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Erotic Story of my Life

Novel By: BloodyBlade

Danny Smith get's sent to a summer camp which turns out to be a hot summer filled with girls. Co-ed bathrooms which includes showers and guys and girls cabins. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 20, 2009    Reads: 2,008    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

There I was sitting on the cough making out with friend I knew since kindergarden. I had a crush on her ever since. She was just perfect. Definelty my type. My tongue slipped inside her lips. My tongue was in her mouth discovering new things. Our hands shifted to a new position. Her hands on my ass. Mine inside her shirt squeezing her boobs and my othe ron her ass. That was probably a moment I would never forget. I was a nerd. She was a popular. But we went for each other.Why? Because we really did love each other. It was just perfect. Until I was sent to a gay ass summer camp.

a week later......

I had second thoguhts about this place. There was a few guys and tons of girls. Plenty of time to make out and have sex, but that was rare for me since I was just so not popular. I was just a lonely scene guy sitting in the corners of the rooms while the others had fun making out with each other. So it was monday, I just woke up and got out of my bed. There was two beds per cabin. I didn't have a cabin mate yet though. I sighed hoping maybe some day I would get a cabin mate to talk to. I took of my clothes and got in the shower. I felt the hot water pour over. Suddenly, I heard someone walk in.


"I'm in the bathroom just a minute!" I said turning off the shower.

I took my bathrobe and rapped it around my shivering. I opened the bathroom door to see a very hot girl staring at me wide eyed.

"Woah! Nice hair!"

"Uh..... Thanks? Who are you?"

"I'm your new room mate! My name's Kelly."

"Hey my name Danny."

Kelly was a blonde I could tell, but she dyed it black with some blonde highlights. SHe wore black eye liner and some blush which I thought was totally sexy. She wore a hello kitty shirt and short shorts. She wore Uggs.

"So are we suppose to shake hands or something?" Kelly asked.


I took her hand to shake it but she pulled me to her kissing me on the lips. I leaned back after a couple of raw seconds. My cheeks were burning hot.

"Uh....I better get ready to get changed." I was hoping she would look away. It would be too embarrasing for her to look at me changing.


I took of my robe and put on my boxers and a pair of black skinny jeans and a pair of white/grey toed socks. I turned back to her.

"Nice abs." She said as I walked to my bed taking a shirt and putting it on.

"What abs? I'm weak as a twig." But I was suprised to see a 6 pack on me. Damn. I must have been working out a lot.

I shook my hair and Kelly shrieked as some water splashed onto her. I looked at a small mirror that was hanging above my bed. I had dark blue eyes like the heavens when it is dark outside. My hair was totally black covering my right eye with purple highlights. My skin tanish white.

"Well uh I'll see you around." I said putting a black beanie on my head.

"Awww.... so soon?" She said with a sad face on her face.

I started to walk out the door and into a 70 degree weather, but Kelly stopped me and turned me around. She put her red lips on mine. We didn't let go for a couple seconds. This is the start of a new beautiful story.


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