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A Whisper in the Night

Novel By: bookchick

Vanessa always knew she was different. She was raised by a vampire, who found her on the streets as a child, and has lived with him all her life. Slowly, things begin to change for her. She develops feelings for him and as her 18 birthday nears, she'll become an adult, meaning she'll have to leave him forever... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 7, 2009    Reads: 360    Comments: 7    Likes: 3   

"Wake up, lady Vanessa, you'll be late for school," Vanessa's maid, Sara, said. She shook the purple lump of blankets and frowned. Pulling back the covers, Sara gasped. Vanessa wasn't in bed. "Master Damien, Master Damien!! Vanessa is gone, again!" Sara yelled, running down the long hallway. As soon as the words were said, Damien, a strong and powerful vampire, opened the door to his room. "What do you mean?" He asked. Although he just woke up, Damien looked alert. Sara stopped to breath. "Her car-" She panted, "is gone. She's not in bed, my lord." Damien growled, a low, rumbling sound from his throat. Where the hell could she've gone now? He asked himself, pulling on a coat. Somewhere beyond the mansion, Vanessa was driving back home, her heart thumping madly. She hadn't meant to stay out all night. She only wanted to go to the party, which Damien would not allow her to. "A waste of time," He had said, "You'll get drunk, laid, then end up pregnent." Vanessa sped up as she imagined his anger. Turning onto the road to her home, she punched in the number to the gate, and drove into the garage. She shut off the car, grabbed her jacket, and sprinted up the stairs. As she neared her room, a voice stopped her. "Where have you been?" Vanessa froze. She knew that voice too well. Damien. She spun around, facing him. Might as well get this over with, she thought. "Hey Damien, what are you doing up so early?" It was 5:30, still too early for him to be up. "Vanessa. Where were you?" He asked again in a dangerously low voice. Vanessa bit her lip and began fiddiling with the end of her skirt, which stopped mid-thigh. "Out." She answered, not looking in his dark blue eyes. "You went to that party." It wasn't a question. It was a fact. Vanessa glanced over at him, hoping he wasn't too angry. "Maybe." She said quietly. But she knew he heard her. She knew about him being a vampire, and the thought didn't repluse her. She was just grateful to him for saving her life. Damien went up the remaining stairs that seperated them and stood before her, towering her 5'7 with his 6'1. "Didn't I tell you NOT to go to that party?" Vanessa finally looked up at him. Her light brown eyes looked pleadingly at him, just as they had 15 years ago, while she was crying helplessly on the street like any other two year old would. "I'm sorry," She said, looking down again. "I just wanted to have fun." Damien sighed. "You just wanted to have fun? Is your idea of fun getting drunk?! Is your idea of fun getting fucked by some idiot who wants to take advantage of some helpless girl?! Is your idea of fun-" Vanessa's eyes began to water, but she held back tears. "I get it!" She yelled, "I get it." She hated it when he lectured her. He treats me like I'm 12, she thought bitterly, but next year, when I'm 18, he won't be able to say stuff like this. I'll be a legal adult. Damien sighed. Running a hand through his black hair, he looked over at Vanesaa. She was wearing a short black skirt, with a matching black shirt that was cut off at the sleeves. Her brown hair was pulled up into a ponytail with loose strands of hair falling over her face. Light makeup had been applied to her face and it made her look older than 17. "Go to your room," Damien ordered. "Skip school today." He pointed upstairs, and Vanessa turned, and with heels clacking against the marble floor, she slammed her door shut.


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