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Fallen From Heaven (Short Stories)

Novel By: Blackmirror

Thus begins a collection of short stories related to my novel "Fallen From Heaven". View table of contents...


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Dimitri and Mariella, by M-chan

Eyes of the softest butterscotch color give me a gentle smile. I run a hand through hair of the iciest white color. Mariella tips her head back with a sweet sigh of contentment. The moon's faint spotlight shines on Mariella's marble skin. I feel a dull ache in my chest. My Hunger, my instinct, is threatening to rise to the surface. I shove it down.

"Oh," Mariella sighs, "Dimitri."

The way Mariella whispered my name sends an electric shock up my spine. My hand tingles where it touches her hair. I want to stay like this, forever. 'tis not to be, though. Mariella and I are of two different worlds.

Mariella continues to stare at me with those butterscotch eyes. She wraps her willowy arms around my neck with a light touch. Mariella's eyes close as she pulls me down to meet her.

Our lips meld together in a way described by all the clichéd romance novels. We become one, and it is a joining that I wish to go on endlessly. This is a passionate act forbidden by all the Ancient Laws.

I break away from Mariella, thus ending our union. Yet, I know in my heart that I pulled away too late. This everlasting cycle will never release me from its clutches.

Mariella gives me a pout with her full, red lips. "What's wrong Dimitri? Did I do something wrong?"

Oh, but it's not Mariella. She's not done anything. This is far from her fault. The situation was never in her control. Her innocence to the situation has probably saved her.

"Dimitri?" Mariella's voice is so small in my ears. It sounds as if she may break apart at any moment.

"I must go, my Mariella," I murmur, untangling myself from her embrace.

I stand, rustling the leaves around us. Mariella scrambles to her feet, taking hold of my arm. I jerk away. I don't want to seem cold, but 'tis for the best.

"Wait, Dimitri," Mariella gasps, feeling the sparks flying between us.

I also feel it, and I yank my arm away. Already, dark clouds are gathering in the starless sky. The moon cowers behind the clouds, and all is black in the night.

I disappear, leaving my Mariella. I hear her scream last. She is crying my name. I want to go back to her, but that would be the death of us. I leave, and I don't look back.

My walk is brisk. I have to force myself to remain to calm, not to run. I feel an ache in my heart. Oh, but alas, my Mariella will soon be rid of her memories related to me. That is for the best.

I berate myself for the hot tears stinging in my eyes. It's stupid of me. To cry is shameful. What would Zara tell me? My beautiful Zara would laugh at me for my appalling behavior. She'd tell me that men don't cry.

Thunder roars across city in dreadful waves. I'm out of the forest now, walking the streets in a lonesome stupor. I don't care that it starts to pour down rain. Maybe it's the rain of my shattered heart.

You were a fool to think that you had a chance, my inner Daemon hisses.

I was a fool. What was I thinking? Love with a mortal, even one of a halfway state, is doom to one such as me. For the past five hundred millennia, I have suffered the same consequences. The second I laid eyes on Mariella's great ancestor was the second that sealed my fate. When will this torment end?

More so, what of Mariella's anguish now? She must certainly be feeling brokenhearted. If only I could explain. Her attraction to me is purely a destined occurrence. 'tis a cruel thing, fate. Mariella may never move on, may never find her true love.

Yes, fate truly is cruel. I wonder if God is laughing right now. No, he is not that unpleasant a ruler. It is the devil who is laughing.

'tis a full week of agony before I meet Mariella again. I struggle to avoid her for a few days before giving up. She always finds me.

This time, I am lying in a tree. My legs stretch before me as my hands pillow my head. I start to doze off.


I curse myself for letting Mariella find me. I'm in such an obvious place. Why didn't I hide better?

"Dimitri, talk to me." Mariella's voice is pleading, desperate. She is under the impression that she's somehow displeased me. Oh, she is so wrong.

I hear leaves crackling, signaling that a tree branch is moving. I open an eye to see Mariella scrambling up through the contiguous branches of the large tree.

"When will you give up?" I snap at her.

Mariella at last crawls onto a branch close enough to mine. "What did I do, Dimitri? Did I anger you?"

I'm tempted to reassure Mariella, to tell her that this isn't her fault. Only, I must not allow Mariella any closer to me. We cannot further assist Daemons with their plans.

Mariella clambers into my lap. The branch trembles under the sudden movements, but it holds quite nicely. Mariella is now in my face, her breath hot on my icy cheek.

Mariella leans forwards, eyes shut. She's ever so graceful as she kisses me. Our lips meld to fit each other and we are suddenly holding onto each other with certain urgency.

God and Satan roar their anger through the appearance of many grey storm clouds. Rain begins to slash at the world as lighting cries above. People run for shelter, unaware of the battle raging between two worlds.

Mariella pulls away from me, confusion in her eyes. She has no idea what the sudden storm forebodes. She knows only that the rain was unexpected, random, and abnormal. Only, it's actually common. The storm represents the war between the mortal and immortal worlds.

"I must go," I whisper to Mariella.

She screams my name, but I am gone. The wind carries me to another place. I know that Mariella will be safe without me. I only bring upon the wraths of God and Satan. Every Ancient Law forbids my love for Mariella and her love for me.

Now, this is really starting to sound like a cheesy, clichéd romance novel. Especially the type that all boys hate. Something about it, though, just differs. I feel as if this one won't get its fairy tale ending.

Mariella's shriek is distinct, piercing. I remember it from the night the Fallen Angels, now Daemons, attacked her. That was the night they stole away most of her soul. That was the night Mariella's auburn hair became white. That was my death.

Mariella's scream is more definite now than ever before. The Daemons have found her, broken the Ancient Laws, and destroyed the truce made millennia ago with God's Kingdom. They have Mariella in their clutches, and she is lost.

At least, she is lost to mortals. I could still save her. I close my eyes, steaming tears once again stinging, unshed. I will not go to Mariella. At her death, she will go to Heaven, where she belongs. Mariella will go to the place that banished me. She will be happier there.

I mean, who would want to love a Fallen Angel?


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