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Natures Twisted Creation

Novel By: blackheartroza

Nature has a twisted sense of humor.Thought Victoria as she thought about both of them. one she could never be with and one well she didn't want to be with. but why was she all of a sudden drawn to this man? a man that in every fiber of her being that she could not bring herself to admit her feelings for him. ashamed of her weakness for the both of them she is confused with her raging emotions, having none to confide in. she must untangle her thoughts and do what is right. she must chose between a man who wants her but if her knew who she was would throw her aside, and another who adores and yearns for her sense first laying eyes on her
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I stretched my paws feeling the gravel under the tender part near my nails. A low growl formed deep in my throat as my eyes latched onto the deer just in front of me. I yearned to taste its flesh...

Taking in a deep breath I crouched low to the ground ready to spring. My ears twitched as they caught the sound of something approaching, voices carried to me, my body locked up. I knew I should get out of there before one of the humans caught me but something held me there...

As I waited they finally came into view. Three meat bags. A man with aged grey hair, an a young woman who looked to be aging gracefully. Trailing behind them was a man or teen? But something about himcaptivated me.

He stood there arms crossed over his slim chest even from this distances I could see his forming and developing muscles. Licking my lips I unwilling took a step forward.

'tell me again why we couldn't be like any normal family and take a vacation away from our home?' he growls in a monotone voice. Shifting from paw to paw I wanted to get closer...

You can't do that stupid it's against the rules!

Whimpering in self pity I then realized they could hear me or at least he did. He scanned the area his eyes resting on where I was stopped breathing. Could he see me?

'what's wrong Jeremy?' the woman's asks concerned.

' nothing' he shrugs slightly.

Not wanting to risk anything I stood and gave a howl hoping to scare them away. To my disappoint they didn't. But the man's hand moved to something under his coat. Catching the sight of silver a chill when through me.

A hunter...?!

Began to panic there was now only one thing on my mind I had to warn the others...Turning away I ran off not bothering to be silent, my heart racing as I glided through the wood toward Darius's house, as I walked to the back porch I changed back shivering at the slight chill in the air my bra an panties giving little warmth.

Shoving the door open I walked in and called for him. Hearing a grunt i waited in the kitchen not wanting to interrupt what ever he was busy with.

After a minute or two he walks in buckling his pant up.

'What Fang?' he growls in annoyance. 'this better be important

'hunter's' I answered swiftly as I shifted from foot to foot not quiet comfortable at being half naked in his house with him so scantly dressed as well.

It's not like he would touch you when he has someone like Darla.I pushed that thought back and wrapped my arms around myself.

'are you sure?' he asked as he walked away motioning me to follow. Stiffening a groan, I didn't want to go into the house more the I already was. It stunk of cigarette's and stal beer.

'ya...I mean I seen the silver bullets and the gun...' I shivered at the thought as I trailed behind him. In the living room he relaxed into a lazy boy an threw something at me, I caught it an was grateful to see it was a t-shirt. 'thanks'

' it's obvious to see your still uncomfortable showing yourself to me.' he answered coldly. 'though I think it's ridiculous because those pups always get to see you undressed ...so, aren't ready for a "real" man yet?'

I blushed as I slipped into his shirt his scent engulfed me it was nothing I would of thought it would be like.

'that's because I'm not of age' I reported stiffly. ' and those "pups" are like brothers'

He snorted. ' some brothers your have there' he rolls his hazel eyes. ' they are constantly starring at your ass' he answered bluntly. ' a whole lot of incest would happen if you gave them a time of day'

I crossed my arms over my chest an gave a deep growl an I rolled my eyes. Damn him!' Let's get back to business Darius. I don't want to cut into your time with "Darla".' I snapped softly through clenched teeth.

His eyes sparkled with amusement at first but then darkened as he stiffened. 'Fine, where was it?' he almost snapped.

' just north of here at the clearing.'

'and what were you doing out that far?!' he growled skeptically.

'hunting, an it's just within our land so don't get all snippy' I answered coldly.

'from now on you will have someone accompany you.' when I didnt answer he growled. 'do you understand?'

I sighed there goes my freedom... 'but...' I began.

' it's final we can't loss more of our women Victoria'

' if I didn't know any better I'd say you were only keeping me alive to be a breeding tool for later on' I muttered.

'that part of it' he answered teasingly 'but I made your father a promise and I intend to keep it' he answered gently

'no one in this village interests me enough to bred with them' I answered softly. The man's face filling my mind. His soft blonde hair and those eyes...I found my Heart pounding wildly in my chest at the thought of him.

'in time that will change an there are other villages we could send invitations and you could have your pick I'm sure noone will turn you down' he answered his voice changing. Was that disappointment I detected?

I wish...but apparently my heart thought different...which was twisted I could never bred with one of them...it was impossible and against everything the village said.

'lighten up. Well besides that did you get to hunt?'

I shrugged. ' I ran right over here to tell you'

'well give me a sec and I will go with you' he gets up and stretches.

'that's not...'

' yes it is remember you can't be alone and unfortunately the guys are out of town for a couple of days. I'm your only option'

With a sigh I gave up. 'fine' I muttered.

'good' he nodded and walked out of the room.

I looked around and noticed it was cleaner then the last time I had came, but it still smelled bad... With a mutter I walked out of the house and sat on the portch.

Sitting on the rail I swung my legs back and forth humming to myself.

Then I heard it a loud snapping sound my blood froze as I looked up as a figure fumbled out of the woods. 'what happened?!' yelled Darius from inside. I watched in horror to speechless to do anything as the figure dragged itself up and turned towards me. Red eyes glarred at me.

What was that thing?! It took a step towards me moving like a shadow, a beam of light shot through the air from the woods singing, no humming as it sailed towards it. The beam went through the thing making it dissolve into empty air. I blinked trying to understand it.

'VICTORIA!?' haulared Darius. Finding my voices I took a deep breath.

'I-I- don't know...' I stammered as a cold sweat broke out over my entire body.as he walked out his eyes locked onto my face.

'you ok?'

I didn't trust my voice I just mouthed the word 'no'

He sighed and dragged his hand through his long brown hair. 'well what ever it is it's gone now, ok?' he said softly as he walked to me and wrapped his arms around me from behind. Only then had I noticed I was trembling.

Was I going crazy?!


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