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Magical War

By: BlackyCoffee

Chapter 1, Clover and her sisters are done with school and are having rough times.

Chapter 1(half sorry) Summer is here now that school was over. Its a hard thing to say goodbye to your friends at the end of the year, my brother is about to go to college, and next my sisters and I will be seniors next year. "So what are you guys going to do for senior year?" I asked excited. "Clover, can we walk home without you talking?" Taya turned around and snapped at me. Taya( my sister) is the know it all and the show off, because her boyfriend works three jobs, that means to her she can say what she wants and do what she wants. "Like Taya said walk home and shut your mouth," Nicki butted in. Sorry I have to alert that I will only do have and of all the but every two hours it will be updated. Thnx for reading.

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