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If Tomorrow never comes... i want to spend it with you Part 2

Novel By: blackheartroza

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Chapter 1

Moaning I bit my lip as I opened my eyes everything was blurred the room spun as if I was spinning in a circle over and over again.

'Adele?' looking up at Justin as he stood over me. 'how you feeling?'

Smacking my lips as I cleared my throat, it felt like sand paper…my hands shaking slightly pain flashed up my arms as I shifted slowly trying to hold myself up as I moved around, I groaned in pain.

'here have a drink' he whispered as he moved a cup to my lips the straw slid between my chapped lips as I suckled slowly in desperate little pulls moaning as I drank as much as I could . Groaning at the sweet taste of pop touching my tongue I felt my toes curl as I pulled back with a gasp for air. 'well you chugged it all' he chuckled as took it back from me as he tossed the cup behind us.

'how-how long have I been here?' I groaned and looked around.

'three weeks tops. Haven't really been keeping track-ask Adam when he comes in at five.' He shrugged as he cupped my face in his hands his eyes darkening. 'you really had me scared there for awhile.'

Groaning I attempted to sit up flinching at the sharp pain in my wrists.

'what made you Adele do it ? I know losing Kyle got to you but really? Why would you put us all through that scare?' he asked suddenly his eyes searching for a answer in my eyes.

Looking away I closed my eyes and whimpered as I stopped moving.

'You weren't thinking about anyone but you.' He growled bitterly. 'you know you put your group through a lot of pain'

'they didn't understand-just like you don't understand' I growled roughly as I felt my heart putter something didn't feel right sniffing I caught the scent of other shifters. 'where am I?' I asked slowly as I looked at him. 'you weren't there that's what happened' I muttered to myself my words obviously heard by him.

'I see you finally noticed- don't worry its Everett's hospital. Well not really his but its his family's hospital. Mark had Adam brought you here' he answered with a smile.

Growling I bit my lip and looked at the door as George strolled in with a smile. 'ADELE!!' rushing forward he wrapped his arms around me holding me tight. He didn't smell of sweet pea like usual he had a more manly scent to him a musky old spice that tickled my nose. His hair trimmed short to his skill he pulled back and pressed his lips against mine. 'I missed you'

Blinking I watched him with wide eyes his voice deeper rumbling like thunder, his body built stronger arms thick rippling with power. What the hell happened to him?!

Pulling away he sat on the edge of my bed ignoring Justin. Grumbling Justin walked away.

'Fuckin hate him' George muttered as he disappeared.

'your uh-different' I stammered as he gave me a sheepish smile.

'I know-do you like it?' did I like it? I was use to my famine Georgie, the one who would drag me into the mall so he could take me to Victoria secrets, who would stay up all night talking about how amazing BL was in bed and how much he loved him.

'What happened to you?'

Grinning he scratched his head slightly shrugging as he flashed fangs at me. 'I changed…'

Those weren't shifters fangs those weren't like anything I'd seen before. Shifting I gave a whimper as I growled.

'I wont hurt you Adele- look let me explain before you freak out on me' he begged.

Growling I shifted my eyes towards the door remembering Keegan. He was a shifter who was here to kill me. Maybe this was a fake George…

'I'm a vampire'

Growling the hair on the back of my neck stood up as my nails grew my senses sharpened , my heart racing the machine I was hooked up to going crazy as I backed away pressing my back to the head board.

'look Justin had the same reaction to me as well as Adam- I know now. Stop growling at me' he growled his eyes flashing red.

'how can I when your flashing your fangs at me?' I demanded roughly.

'look its hard for me to control myself when your growling. Please Adele you have more strength then I do we both know that' he whispered pleadingly as he leaned towards me.

Grabbing me by the shoulders he pressed his lips against mine. 'George-stop' I stammered as I tried to push him back.

'I cant help myself! You're my soul mate!' he whined as he tried to kiss me.

'stop lying to her' a voice cut through the air as I screamed in shock. 'she isn't your soul mate she'd of hopped all over you' looking at someone who looked like my Kyle I whimpered. 'I know, I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you-you see Kyle was my twin'

Kyle didn't have a twin

'yes he did actually we were adopted split apart when we turned a month old. I searched for him and ended up here-but sadly I found out he was uh well I guess you know' flinching I closed my eyes tightly my hands shaking, Kyle my heart stopped.

'do you mean Kyle is a super natural?' I whispered softly.

'no our parents weren't of super natural beings. I just happened to get bitten a while back' he confessed.

Huffing I nodded stiffly as I adverted my eyes from him. Looking at him was too painful.

'you don't know what your talking about Nemesis' George growled.

Feeling my wolf growl I wanted to snapped at him. The urge to knock him back and rip his throat out shocked me. 'George-get away from me right now' I snarled coldly my body trembling as the change started to progress my heart screaming for me to stop as I gave a warning growl. Yanking out the needles in my arms I crouched in the bed ready to attack him as he watched me with wide eyes.

Lunging I was knocked back growling and snapping my teeth I faced Nemesis his smoldering hazel eyes flashing as he held me back against the head board his teeth bare lips peeled back as he breathed into my face. Whimpering I submitted to him as I stopped fighting he gave a great full nod. 'calm down-take deep breath' his soft blonde hair falling down into his face as he leaned closer putting more pressure on my shoulders. 'there you go' he continued to praise with a pleased smile as I fully submitted to him. The wolf in me whining in protest.

Gulping I pulled in unsteady breaths as I closed my eyes and slumped.

'wore yourself out attempting to change while your so weak.' He muttered as he pulled back.

As he laid me down and tucked me in he gave me a small smile.

'it pains you to look at me doesn't it?' he asked softly as he pushed my hair out of my face.

Nodding I bit my lip with tears in my eyes.

'I'm sorry' he apologized softly compassion in his eyes.

'I-I shouldn't let it get to me' I muttered under my breath.

'you have a right-you lost someone really close to you-Adam told me about you' he whispered into my ear.

Growling I clenched my hands into tight fists. Damn him for tell my secrets!

'he didn't have much choice dont be so hard on him' he chuckled.

Scowling I huffed. 'don't tell me you're a mind reader'

'then I wont ok?' he teased lightly his laugh making my eyes grow wide. God he looked like Kyle, sounded like Kyle. If I closed my eyes he was my Kyle.

Groaning I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face in his neck inhaling deep as I noted he didn't smell like pot, he smelt clean, obviously he liked outdoors because the smell of pine and oak was all over him.

Feeling him wrap his arms around me I kept my eyes closed as I held him tighter. 'bro why didn't you listen to me when I told you to stay away?' I whispered to myself. Why hadn't he listened to me when I told him I didn't want him to get involved. I warned him-but he came anyways…

Feeling him hold me close he smoothed his hand down my neck. 'shhh-don't talk like that. He really care for you Adele.'

Sucking in a shaky breath I nodded slowly as I inhaled deeply.

Closing my eyes I felt myself falling into darkness.


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