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Hate & Marriage(Teaser)

Novel By: blackice45

~DANA is a spoiled rich kid with everything she could want-almost.

~ EVAN is a guy that works hard for what he has and reaps the reward.

~BOTH love who they are and hate each other.

But what happens when their worlds collide in the worst possible way? Will it be utter disaster or a new beginning? I wrote this story on another site and it had a great response. This is a teaser and the finished product can be viewed elsewhere, but tell me if you enjoyed it. Hope you like it! :)xoxo View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 22, 2010    Reads: 221    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Dana woke to the annoying sound of her alarm clock. She groaned while trying to find the snooze button. When she finally reached it, she snuggled into her pillow only to hear her mom's voice over the intercom. "Dana, get your butt outta bed right now!" Her mother waited for a response, but didn't hear anything so she continued ". . .if you don't, I'm gonna keep singing til you do."

Dana tried to plug her ears and cover them with her pillow but it was no use. She whimpered as her mom belted Ave Maria in an operatic voice. "Why me?" She rolled out of bed and walked to the intercom. "Okay, I'm up. Now please, make it stop!"

Her mom laughed. "Morning, sweetie! Breakfast is in an hour so hurry up. You know how long it takes you."

"No one should be this jolly in the morning."

"Oh come on, the sun's shining, birds are chirping, it's a beautiful day!"

"You are so weird."

"Yea yea, hurry up! I dont want you late again." Dana yawned, "Ok. I'll be down soon." and staggered off to take a shower.

Dana Howard is 5'4. She is fit and curvy where it counts. She has bronze skin, dark brown hair, and light brown eyes with high cheek bones. She's popular and one of the richest girls at her school. She lives alone with her mom in a semi mansion. After she finished takin her shower with her energizing aroma therapy body wash, Dana skipped to her walk-in closet wearing her robe. She turned on the conveyor belt and began picking through her clothes as they spun. She decided on a black leather mini with a white tank that read IM HOT CUZ IMFLY!! in silver glitter. A black vest over top was accompanied by black heels. After matching her accessories, she looked at herself in the mirror then grabbed her bags and headed downstairs. When she got to the kitchen, Dana looked at her phone "54 minutes. See? I'm getting better."

"Wow. Just think, by the time you graduate you'll be down to- 46!" her mom said drinkin her coffee. Dana sat down. "Ha ha. Very funny...Cam, where's my cappuchino?" Cam, their live-in maid, answered "The shipment of hazelnut didn't come in. I know you don't want it without hazelnut. Would you like a latte instead?"

"That's fine, I guess." she shrugged. "Oh honey. I have a meeting with the fund manager so I might not be home when you get here."

"Ok. is there a problem?" Dana asked before taking a bite out of her bagel. "No. He just wants to change his design so I'm giving him some samples." Her mom, Lea, owns a business that makes luxury business cards. "Fine. I'm going to the mall later anyway so it's ok."

"Alright, have fun and splurge a little bit. I think I saw a dent in your closet."

"That's not funny." Dana said her face completely serious. Lea laughed. "I thought it was a little funny. But ok, I'm off. . .you're the belle of the ball."

"And you're the fairest of them all." Dana replied finishang their mantra. Lea kissed her on the cheek and headed out the door. Dana finished eating her breakfast when her cellphone rang. It was her best friend Meme. "What's up?"

"Hey girl. Can you pick me up? My car won't start and I refuse to take the bus."

"Sure, no problem. I'll be there in ten." They hung up. "Ok, Cam. I'm out."

"No 'bye' or 'thanks for cooking'? Ungrateful." Cam teased. Dana ran and hugged her like a little kid. "I'm sorry! Everything was great. You're the best, and I love you."

"Mmhmm. Now, get outta here." Cam said pushing dana off her laughing. Dana blew Cam a kiss as she left. She pulled up to her friend in her black benz. Meme got in and Dana drove off. Meme is a pretty girl with creamy skin, curly blonde hair, and green eyes. "Ugh! Thank you girl. Trust this is the last time I let Angelo fix anything for me."

"Why'd you let him in the first place?"

"Cause he said he'd give me a good deal. You know how it is; I may be rich, but my daddy is Che-eeap!" Dana laughed. "You right about that."

"Oh, by the way, I like this car. Nice."

"Isn't it, though?"

"Yeah girl. You look all sophisticated and stuff." They both laughed. "Thanks. I just got it."

"Your mom's the best. She don't care what you spend. Lucky ass, I hate you."

"Hey! I can't help it if I'm loved." "Sure rub it in; meanwhile, my dads about to cut my card."

"We're still goin' to the mall, right?"

"Yeah girl. Don't you worry about that ...Oh my God, do you know who I saw on your Facebook yesterday?" Dana clenched the steering wheel. "Don't even say it. I already know; and when I see that jerk, he's gonna get it."

"Y'all need to stop fightin' and increase the peace. This is gettin' ridiculous." Dana glared at the road in front of her. "There is no peace when it comes to him. He's evil."


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