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Fake or Real Love?

Novel By: blackheartroza

My name is Emily Sanderson, I’m well a , I mean I was a average 17 year old up till now. My life changed when I stumbled into the wrong club one night. That was when I bumped into the Coffin Club. From what I had heard it was a kick ass group of bad ass’s. And me I was just a girl looking for a thrill. I wanted something out of the ordinary. I didn’t want some prep with popped callers’ and fake tans, or a nerd with Steve Urkil pants. I wanted something almost forbidden, something different. You see I was always tried to look and be different but in the place I lived it was almost was against the law to be . It was filled with clicks and if you didn’t fit in nobody wanted to mess with you meaning nobody would dare be seen talking or hanging out with you. Unfortunately at a young age I was adopted into the preppy group, ever sense I have been trying to get out of it. That is what brought me here to the club, well I wasn’t exactly looking for the club I really did stumble upon it. But that night at the club did make me stand out, it gave me the freedom I had always wanted so badly. View table of contents...


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'you trying to get in?' came a voice as I looked at the long line. It would take forever to get in.

Turning slowly I settled my eyes on a tall guy. 'Ya'

'Well that makes the both of us' he laughed. His snake bites catching my attention. I had always wanted to get piercings but I was afraid of a needle that was the only thing stopping me from doing it.

'Looks like a long wait' I muttered glancing at the door as the bouncer let in three more people.

'Not at all' he answered simply offering me his arm. 'I know a way in' taking his arm hesitantly I let him lead me to the front of the line. They large black guy looked at him and then at me then nodded.

Wide eyed I looked up at him. He didn't even pay! I mean I stood there for two hours waiting and it only took two seconds to get in. 'I know what you're thinking' he leaned down and whispered in my ear.

Snorting I looked at him , that's not likely. 'what am I thinking then?' I asked loudly in his ear as the pounding sound of techno music drowned out every sound.

'That was considerably easy to get in' he answered back his lips brushing against my ear. 'Look my name is Dallas, if ya need me come to the back room near the exit door.' He let me go and took a step back. 'Come by there and we can talk more.' He grinned.

Looking at him I wasn't really thinking about 'talking' to him my mind had other things planned. 'Sure' I answered with a smile. Turning he disappeared in a crowd of people. Looking around I noticed everyone was wearing either black or grey. Glancing down at my cloths I sighed in relief. Thank god it was laundry day I was stuck wearing all a black skirt and tang top.

'Come here often?' a guy asked as he settled his hands on my waist and started to grind against my back. The smell of alcohol rolled into my face as I turned it to face him.

'no' I answered nervously.

'Well whata ya know a fucking freshy' he grinned his eyes sparkling darkly as he stared intently at my neck.

'I wouldn't touch her if I were you Dalton' sneered a girl who leaned up against him, slowly wrapping her arm around him she pulled him back slightly. 'She came in with Dallas' her grey eyes running over my body.

The guy pulled back quickly. 'Fuck look, I'm sorry' he stammered his eyes wide as his face fell .

'What do you mean?' I looked at him confused.

'I didn't know you were with him honestly' he continued

'he's new here to, he doesn't know the rules yet' the girl continued to look at me. 'I would appreciate if you didn't mention this to Dallas he won't bother you again I swear'

'Your part of the Coffin club your suppose to be in the back room' the guy continued in a haze his eyes panicked. What was going on here? 'I didn't know who you were' he stammered. 'Club members never really hang out here'

Gulping I stood tall and smirked. 'Just don't let it happen again and we'll be cool' play it cool, take a deep breath look as if you mean it. I instructed myself.

The girl nodded and dragged his away the guy walked along side her willingly.

Dallas, just saying his name made that guy turn deathly white, and what of the Coffin Club? What the hell was that all about? Was it like some exclusive group? Must be bad ass if it got that guy to change so bad.

' if ya need me come to the back room near the exit door.' His words drifted into my thoughts.

Emily…. A voice whispered to me. Looking around unsure I hadn't seen anyone. Had I really heard that? While looking around my eyes settled at the back of the area on the Exit signs. He said to go to the exit door and that would be where he was or said he would be.


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