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Secret Alpha

Novel By: blackheartroza

While teens her age had by now experienced their first kiss, lost their v-card, the exchange of juicy gossip with their friends . But Sophia didn’t have the opertunity to do just that. Sophia was a human surrounded by a pack of Wolfs not just any wolfs. Werewolfs to be exact. Though it hadn’t always been like that. She was born to a tiny family consisting of her mother and father whom where both humans but when she was ten she was orphaned by a rouge attack. That day she was adopted by the Alpha of the pack. Being a human trying to obey rules that where clear as day was harder said then done she wasn’t like a wolf that had it etched in them to obey their leader, she wasn’t exactly the best little girl. But what could she say? She had no friends, not family and the people around her made it clear she was unwanted. View table of contents...


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* so this is my newest story...already posted this on wattpad so i figured i should post it on here...anyways hope you like it please comment and tell me what you think...and if there a spelling mistake please tell me lol...i thought i got them all but then again i was up till lke 3 in the morning doing it...*

Chapter 1

: Sophia

'you cant date anyone from the human world' Alpha hissed at me as I met his gaze timidly.

'its not dating when you ask whats for lunch' I answered innocently. His voice sending chills of fear through me locking up my muscles. As a human I wasn't built to withstand the blunt effects of an Alphas commands. As a human I was meant to mate with a human sense were-wolfs couldn't mate with humans. I was adopted into this pack when I was ten years old so about seven years ago. It hard for a human to follow all the protocol they have for their packs. Because humans weren't built or hardwired with the fears and need to obey a Alphas command.

Being of human blood and my moms daughter I was born headstrong and stubborn never knowing when to give up. 'you where talking to a human Sophia. You know the rules'

Handing my head I bit my lip with tears in my eyes. 'I don't have any friends, I don't talk to anyone or have anyone to talk to, I'm human I need to talk to people Alpha' I pleaded desperately.

'and you do have someone you have your pack you will marry a pack member' he answered soberly ignoring my pleas.

'so I'm never to have children?' I whispered my heart dropping at the thought of never being able to hold my own child.

'you can adopted just like we adopted you'

'I never asked for this I wish you had just let me die' I hissed out as I turned on my heels and ran out of the room. Bumping into someone I skirted around them trying to get away.

'SOPHIA STOP' feeling myself lock up I stopped mid run fear coursing through me as I felt his power moving closer to me making the hair on the back of my neck rise up. 'turn now' doing as I was told I felt a hand come into contact with my cheek sending me flying back. Glaring up I grit my teeth as I spat out a mouthful of blood. 'we didn't have to bring you into this home Sophia we didn't ask to have a worthless human thrown into our arms. Yet we took you in clothed you feed you'

'and make me feel unwanted and hated. Yes bravo Alpha for making my life hell I know the pack bitches hate me I know the males laugh at me I have nothing but a empty life with no reason to live' I whispered with tears in my eyes. 'you've done everything imaginable to feel unwelcome in this house hold and pack. Just end my life and let me have peace.'

'Drake you went to far' the pack's Luna whispered as she went to come near me. flinching away I scooted back as she turned to face her mate. 'You hit her!' she hissed out. 'We need to get her to the doctors.'

'she doesn't need the doctors she's fine'

'shes not an underling she isn't built like us Drake you cant just go around hitting humans' Luna growled out as she turned back to me. 'come on Sophia' picking me up I gave a whimper at the jolt finding my body in pain. How could that happen with just one back hand? 'her mate will not like this at all Drake do you know what you've just done?' she muttered as I felt myself sliding into a blackness that frightened me yet felt comforting as I let go.


'Why the hell is she still asleep?' a voice hissed out making me cringe internally as I felt a hand touch my arm. Pain shot up my arm making my eyes shape open as I gave a yelp. 'Sophia?'

Glancing around I looked at the Alpha as I sank deeper into the bed as I noticed my jaw hurt really bad . Feeling my blood run cold as he took a step towards me he stepped away. Turning he went to leave.

'Your bags are packed you'll be staying just outside the packs bounds with humans' he growled out as the door closed.

Feeling someone move by me I watched as another man left the room. The door slid closed slowly letting their rich deep voices into the room. 'You will not send my mate out into the waste lands unprotected by humans' a voice hissed out.

'Hold you tongue Zachary, your mate chose to go against my word countless times. She wants to socialize and live with humans then fine by me let the bitch die' the Alpha snapped.

'I will not tolerate my mate being treated like such' the man snarled as the door slid closed sending me into a fit of fear. Who was that man? Humans and werewolfs cant be mates its not possible.

And if I did have a mate how come he never came for me. I remember the woman of the pack talking about mates. They were suppose to love and protect you, to fill that missing piece. Sighing softly I slowly got out of the hospital bed. Glancing around I found my clothes slowly wiggling into them I fixed my baggie shirt and sweatshirt as I threw my bag over my shoulder. Opening the window I rolled my eyes as I easily hopped hoped out because it was only a foot off the ground. Closing the window I walked across the yard as I made my way down the road.

I was free. All this time that I had lived here I never felt wanted. How could I when I was a human in a were-wolf pack? Glancing around I went to the bank and walked in. Grabbing a withdraw sheet I filled it out and went to the desk. Pulling 400 that would cover my week it was about 50 for a motel room that was decent and some food which I didn't eat much anyways and school gave me free lunch two meals a day was all I needed.

'Where do you think your going?' glancing behind me as I pushed the money into my pocket I shrugged.

'who are you?'

'your coming with me' he answered roughly as he grabbed my arm making me scowl at him. But not wanting to cause a scene I snapped my mouth shut as he pulled me out of the bank. 'what are you doing out of bed.'

'obviously with drawling money from the bank' I answered in a mumble.


'because you cant live in a motel for free duh. I need to live somewhere and eat ya food you sort of need too…I mean if I don't my size 12 ass will turn into a 00 and I don't feel like getting that small because I don't have a lot of money to get new clothes' I hissed out with sarcasm

'No mate of mine will sleep in a motel and starve. Your coming with me' he answered. Blinking I felt my heart putter. Why did all werewolf's have to be so good looking. His long dark hair was cut short barley going past his eyes his cream color skin smooth and unblemished.


Nodding I gave a nervous laugh as I shaked my head. 'your joking right?'

Frowning I gulped. 'No now lets go'

Shaking my head I doubled over laughing. 'you got to be kidding me did Serena put you up to this? She had to of because she's done worst. Try and touch me I dare you' I hissed out suddenly as I pulled out the silver bladed pocket knife. 'I got a silver blade in my hand and I know how to use it.'

'Honey I'm not trying to hurt you this isn't a joke' he pleaded 'I'm not Lennex'

Raising an eyebrow I bit my lip. 'that's what he said. Look I'll call Trent and he'll come get me'

'MINE' he demanded roughly as he knocked the blade out of my hand pulling me into his arms I felt a blush creep over my cheeks as he buried his face into my neck making me shiver. 'you can feel it I know you can please trust me' gulping I bit my lip.

'fine, what now?' I demanded timidly. 'you-your not going to kill me are you?'

Growling he held me tighter. 'you're my mate why would I want to hurt you?'

'Humans cant be mates to your kind' I whispered with quivering lips. 'its not possible.'

'that's what we were trying to find out before I announced our connection but you had to go aggravate the Alpha and get placed into another foster home.' he tsked softly as he pushed my tangles out of my eyes.

Feeling a spark I quickly withdrew myself from him as I gazed into his chocolate brown eyes. They held so much emotions. My stomach churned with anticipation of feeling him close to me as a male is to his mate yet I knew it wasn't really possible for us to be together. I would never have my own children. Hanging my head I bit my lip as I exposed my neck to him by tilting my head to the side.

'I'm sorry I will never be able to bare you children' I whispered softly feeling guilt wash over me as I realized that he would never be able to bare pups. But then again he with his looks and status probably already has a little or two somewhere.

'don not apologize for something you can not control' tipping my face up to him he brushed his thumb over my lips sending a shock through me making me blush. 'lets just get you home.'

I knew he was lying to me. Every male no matter what wanted to have their own children. Leading me to a car I got in and buckled up as he slid into the driver side. 'I don't have a home'

'if you had not pushed the Alpha you still would be at his house safe and sound. do you realize the danger you put yourself in because you can not keep your tongue still or your temper in check?' he hissed out suddenly making me cringe away. 'I was going to tell you when I had everything ready and laid out to make you safe' cursing he slammed his fist down on the wheel as he made the horn blare. 'Now your in immense danger, a danger I did not want you to be in Sophia. I wanted you to be safe and I wanted to do this right but you had to mess it all but today' he accused.

'I just asked about what was for lunch' what all I said in a small whisper with tears in my eyes.

'You were ordered NOT to speak to any male from the human society' he snarled roughly. 'now I will have to kill him. Is that what you wanted?'

Cringing I whimpered. 'I slipped once, and no he didn't do anything. He didn't even answer me why would you kill him?'

'because he was talking to what is MINE Sophia do you not understand how a mate is?' he questioned coldly.

'yes, a mate is suppose to love and take care of their other half. Not leave them in a house filled with hate full people to get beaten and yelled at every day. To not leave them in a room crying their heart out because they don't know what love feels like' I screamed with tears in my eyes opening my door I hopped out. 'that's what a mate is suppose to do. But you didn't you know I was yours yet you left me alone in a cold heartless world. You didn't care did you?' slamming the door I turned and ran from the car. I didn't know where I was going seeing how he had my bag. I had my money and that's all that's mattered.

Whimpering I pulled myself to a halt as I slipped into a dinner. Confident he wasn't following I went to the bathroom. Wiping the snot from my face I sniffled and cleaned up running my hands down my body I adjusted my shirt and sighed.

'You can do this Sophia' I whispered to myself.


Glancing at the bathroom door as someone knocked on it I slowly opened it and walked out apologizing quickly as I walked past them to the door. Glancing out I flinched as I watched the rain coming down. I hadn't realized I had been in there so long.

'Honey you cant go out there like that you'll get soaked to the bone' looking at the older waitress she pulled me away from the door. 'why don't you just sit here and wait it out. I'll bring you a cup of hot coco you look like you could use that' patting my shoulder she shuffled off.

Folding my hands in front of me I sighed. I had a mate that hid from me. Who yelled at me. Who had left me alone sense I was adopted into this pack. And it hurt to know that. I didn't care about his excuses to why he had did what he did because I knew they were lies. The small act of kindness coming from this waitress caught me off guard. Was this what love and tenderness felt like?

'here you go' glancing up at her I smiled.

'th-thank you'

'no problem' patting my shoulder she walked off leaving me there with a rather lard cup of coco that had whip cream and cinnamon on top. Dipping my finger in to the whip cream I licked it off.

I didn't know what I was going to do now. I had the money my parents had left me. I had the money in my college fund and the money from my small babysitting jobs that I did for the pack. Being the weakest I sort of assumed the roll of the Omega in the pack. Having to clean up the house's and watching the kids sort of thing. I could catch a bus to the next town over, or I could stay in a motel and go to school here. I could make friends…real friends, and have a boyfriend. I was 17 years old and I'd never had a boyfriend well never was allowed to have one but now I know why because the mate that didn't want me was to jealous. I never had been kissed, I never been held in a tight hug as the mates did in my pack.

Sighing I drank my coco slowly making sure I wouldn't burn my tongue as the bell to the door went off. 'Sophia' flinching I looked up at my mate as he walked in breath rabidly his hair was plastered to his forehead his clothes clinging to his body. Walking towards me he pulled me up out of the seat and into his arms squishing me against his wet chest. 'I was so worried' pushing against his chest he finally let go as I pulled my sweat shirt over my head.

'thank for getting me sopping wet' I grumbled with a scrunched nose as I sat back down to drink my coco.

'I've been all over town looking for you'

'must have been looking in some pretty high places' I grumbled sarcastically as I caught the sight of lip stick on his cheek. Feeling a stab to my heart I stood up and scoffed. 'I wish you'd stop lying to me obviously you weren't looking for me the lip stick on your cheek says it all' throwing a five on the table I flinched when a blonde came strutting in towards us.

'Zach there you are you took off running' she purred to my mate making me flinch away from him.

'Sophia' he pleaded to me as I went to leave.

'just stop, stop lying to me!' I snapped out in anger and betrayal as I left the door hating the fact that I had left my sweatshirt there with him. Trudging down the street my clothes quickly becoming drenched.

'Sophia I wasn't lying' his voice carried to me over the patter of the rain as he pulled me to a stop. Looking away I just rolled my eyes. 'I wouldn't lie to you'

'you did for seven years Zachary ' I sneered attempting to hold the quiver in my voice as the tears mingled with the rain that was running down my face.

'I told you it was because I was protecting you'

'lies. Just stop lying to me' I answered quickly.

'I told you I'm not lying damn it' cringing away he pulled me into his arms his body radiating heat warming up my chilled body. 'I'm not Sophia Bonnie is-'

'a old lover?' I snorted as I jerked away. Silently missing the heat I clenched my shaking hands into tight fists. 'not so old I'm assuming from the lip stick on your cheek. A lying cheating mate.' I snorted with a quiver in my voice I couldn't hold back the trembling of my lips as tears ran down my face. By now I knew my eyes were red a puffy from the tears. 'god, your nothing what I heard a mate would be like' shaking my head I went to walk away 'why did I have to get someone like you as a mate?' I groaned with a whimper.

'what would you of had me of done? You where ten years old when I was 16, I couldn't just sleep with you when I wanted you where to young' flinching away from him I swatted his hand away. 'I didn't want to do that to you'

'so you decided that a life of solitude was the best choice? A life of never knowing what it was like to have friends? A life of envy when I watched all the other kids in school laugh and have fun while I was forced to keep to myself alone with no one' shaking my head I bit my lip. 'you kept me away from everyone just so you could have me yet you cheated on me? even when I got older you chose to keep your secret from me.'

'I went about it the wrong way I know that now but it was for the best.'

'yes and you sleeping around was for the best?' I demanded roughly through chattering teeth.

'if you wanted me to control my wolf yes. Every male that looked at you I wanted dead. Do you realize how many males I could have killed just for looking at you if I had let you talk to them? Let alone date one of them?' he hissed out. 'I did what I did to keep you safe and innocent'

'I had my innocence's stolen the day my parents were murdered in front of my. My innocence's was stolen from me the day the Alpha made it clear I was never wanted. My hopes of love and happiness where dashed years ago when I realized no one would ever want me because I was different.'

'he told you those things?' he whispered out.

Nodding slowly I stepped away.

Growling he clenched his hands. 'that bastard he's going to pay for that'

'its sad that out of everything I just said that, that is the only thing that caught your attention' I whispered softly with a scoff as I turned away from him. 'just leave me alone'


Laying in the bed of the hotel room naked under the blankets I held my chest as sobs racked through me. My chest hurt. My pride bruised and dashed, I had no home, a mate that was cold hearted and a cheater, no friends no one to go to. Days like these I wish I had died along with my parents. Some days I wish I had died the first time they beat me.

How could my mate of done those things to me? Never once had he come to visit me, never once had he showed his face. He just wanted to make sure no one had me. But in his jealousy he hurt me the most knowing I wouldn't be his first.

Rolling out of bed I glanced at my damp clothes. Shoving them on as I walked out of the hotel room with my key in hand as I went down the hall.

Feeling num I bumped into some guy. Feeling his body flush against mine didn't give off the sparks Zachary's had. But I didn't care as I wrapped my arms around him. I didn't know what I was doing as I looked up into his eyes. The color was off nothing like Zachary's I hated how I was comparing this hot guy to him.

'what are you doing?' feeling his breath brush against my face I smiled.

'I think you know what I'm doing' which I didn't know but I had seen it in the movies. Slowly he pushed me away s he held me back.

'look you're a nice looking girl but I have a girlfriend' flinching I hung my head. I wasn't even good enough to please my own kind. Forcing a giggle I pushed my hair out of my face.

'o I'm so sorry-its my medicine that the doctor prescribed to me…makes me feel all out of it I thought you where someone I know' I forced another fake smile.

Nodding he blushed. 'o ok then well bye' passing me I let out a deep breath as I walked down the hall mentally kicking myself because I knew I wasn't good enough to please anyone. My own mate even chose someone else over me.


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