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If Tomorrow never comes... i want to spend it with you Part 1

Novel By: blackheartroza

Adeles life wasn’t like most…family that loved and cared for her? Nope her mother was always gone…and her dad left her mom when she was little so she didn’t really know him. As a result of her dad abandoning them it left her with daddy issues that keeps her from really getting to know any guy. There was an exception for Kyle her childhood friend. Their relationship was one of sister and brother…till her fucked up life became more fucked up when she began to realize her problem…. View table of contents...

Submitted:Oct 24, 2012    Reads: 105    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   

~ readers note! this is a finished story i have completed it and started on book 2 already. but i will only continue to post on it if you comment on here. But considering some of the people on here are very rude i hope you can keep the mean comments to yourself i am fully aware some people may not like this story but refrane from commenting and being mean because i have ALOT of pride in this story and i love it

Chapter 1

'Are you so stupid that you can't see?' Adele snapped as she brushed her pants off. 'You're an hour late! I've been waiting here forever'

Looking away I huffed, I felt guilty for forgetting our date. Again may I add for the third time in a row? 'Things came up'

'spare me the excuse Kyle I don't want to deal with it anymore, I already know where you were and who you were with' came the sharp reply as she pushed her hair out of the way. Picking up her bag as she slung it over her shoulder she pushed her checkered wrist warmer back into place and passed me.

'Adele-look I'm sorry I lost track of time' I grabbed her hand and forced her to stop.

Glancing down at my hand on hers she pulled it back and rolled her eyes. 'I'm tired of coming in second place to her Kyle-friends before school slut. You know the saying dicks before chicks? Well mine is friends before sluts. I'm not just some toy for you to pick up one day and forget about the next' she answered roughly as she turned back away and left me standing at the large rock that she had just been seated on.

Frowning I clenched and unclenched my fists. I had done it again. I had broken my promise to her-I had hurt her again.


'Leave me alone!' came the sharp reply as I turned on my heels and stalked after her. My heart racing as I felt the need to smooth it over. I couldn't lose her as a friend I couldn't risk such a thing. We had known each other of so long it would be a shame to just let something like this ruin us.

'Adele!' jogging after her I grabbed her arm and forced her to face me. Her soft orange hair falling into her face as a gust of wind blew gently. 'Look at me' I demanded as she looked down at her convers her body stiff as she attempted to jerk her arm away.

'Let me go' came the sharp growl as she glanced at me for a slight second before she attempted to pull away again.

'Not until you hear me out'

Looking up at me with narrowed eyes she gave a snort, 'Hear you out? Do you really think I want the shit your gonna be trying to feed me? Like all the other times? So you can break the promises you make to me just because you forget about our dates? That you keep losing track of time? Maybe if you weren't always fucking her you'd be on time for once in your life' she answered harshly as she jerked back the force of her pull sending her staggering back.

'Now that is just plain dirty, you know that was below the belt'

Rolling her eyes she crossed her arms over her chest. 'The truth hurts I guess. Look I can't stand being treated like this Kyle, it's over. Our friend ship is over' turning she left me standing there speechless.


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