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The Secret of Jericho

Novel By: blackheartroza

*The second book to “Secret Alpha” a continuum of Sophia and Tanner’s story. Being a sequel to the first Novel there will only be one difference. Sophia has had her share of the lime light now it is fanned on Eva Tanner only child of Sophia and Tanner.
Eva a bright talented teenager in a human high school, facing off with her parents past, her future. She was a young half bred, more wolf then human, her sense reeling almost uncontrollable her curiosity for many things almost alarming. She was smart she knew things, thing’s that would alarm and worry her parents things her parents tried to hid from her. Things they were trying to protect her from to hid the past and to start new. But how could she let them get away with brushing it behind her back. To hid the fact that her people were at war with the Hunters that her own family was in danger? That there was someone out there trying to kill her father and his brothers?
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Copyright © 2013 [XxxSkittles_lovexxX]. All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 1

: Eva

Drumming my fingers on the desk I glanced at the teacher who was rambling on I stretched with a groan and slouched more in my chair. My eyes scanned the room landing on the new kid. A growl grew in my lungs.

"Hunter" the word lingered in my head an unfamiliar word. I'd heard the word muttered around my house but I was never told what it meant…till last night that was. A hunter was a human that knew what I was what my mom was. Someone who would hunt us down and kill us. One name in particular stood out to me. Blade. A hunter that Uncle Jordan had thought to be dead. Someone who stole my mom when she was my age. My age…smirking I rolled my eyes. Jez my mom had one bad ass life.

To have two hunks wanting you? To find you mate? Your other half at such a young age? Sure it was sad to know that my grandpa and grandma died because her brother was psycho. But she was a Queen over many werewolf's…she ruled with grace and justice. She was perfect in my eyes not looking a day over 17 sometimes people mistaken her for my twin seeing how we almost looked so much alike.

I had dark brown hair, with dark grey green eyes, standing at 5'6.

'Eva what the hell are you glaring at?' blinking I glanced at Lance with a small sigh.

'You know you're really annoying just like your mom' I shot at him with a smirk.

Scowling he punched me in the arm lightly. 'Bitch' he grumbled with a scowl. 'Don't talk about my mom she isn't that bad'

'Aunt Lex is psycho Lance!' I answered with a laugh. 'You know Chloe will agree with me man, your mom is so bad.'

'EVA TANNER' looking at the teacher I ducked my head.


'What is the answer to the problem on the board?' He demanded with narrowed eyes.

'12 squared plus 18 squared… well 12 squared equals 144, and 18 squared equals324. So 144 plus 324 is umm…' doing quick mental math I smirked. '468'

Scowling at me he looked away. 'Very good Tanner'

Nodding I sighed. 'I know I am'

'Whatever Tanner' he simply rolled his eyes with a sharp laugh before erasing the problem that I had executed without a sweat. I knew it made his blood boil hell I could hear his heart racing or maybe it was because I was a rare human who could sense that I wasn't normal.

'Cutting it close again?' glancing at Lance I shrugged.

'I can't help it that I'm smarter than most people' I muttered softly. 'Besides mom doesn't care if I show off a little. There are smart humans here' I whispered lowering my voice for him to only hear.

'I guess your right' he shrugged. 'So I found out more about that guy you were wondering about' he whispered as he grabbed a piece of paper.

Waiting I let him write away my eyes wondering back to the new kid. Sniffing the air I caught his scent and let myself scowl at him with a frown. My sense reeling, now I know what my mother felt. If only she would be more open to me. If only they would tell me what is wrong instead of brushing it behind a lie, I knew a war was going on I wasn't blind I knew that my uncle Dustin was the one leading a battle against the hunters.

Sighing he slid the paper to me. Glancing down I gulped.

That guy you where asking about? Blade. He's a hunter, but not just any hunter my sweet. He's the hunter's leader. He leads the group of hunters that has been attacking our people for years…along with that from what I heard from my mom he took your mom captive and implanted a soul into her! Can you believe that? A soul of someone else's! Not to mention it was his daughters soul! But anyways…off topic! He's a wolf just like your mom but-but he wants your dad and his brothers dead. Mom wouldn't tell me why but she said that she herself doesn't know.

Sorry I couldn't get more…but I'm still trying to get more ok?

Gulping I glanced up at him with wide eyes. 'We're at battle with him?'

Nodding I rubbed my face. 'I know right? That's the reason for the curfew it's not because they don't trust us it's because their trying to protect us' he whispered back. 'But I can't believe he'd turn against his own kind' he shakes his head. 'Despicable' his nose wrinkled up.

'Tanner is there something you'd like to say to the class seeing how you won't stop talking?' the teacher demanded to me with a scowl.

'Well yes, I'd like to say thank you to all you fellow students for listening to me at the moment!' I stand up and bow making the teacher hiss under his breath.

'Damn it' his voice carried only to I and Lance making a smirk play on my lips. 'SIT down' Doing as he asked he sent me a scowl with a roll of his eyes before he went to his desk. 'I don't know what Ima do with you Tanner' he admitted with a frown making me sigh.

'Mr. Cash you can't really do anything' I admitted playfully


'So that new kid' I whispered to Lance as I buckled in...

'You know he can't hear us' he rolled his eyes as he turned the radio upand backed out of the parking spot checking both ways he continued till we where down the road.

'That new kid is giving me the creeps. I mean it's not the creeper feel but there is something's off about him feel' I admitted staring out the window. 'He's a hunter'

'How do you know that' Lance looked at me with a raised eyebrow making me glance at him with a shrug. 'Neither of us has seen a hunter before so you can't know. I mean for all we know you could just be judging him for how he's dressed. Did you see his shoes? They were all torn up and dirty' he shakes his head.

'That's not what I mean Lance! Something in me is warning me about him. Mom said she gets the same feeling when something bad is going to happen' I rub my arm with a frown. 'I don't like how he makes me feel uneasy Lance it's like a nagging feeling' I shivered in annoyance with a frown.

'Look I'll look into him but for now just keep to yourself will you please?' nodding quickly I smiled.

'Don't have to ask me twice I've been avoiding him like the plague' I answered with a wink. 'I mean he's in three of my classes!' I threw my hands up. 'Its-OMG'

'Chill out ok? I got you, don't I always got your back babes?' he asked me as he pulled into our driveway. Parking I unbuckled and glanced at him.

'I know it's just-he scares me. I'm going to be a queen some day and he scares me damn it and that's what I hate the most' I muttered to him. Reaching out he ruffled my hair making me scowl at him and swat his hand away as I hopped out slinging my bag over my shoulder. 'Come on I think mom was making steak tonight'


'Babes pass the gravy' Lance grunted out through a mouthful of food. Rolling my eyes I grabbed the bowl and went to hand it to him but pulling back when he reached for it. Going to give it back to him I pulled back with a wink. 'BABES!'

'Dude I always wanted to know why the hell do you call her babes?' glancing at Dustin, Lance smirked.

'Cuz she's my babes' he answered in a duh voice. 'But no really when I was little I didn't like her name Eva, so I opted it for babes.'

'True, he never liked Eva's name' Lex grunted softly smiling at him. 'He'd kick anyone who called her babes too' rolling her eyes at us I handed him the gravy.

'So' I began slowly to mom. 'We have a new kid'

'That good are you friends with them?' she asked brightly with a smile.

Scowling at my food I shake my head. 'Some things off about him mom, I get this feeling that something's not right about him. I'm not judging his looks or how he talks it's just. Like something is warning me about him mom.'

'Babes I told you I'll deal with him you won't have to worry about him' Lance grunted softly to me.

Looking at mom who was eyeing dad like they were talking to each other without speaking. 'Honey I don't want you near that boy'

'Don't have to ask me twice bloody hunter' I grumbled making her gasp.

'What did you just say?!'

'Hunter mom' I answered curiously raising an eyebrow making her eyes widen in shock and her hands clench into tight fists her knuckles going white.

'How do you know that word' she demanded with narrow eyes that suddenly turned hostel

'Something in me I don't know how to explain it' I shrugged. 'Something just told me' was all I could say.

Standing she slammed her hands down on the table making the glass rattle. 'Damn it dont lie to me! You've been ease dropping again haven't you?'

'Sophia' dad rested a hand on her arm pulling her back down into her seat. 'Calm down she's just like you she can sense things just breath' he whispered to her.

Glaring she huffed. 'Tanner you can't be serious you know that child likes to listen to our conversations.'

'If you'd just tell me from the start I wouldn't have to listen! You think your protecting me your just sheltering me I can't stand it' I hissed through clenched teeth as I pushed my chair away from the table. Storming out of the room I went to mine slamming the door and locking it. Taking a deep breath I began to pace my lungs burned for air. It felt as if someone had their hand around my throat constricting my breathing making me whimper out softly pushing away at the air.

Feeling the sensation go away I sucked in a shaky breath as I backed away from the area with a growl.

'you know you've done a lot of stupid shit but telling your mom that you know about things she's been hiding from you for 17 years isn't the smartest' Lance grumbled as he stalked in with narrowed eyes. 'I mean can you really believe that your mom would be happy about you knowing'

I looked away. 'I have a right to know it's horrible that she never told me damn it' I snapped through clenched teeth. 'I hate being treated like a child.'

'I know you don't like being treated like a child but they were trying to protect you babes' walking to me he reached out and pulled me into his arms. Rubbing my back I gave a little groan.

'I don't like it big brother'

'I know you don't babes, I mean I wouldn't either but-I found out some more' he whispered softly.

'Like what?' I grumbled as I cuddled closer soaking in his cool skin. He was one of those vampires that skin got cold when he didn't feed a lot. I knew he'd skipped feeding for the fifth time this week.

'That Blade is searching for the Ender. And by the Ender I'm talking about Jericho the Ender. The great hunter that single handedly murdered the East and West Kingdoms' he whispered softly. 'If he finds that body and gets a hold of his soul he can put that soul into another person's body. Do you know what that would do to us? To the two last surviving kingdoms?' he pulled away holding me back. 'that's why Jordan and Nikko are studying which makes so much sense if you think about it that's why our parents are freaked out because if the Ender does come back he will come and kill us all. Not just the werewolf's and half-breeds like you and your dad but us vampires are at risk the witches every damn supernatural being is in danger!'

'The Ender' I snorted. 'Think they could of came up with something cooler then Jericho the Ender!' I rolled my eyes.

'its not funny'

'I know it isn't jez I'm just saying I'd go for the Jericho the Reaper. I mean think about it he's like death itself. Not anymore if their looking for a body. He's dead nothing but a pile of bones. My dad will crush him'

'your to damn cocky for you own good' he grumbled as I went to my bed. Following me he sat down in front of me between my legs on the floor combing my fingers through his hair he groaned. 'your dad isn't that powerful if you think about it he's only half werewolf, doesn't have a wolf like your mom. Now you your half royalty so your wolf is stronger. Aren't you going to be shifting soon?'

I shrugged. 'Lord Darcy must bite me first a wolf of royal blood can only break the seal to awaken my wolf if I have one like you said I'm only half I have human in me' I whispered with a frown. 'I wish I have a wolf I don't want to be stuck human.'

'so movie night?' he leaned his head back peering up at me. 'please?'

'that'd be great' I smiled


so did you like it? hope you did . so just to clear it up Eva is Sophia's child. She's 17 years old, so its been about 22 years sense Tanner and Sophia's story ended. As you can tell the main person here is now Eva, but there will also be Lance XD coming in a couple of chapters that is lol there is so much i have in plan for this one...which i hope takes off as the other one did. but if not eh thats ok because i felt the need to write for myself not because fans wanted me to. anyways hope you liked it comment please! or like...ya that too...hahaha that makes my day worth while C:.


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