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White & Black

Novel By: blackheartroza

"WARNING!! This is in fact a boyxboy novel which means there will be gay deeds, you have been warned ahead so if you don’t like it well I don’t care don’t read it. I don’t want to see any thing that disses gay love because love is love and it shouldn’t be restricted to genders love should go between everyone boyxboy, girlxgirl, or boyxgirl,LOVE IS LOVE and we all have a right to love."

White and black, his eyes mysteriously colored. Unnatural, uncommon, but that was okay. June didn’t care about his eye color’s, his style, how he held himself or about his sexuality . He seemed okay, seemed better then okay a friendship in the making in June’s eyes. Zander was just one of those people, the ones you just knew that you were friends, just like that no words needed to be exchanged no nothing just like that. A simple look knowing that you’d have each other’s backs even if you’d just met. Zander Moon, his name was even different but then again June Tyler was a different name so they could be weird together. By some stroke of fate these two were put in the same town, in the same area. View table of contents...


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Chapter 4 Part 2

:June Tyler


'IMA MONSTER HAHAHAHA!' throwing the hat off I danced around the room throwing of the hot pink boa at Zander as I clapped my hands together. 'Cut you up I'll slice and dice!'

'OMG SHUT THE HELL UP!' Colin screamed over the beat of IMA MONSTER by BOTDF.

' serve you up as cold as ice' I continued to sing.

'That's it!' blinking I stopped singing when the music stopped.

'WHY?!' I cried out in desperation dropping to my knees pouting.

'Zander I told you not to give him that double espresso'

'Can you feel it? Lose yourself to the beat!' I sang out moments later springing to my feet I began to move my hips. 'Do you wanna play with me I will show you ecstasy, do you wanna play with me I will be your anybody…x times 3!'

'Stop singing damn it your going to have a heart attack!' Colin scolded me as he hopped off the bed. Stalking to me he stops me from dancing. 'Sit.'


'No sit' Colin ordered in a strong voice.

Whining I puckered my lips bouncing my head from side to side. 'I got money and hoes and different area codes. I walk down the block and get what I want'

'Zander what the hell is he even singing? I left you two alone for six hours I come back and he's hyper like the fucking energizer bunny on Viagra. And singing songs about sex and money and hoes'

'He wanted to listen to some of my music so I showed him BOTDF' Zander shrugged as he tossed the CD case towards Collins. Falling to the ground I yelled.

'BABY NOOOO!' dropping to my knees I scooped it up and kissed it, 'ITS OKAY BABY I GOT YOU!'

'great. You know I'm going to have to keep an eye on you two from now on.' Collin mocked as he walked away.

'I Know you love I know you care, you shout whatever and I'll be there!' I called to him holding one hand out.

'I hate the Beiber!'

'I LOVE YOU ZANDER!' I sang out making them both laugh as I leaned back hitting the ground with a thump my legs bent under me uncomfortably 'whats so good about picking up the pieces?'

'now what is he singing?'

'Pierce the Veil Caraphernelia' Zander chuckled as I stared up at the ceiling.

'Babe why are you singing random lines.'

Pouting I fiddled with the CD case. 'Cuz I don't remember most of the songs'

'makes sense'

'Now dance fucker dance!' I yelled to him 'Nice work you did your gonna go far kid' I sat up reaching for Collins. 'Dance with me baby'

He shakes his head. 'nope'


'I suppose I can' he hopped up offering me his hand I slipped mine into his. Yanking me up I bounced off his chest. Spinning me around I gave a laugh as he danced randomly to no beat to no music with Collins sprawled out on the bed shaking his head. 'you got your secrets locked inside' he began to sing

'you took your love and wasted all of it on someone who could care less for you' I added moments later.

'you two are dorks!' Collin curled up laughing at us.

'UNFORGIVEN!' I threw my head back as Zander tipped me back supporting my back I threw one leg up like the dancers did.

'I'm going to go home for the day ok?' Collin called out as he hopped up.

Zander dropped me making me hit the floor with a groan. 'DAMN YOU!' I looked at Collins with a pout. 'why?'

'Don't worry I'll come back tomorrow I made you dinner and breakfast okay mom and dad miss me' he sighed heavily. Crawling to my feet I threw myself at him.


'I'm not my mom and dad miss me I need to visit with them' he whined as he kissed my cheek. 'I'll be back babe'

'fine' I let him go pressing a wet kiss to his forehead. 'I'll share my bed with Zander'

Patting my cheek he smirked. 'you do that you weirdo'

'But you love me!' I watched him walk away with a grin as I turned to Zander. 'Its you and me!'


'OOOO YAAA BABY!' I whooped throwing my hands in the air I jogged in place.

'well put a shirt on'

I glanced down at my bare chest and pouted. 'fine' stalking to the dresser I grabbed a random shirt. 'OMG I forgot I had this!' I looked down at my neon electric blue shrit.

'now that you realized you have that shirt can we go get some coffee?'

Nodding I gave a little puff of air. 'ONWARD!'


'Are you sure he should have another?' the guy behind the counter asked as he eyed me.

Grinning I looked around my eyes darting around the room.

'does Collin know about this?'

'I don't know what you mean.' I giggled as I looked at Zander. 'I wanna try the one with caramel in it'

'anything else?' the guy looked at Zander.

'nope just that make it a extra large we'll share.' He answered with a shrug.

'I don't know your name' I eyed the guy curiously with narrowed eyes. 'who are you?'

Chuckling the guy shrugged. 'the name is Aaron, I'm Collins friend from 6th grade'

'OO I remember you what happened to you man?' I gasped with wide eyes. 'you got hot!"

'I moved to a different school, and you got gayer' he teased with laugher in his eyes.

'I know right? Dude its so better to be out then in the closet I mean for one their for clothes and I really didn't wanna meet Mr, Tomas' I answered leaning on the counter.

'so whos that guy?'

'that's Zander he moved near us a little bit ago. He's really cool' I answered with a laugh. 'so when did you get so tall and handsome?'

Rolling his eyes he sat my drink in front of me. 'the beginning of 7th grade happened after I moved away I tried calling you guys but you never answered'

'mum changed the number and you know me and numbers' I answered with a pout. 'but you still could have visited'

'shit happened' he answered simply his eyes traveled to Zander who was seated at out table. Spinning a coin on the table top.

'true' I grabbed the cup. 'I will be back' I skipped away to Zander. 'I have our drink.

'Bout time' he snatched it away from me. Licking off the whip cream I lunged at him over the table snatching his finger I licked the whip cream off of it making him whine in protest. 'EWWW'

'you have to share!'

'you didn't have to lick me!' he whined wiping his hand on a napkin as I stuck my tongue out at him. 'dude that was wrong on so many levels!'

'o you liked it!' I shot back with a grin making him shake his head at me his mouth shut. 'ya that's what I thought so anyways sense Collin abandoned me for the day what do ya wanna do? O wait I know what we can do! Lets go to the park you can push me on the merry-go-round!'

'Lets just do that now!'

'na I wanna finish my drink first! do you know how hard it is to drink on one of those things?!' I took a deep drink.


'I have to go' I gapped at Zander as I slouched in the Café's seat.


Checking his phone he frowned. 'I'll be back in 15' he tossed down some money. 'buy some candy and a drink or two? You better be here when I get back'

Pouting I picked up the 20. 'I guess I can wait'

'you better be here I don't want to have to explain to Collin why your on the missing person's' he teased as he stood up. Ruffling my hair I shrugged. 'though I think they'd return you to sender'

'your evil'

'did you just get dumped?' looking up at Aaron I shake my head.

'we're not dating stupid.' I stuck my tongue out at him. 'he had to go do something but on the mean time I take it hat your on break?' he nodded. 'then sit and join me!'

'so your what? 18 now?' I nodded with a shrug.

'ya and your what 17?'

'I've always been a year younger then Collins, I just turned 16' he muttered with a frown.

'any you got a job?'

'well my uncle owns the place plus I look older then what I am' he stuck his tongue out at me as he sat down in front of me.

'so your lying!' I threw my hands up with a gasp.

'o shut up' he stuck his tongue at me again. 'anyways how've you been?'

'good, same as back in 6th grade'

'I heard that people are afraid of you' he smirked.

'not scared just cautions with how they act about me and Collins'

'sure whatever' he rolled his eyes at me.

Looking down at my cup I glanced up at him, 'how've you really been?'

'I don't understand' he looked away.

'You know exactly what I mean what is really going on with you? You don't think I didn't notice the bracelets on your left arm. last time I remember you wearing them you where cutting'

Gulping he looked away. 'Things have change'

'But even if we haven't seen each other for 4 years doesn't mean I don't know you'

Biting his lip he looked up. 'shit happens'

'I know shit happens, now spill'

'its not something I talk about' he muttered with a frown. 'you'll think of me as weak.'

'dude your still the weak little 6th grader that was dumped in a trash can'

Flinching he wrung his hands tears suddenly where streaming down his face. 'I missed you guys'

Sighing heavily I scooted over in my chair patting the seat next to me he quickly joined my side. 'breath little brother' rubbing his back he buried his face into my side.

'how can you call me that when we haven't spoken in 4 years?'

'Because your still the little 11 year old that I'd walk home from school because he was to afraid to go home to his parents' I answered as I took a drink of my coffee. 'whats bothering you?'

'you wouldn't believe me even if I told you' he muttered holding closer.

'how bout you when you get off of work you come over to hand out with me and Zander? Then maybe you can tell me a little more about whats going on with you.'

Taking a deep breath he shrugged. 'ok'

'I hate to break up the bro-mance that's happening but we need to start walking to the park if you wanna play on the merry-go-round' looking at Zander I felt a smile break out over my face.

'Talk to you later?' Aaron muttered as he pulled away from me.

Nodding I stood up and ruffled his hair. 'bue'


'so whos that kid?' Zander grunted out as he poked through the chicken and broccoli. Stabbing a water chestnut he grinned.

'He's our old friend from 4 years ago we haven seen him sense 6th grade' I muttered as I stabbed a broccoli. Swirling it around in the sauce I took a bit. 'when you came back I was trying to get him to tell me what's wrong…some things bothering him'


'I bet its his dad' I muttered with my chopsticks between my teeth. 'he was always the reason before…'

'what bout his dad?' I looked at Zander as I snatched the water chestnut from his fork.

'his dad is a drunk, who gets a little to aggressive' I muttered when I finished chewing my food. 'his mom had to call the cops multiple times to deal with him'

'sounds like a troubled child'

'he's not a troubled child he's just…he just needs someone to be there for him to let him know it gets better' I muttered to him.

'and your how much older then him?'

'two years older' I added as snatched another water chestnut from him. 'stop eating them all I WANT SOME TOO!'

Rolling his eyes he poked at me with his fork.

Growling in return I threw my chop sticks down. 'I should call Collin and tell him who's in town'

'he's having family time, tell him tomorrow'

Pouting I crossed my arms over my chest. 'I don't see why they want family time' I muttered with a sigh. 'he's mine'

'he's there kid, he's just your boyfriend'

'I'm going to marry that boy' I answered firmly as I looked into his eyes. ' I love that boy'

'but sense your not married to him the parents get him first'

'I don't see why' I continued to pout.

'JUNE you have a visitor' looking at the door I grunted.

'Send them up!'

'you are so lazy' Zander poked me with his foot making me jump slightly with a yelp.

'don't do that!' I swatted his foot away from me making him laugh.

'you know your room hasn't changed at all' looking over at the door I waved to Aaron as I moved the plate out of the way. Throwing myself at him I knocked him back into the bed making him grunt out in surprise.

'yo' I muttered as I was thrown to the side falling off the bed I gave a groan as I hit the floor with a thump. 'ouch!'

'your such a dork' Aaron snorted as he walked towards us.

'I know' grunting out when a pillow slapped me up side the head. Pushing it away scowled at him. 'would you stop?'


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