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Black Parade

Novel By: BloodyBlade

A dictator. The S.W.A.T team. Love. Dark Love. What else can there be? View table of contents...



Submitted:Dec 11, 2008    Reads: 305    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

Love is an incredibly and remarkably stupid thing. ALthough fighting against the S.W.A.T team is also an idiotic, how do you think it feels to be hunted down by your own brother just because he feels love towards your girlfriend that has already had future dreams about you? It doesn't feel that great. Ever since he earned the right of dictatorship over the United States he has been accomplishing nothing but chaos and havoc throughtout this whole world. All because of love...............................

Just Because

We all knew about Jacob's over obsesive greed for power, but we never knew about where this would take him. My family was fairly rich for the time, but Aly wasn't. She was my girlfriend forever. I would take her to the end of the Earth if I had to be with her. She and I started this damned war, but it wasn't our fault we were madly in love with each other.

Our family used to live in California, but later moved to New York where big businesses erupted. It was a depressing time for me since we had to stay away from Aly for 2 years. My dad needed some business in his new gun factory and my mother got a new job at Rock n' Roll Burgers where she will be the singer forthe newly, opened, famous resteraunt. As for me and Jacob we went t high school where everyday is like storming through Omaha Beach. Battling annoying jerks that fire off rumors that are total embarrasingly untrue. Of course there are girls that flirt with us occasionally, but life gets much worse every single day.

My heart can barely live to pump more blood through my body when I'm too busycoughing it out while people take out their anger management problems on me. Everyday is pain and agony without Aly in my life anymore.

6 Years Later......

I began to like it here int he big city. I no longer thoguht about Aly everyday. I no longer thought about her warm body against mine. I no longer thoguht about kissing her rosy lips everyday. I no longer cared for her. I only cared about my band and our career. Our band got voted #1 band of teenagers. Rock is our style. A lot has changed since we moved away from Aly. I had longer hair and dyed it black to cover the brown ugly hair to cover my ugly blue pale eyes. My white skin began to get tanner. My muscles got bigger and stronger since I beat myself for a year about Aly. I changed my mood to depression. And barely laughed only around with my closest friends and family. Black was my favorite color and piercings were a good way to inject pain into me. Motorcycles was a good idea to get by annoying bitches that piss me off. Life can't get more miserable than this can it?


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