings away. I was just there to treat her the was she deserved to be treated at the time, which was like a princess but like the stupid naive little kid that I was I use to carry her books for her and escort her to every class, while also chasing away any guys that I didn't approve of which by the way were most of them… but it was never enough for her.

'I'll be lucky if I make it to 21' I answered finally. Which was true. Most second born sons in my family ended up dead just as they turned 21 or sooner , call it a freak accident or whatever you please but I had a eerie feeling I wouldn't make it to 21 in a long shot. So I was just going to live my life to the fullest and have no regrets about anything.

Scowling she moved to my right and groaned. 'I don't see why I even hang out with you!' she whined as she rolled her eyes as me and flipped her hair as she looked away with a scowl.

Feeling a slight sting from her insult I took another puff and stepped back away from her as I glared coldly my body locked up my muscles clenched in anger. 'I didn't ask you to come here damn it ' I hissed through clenched teeth as I turned and walked away from her dropping my cigarette on the ground as I walked to my car. 'I don't need you to hang out with me like I'm some fucking charity case.' I added roughly as I got to my car and slammed the door .

I hated it when she pulled that shit. Her being in the prep group had gotten to her damn head. 'TYLER!' she yelled after me as I rolled up the window. As I drove past her she looked at me with shocked eyes. As if she couldn't believe that I was leaving her there.

Ignoring it I forced myself to block her out.

We were tight way back in 8th grade, well that was till Hanna the schools clone got her claws into her filling her thoughts with popularity and name brand clothes. Next thing I know our usual hang outs slimmed down from almost every day of the week to at least twice a week now if I'm lucky once a month. But I don't care the least bit. She treated me like a charity case, and I was no damn charity. She could save that for some other unfortunate soul.

Pulling out of the drive way I hit the gas letting my tires squeal for a little bit as I drove off. Maybe it was smart if I cut off ties with her and forgot about the soon to be new Malabo Barbie doll. I thought curiously as I drove down the road just letting my mind drift away as I took a turn I didn't know were I was going all I knew was that I would take an occasional turn here and there.

Pulling into a drive way I looked up at Beckas house as I parked. The front door opened slowly as she stood there looking at ne. She was a small little thing, standing at 5'2, blue, brown hazel eyes and soft black hair , weighing about 90-100 pounds, a apple butt, and a nice set of boobs that could fill a handful. She was every guy's dream girl who had the spunk, loved cars, and the looks. A package deal that was rare now in days. And the only girl I knew who could take apart a car and put it back together by herself with out any help, maybe a little help with the lifting of some things but other then that she was set. She was the little tank not a lot of people dared to mess with. Rolling my windows down I nodded to her.

'I didn't know you were coming over' she smiled as she walked to me.

Opening my door I got out and smiled at her as I walked to her with a smirk . 'What can I say I'm full of surprises today' I answered with sarcasm as she shot me a dirty look.

Becka was one of my many interests. Like I said before I don't "fall in love" like most I love in my own way, sure we dated a while back but we still were friends. 'well where is my hug?' she asked as she held her arms open to me and looked at me.

Chuckling I walked into her arms and hugged her. Her Cotton Candy body spray tickling my nose with its sweet aroma. 'each time I come here you smell more and more edible, what are you trying to do turn yourself into a sucker?' I teased.

We had a good friends ship sometimes it was like she was one of the guys. I could go to her about anything and I mean anything, girls, cars, drama, she could handle it all. I never seen someone so tiny be able to fix cars like it was second natural. 'why do you want to suck on me?' she asked with a mocking grin as she pulled back and chuckled.

Examine her I shrugged. 'you got your hair cut again didn't you?' I asked as I reached out and grabbed a smooth piece of hair.

Nodding she smiled. 'I took off a inch and got the layers redone'

'it looks good on you' I noted.

'so what did you have planned for today?' she asked as she motioned for me to follow her to the house.

Stuffing my hands in my pocket I gave a small shrug. 'I was suppose to hang out with Ann, but you know how that is with her and all'

'still making it sound as if its killing her to be spotted with you?' she snorted

'you know it, always' I answered in a grumble. It was amazing how she could easily read my mind at times.

In the door way she stopped and looked me in the eyes. 'I don't see why she would' she reached up and touched my cheek rubbing her thumb against my cheek she gave a weak smile. 'your too sweet for that' pulling back she disappeared in the house with a small shy smile.

Blinking I followed slowly behind her shadowing her as she walked. Had that really happened? It had been at least two years sense we had split, going our separate ways so to speak. But we stayed friends I wont lie it was awkward at times but we got over that easily and put that behind us.

'so how are you and you boy?' I asked referring to her newest boyfriend as I quickly tried to change the subject and direct her attention else were .

Becka was the type of girl to get a boy keep him for a while then quickly get rid of them then be on the hunt for another victim, not that you could call any of the guys victims because the majority knew what was gonna happen and went willingly into the relationship. To her she called them "shoes" and once a "shoe" got old she throws it away and gets a new pair better then the last. Sure it was a lot of heart break but most of the guys still chased after her begging for another chance another try at taming the beast. Not that, that would ever happen. I couldn't see her settling down with someone like a small house wife.

But besides all that "shoe" analogy I apparently didn't fit in that situation with her or so she had tried to explain , because I was the one who ended it between us so thus she didn't get tired of me it was just a break that ended friendly and didn't ruin our friend ship.

'going on…'she paused as she thought for a second or two. 'three months now I think I don't really know' her voice was all light and fluffy like she was the Enchanted princess . It always got like that when she talked about Eugene. Three months now, wow had it really been that long?

'nice, so is Eugene treating you good? I don't have to whoop no ones ass do I ?' I asked jokingly. But I already knew the answer. I had met him a couple of times before this. Held her close to his heart. And practically worshiped the ground she walked on.

'o no! Hes not like that' she said affectionately.

'just checking' I nodded with a smile. Her face in a soft scowl as if she was outraged at me asking such a question. I wouldn't lie that she had bad taste in guys from time to time, I couldn't count how many times I had to step in to settle a argument from one of the many jerks who thought they could control her.

'well look what the cat dragged in!' her bother Brent came into the room with a light smile as he looked between me and Becka with a glint in his eyes. 'haven't seen you in a while.'

'been busy how about you? Hear you got a job up town' I answered easily with a small shrug

Shrugging he smiled shyly as he looked away blushing. 'Manager of the gestation, nothing much, just till summer' he answered.

'well I need a ride to the salon can you take me?' Becka asked suddenly as she changed the subject.

Shrugging I nodded. 'lets go then'

'you too be good!' he teased lightly as we walked out the door to my car..

'your brother is on crack' I muttered as we got into my car and rolled my eyes. I couldn't see how he could always be so happy it was just too unnatural.

'he doesn't do drugs!' she answered quickly. 'he knows better then that, I would strip his back clean of flesh if he did' she added roughly with a dark look in her now cold eyes.

'how come you never showed much care towards me?' I asked playfully as I acted hurt by her lack of concern for me.

'because I know you, you do what everyone else says not to do.' She answered with heavy sarcasm. 'I know how pig headed you are, my brother knows I can whop him big time if I wanted to' she growled. 'you I would have to beat your head into a cement wall to get just a smidge of what I say into that pea brain of yours.

'I know, you forget I've seen how you handled Jack and Mike all by yourself.' I answered as I recalled the time when she took on down two drunk soccer plays who were threatening on "ruining" one of her many party's one night after a small confrontation with a rivaling team member.

'and don't you forget it! You maybe tall but I can beat you black and blue' she winked she was obviously pleased with her work.

Chuckling I sighed softly and relaxed . Being around her always made me a little happier, loosening my grip on the steering wheel I yawned. 'why you need to go to the salon again?' I asked curiously as I glanced over at her.

'gonna get my nails did, maybe add some color to my hair its ucky' she answered as she grabbed a small piece of hair and looked at it.

'don't do that, you have pretty hair' I frowned. I had always been fond of her soft black hair sometimes it was hard to tell that it was just a very dark brown, going from curly to straight when she took the time to straighten it. Which wasn't often at all. Most of the time it was in a huge mass of curls surrounding her face reminding me of a hotter version of Shirley Temple.

'well I said maybe' she answered coolly. 'and maybe means a possibility not a for sure thing'

'I don't care. Leave it like it is, what would Eugene say?' I asked. Hoping that would get her to think twice about changing her hair color. 'I mean do you know how many girls want their hair to be natural that dark?"

'he doesn't like me for my looks Tyler, he doesn't care what I do' she answered. 'And why should I care about how other girls want their hair??'

'well I do, leave your hair how it is, its cute on you. Besides you wont look like you if you don't have your normal hair color.' I answered with a weak smile.

Sighing she just nodded and didn't say anything in argument about it.

Watching her as I pulled into the salons driveway I glanced around and found Ann's eyes looking at me. Well more like gawking at me and Becka as if she couldn't believe that I'd rather hang out with Becka then her.

This wasn't the first time Ann has ever gave me that look I've always gotten that look when she's seen me with other girls other then her. The look that said "why are you hanging out with her?". As if she were the only girl I was supposed to be hanging out with. Forcing back a satisfied chuckle I flashed a smile at Becka. 'do you want me to come in for you?' I asked as I looked over at Ann for a second before I looked away.

A bright smile curled her lips as she nodded. 'yes please, I hate going in alone! I always feel like some loner or something' she answered. As she got out and slammed the door more then necessary, flinching at the abuse to the poor thing I kept my mouth shut knowing that if I said anything about it she would just repeat it . Following her I stayed close behind her, ignoring Ann's feeble attempts to catch my attention as she attempted to wave me over and bounce up an down. 'you know I was thinking a red' she began as we walked in.

'no red' I answered swiftly as what she was saying clicked.

'fine, how about light brown ?'

'no light brown, no violet, no blonde, no pink, no nothing. Just as you are ok? Cut your hair all you want get a butch cut, or shave it all off but you will not color it' I answered firmly with light sarcasm.

'I don't see why you have a say.' She muttered with a growl.

'if you wanted me to continue talking to you. You'd listen' I threatened lightly.

'that's cold' she groaned. 'you wouldn't dare!' she sent me a killer glare.

'I would' I smiled sweetly as she grumbled .

'fine you win' she grunted as she stomped in. 'some days you're a real jerk Tyler, and its just one of those days.' She muttered her voice filled with anger.

'I know but you still love me' I teased lightly.

'well hello there Ms. Knox' smiled one of the salon stylists who walked up to us. His dyed purple hair was cut short in the back and spiked up in the front. Looking over at Becka I got an idea to who was behind her sudden wild hair color idea 'you know for as many times as you come, you should look into a membership offer.' He chuckled with a smile his braces glistening a bright pink. This guy had to be gay…or bisexual but he couldn't be straight.

'call me Becka, Ms. Makes me sound old as hell' Becka smiled weakly. Hearing the door bell jingle as people walked in I stayed close to Becka, figuring who it was already I tried to ignore the chatter of the cackling hens that walked in.

'so what will it be today?'

'I scheduled for my nails to be done' Becka smiled.

Rolling my eyes I sighed. I couldn't understand why girls liked spending money on fake plastic nails.

'Tyler, I didn't know you would be here!' Ann's voice filled the air as a hand settled on my arm. Jerking back I glared at her.

'neither did I' I growled deeply. Call me childish for earlier but I didn't like how she tried making me sound like a burden. She was the one who stumble upon me when I was at the park.

'Well anyway' she answered as she flipped her dyed blonde hair out of her face and gave the fakest smile. 'I was thinking later…' she began.

'hes already taken for today' Becka spoke up just in time. Glancing at her I looked at her as if she had saved me from the devil himself. 'He's going to be at my house for a BBQ, so you might as well go run along now and go play with your other little clone drones and leave him alone.' Two groups clashing right here it felt as if WW3 was about to break out as Becka glared at Ann. Feeling the tension rising I glanced between the two wondering what would happen, with Becka you could never be sure.

Ann snorted and turned and stomped off. Rolling my eyes I let my breath go. 'thank you, little tank' I added sarcastically.


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