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Faith's rising Past

Novel By: blackheartroza

Dreaming of a man in a black hood, couldn’t be weird enough. Now she has ‘people’ coming after her, or so the man had said. But can she really rely on this man who chased her down? With flowers being left to her with notes from someone who’s going by ~A~, the first person she thinks of is the man in the black hood. But is that even logical to think? ( ok so here is another thing i have to thank my BEST friend ANNA for basically giving me this story to do as i pleased with it, so i changed some of the names added more details and am going to be adding on towards the end! i hope you like it thought!) View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

Faith St. John


The only thing I could hear was my heart beating inside my head as I strained harder pushing myself farther into running faster. My lungs feeling as if they are going to burst. My legs beginning to throb.


My mind swirled with thousands of thoughts of so many things. But one thing I knew for sure was that I was being chase. By who I didn't know, why I couldn't tell you exactly. I wasn't rich with money so it couldn't be for that, and my parents weren't major people in the world so that left me with no idea what so ever! And the people who were chasing me seemed like pros at it.


The person who was chasing me was hot in pursuit, closing in on me quickly like a pro. I could hear their footsteps only a few feet away. With my heart crashing my chest, my lungs throbbing from lack of air as I struggled to keep going. My legs felt heavy as if I had weights tided to them as I forced myself to keep going, I knew I was shaking as I ran, I was pushing myself to far for my body. I wasn't in shape I wasn't going to win this battle I knew I wouldn't. But I wasn't going to give up yet. I wasn't going to go down with out fighting.

I seen it in movies and in real life I wasn't going to be the stupid girl who stops running and gives in, I would run until I couldn't keep going or if they got me some how.

I knew they could easily kill me right now if they really wanted to, to just end it right here. But they didn't and it confused me at why they were prolonging it. Were they getting a thrill from the chase? I thought as I huffed my feet struggling against the rough gravel road.

The soles of my feet were bare and bloody from gravel that was digging into my feet as I ran, the pain from the gravel gradually becoming dim to me as the cold air bits at my exposed skin. It felt as if I had been running for so long, but in reality it had to be at least a couple of minutes its amazing how time can drag on when your about to die.

Something snags my foot, as it catches my ankle I go tumbling forward as I lost balance my body crashing into the gravel road.

I screamed in shock as I fell forward.

Trying to catch myself, my hands catching most of the blow sending small pieces of gravel into my palms scraping my elbows an right knee as I caught myself just enough. I groaned as I felt the pain sear through my hands and right leg and begin to throb in pain as it sank in. Dropping onto my stomach I rolled over to where I was on my back breathing heavy sucking in deep breaths as I struggled to catch my breath.

Staring up at the sky which was blacked out by the coming storm, it began to ran then as I laid there, so fitting for the end of my life I thought as I got soaked with the cold drizzle of rain that pelted down on me. My thin pajamas soaking up all the water and quickly becoming drenched.

The footsteps stopped at my feet, I couldn't look up at the person who was wearing a long black trench coat, black motorcycle boots, with a black trench coat hood up. This was it. I thought to myself. So this is how I die, in the middle of night under a star filled sky soaking wet.

'relax' his gruff voice broke the deadly silence. 'I'm not going to kill you, I've been trying to track you down for awhile now,' he shakes his head 'but you keep running away, now look what you've done to yourself, you're a mess' he tsked me.

Of course I would run away! Any rational person would run away from someone dressed like you are! I thought sarcastically. 'you-you can read my mind?' I asked in a low whisper as I realized he had said the very thing I was thinking. Of caurse I'm a mess I just fell on gravel! And if he wasn't here to kill me what was he going to do? Was he in human trafficking?

'Sometimes, well most of the time, yeah. So I can see whenever you're going to run that's why I was able to follow you all the way here' he answered.

I gulped and tried to clear my mind, as I suddenly felt violated from his confession. Nothing like a complete stranger seeing though my mind. 'What are you going to do to me now?'

'To warn you. They are coming after you. I betrayed them and they know I have been following you everywhere. They will follow you and come after you no matter where you are. I am sorry you thought I was one of them but I'm not' he explained.

But I still didn't understand. I thought helplessly as I stared up at him.

'Who is coming for me?' I asked my voice growing louder and stronger.

When I looked at him he was slowly fading away into a black smoky mist. Something that belonged in a book , something that belonged in the Vampire Diaries TV show. But this was real life, and in real life people just didn't disappear in thin fogs of mist's and darkness. Wrenching forward I reached out for him.

'Wait!' I called out. 'I don't even know your name!'

Chuckling he turned into a black cloud. 'you will know its me' his voice was like wind, soft and gentle whisking its way around me.

Almost warming me in a eerie manor.

Watching the man disappear out of thin air I sat there speechless. Just who exactly was that guy? Why did he leave so suddenly? Was he really on my side or was he just and imposter waiting for me to lower my guard? But then my guard was already down, I never knew about the people he was talking about that were coming fro me. I couldn't be sure, everything didn't make sense now. And I knew now I did have to get way from what or who I don't know but who ever they were, I had to get away from them. They were danger. I knew that much.

But this was just a dream right? So it couldn't be to life threatening.


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