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Alyxandria & Xavier

Novel By: BooksRMyLife123

Enter Alyxandria: A girl who doesn't know she's beautiful. She hides her great personality behind a giant pair of thick-framed dorky glasses & buries her face into every romance novel she can get her hands on. No one knows about the real her that's hidden under those baggy clothes and geeky glasses except her best friend Xavier.

Now enter Xavier: The hottest & most popular boy in school. Every girl wants him and every guy wants to be him. They're total opposites. He knows Alyxandria like the palm of his hand. He knows how to push her buttons and brighten her day with just one sentence. She trusts him with her entire being. In fact, she's been in love with him ever since they started middle school when she discovered how amazing he is. Of course, being the shy person she is, he doesn't know that. But there's one problem. Xavier has a secret. A very BIG secret. He's a werewolf. An Alpha werewolf. 

What happens when that secret reveals itself one night? How will Alyxandria react to this? But the real question is: How will she react when she finds out that she's the mate of an Alpha werewolf?

Now take all of that drama and add another big secret into the mix. There's been a secret that's been kept in Alyxandria's family for generations over generations. She's known that there was something different and a little otherworldly about her ever since she was little. Is it her black-speckled violet eyes that pulls everyone under a hypnotizing spell every time they stare directly into them? With her strange eyes and fiery red hair people would sometimes mistake her for a beautiful witch. 

Follow Alyxandria and Xavier on their journey full of action and  mythical creatures that seemingly come out of nowhere. Will their true love be strong enough to overcome the boundaries of reality? Or will it just destroy their very existence?

Read on my little Igitz*(^_^)* View table of contents...


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Prologue 12 years ago "Alyxandria! Come and meet the new neighbors!" I heard my mommy yell. I ran as fast as my tiny legs would carry me clutching my precious teddy bear Mr. Igit. We lived in a huge house that had a big backyard so I had lots of room to play in. I carefully stepped down the stairs so I wouldn't trip. When I got to the living room I saw a pretty lady with long brown hair and dark blue eyes and a bright flower print dress on and heels. There was a man sitting next to her. He had the blackest hair I'd ever seen and intense black eyes. He was tall, lean, and muscular. He had on a black button down shirt and jeans. There was a little boy sitting next to them with a Spiderman t-shirt on and jeans. He looked just like the man and also had midnight black hair and intense black eyes. I looked at him and saw that he was staring at me. My cheeks heated up and I looked away. I walked over and sat by mommy & daddy. "Alyxandria say hello to our guests." Mommy told me. "Hi." I said softly from behind Mr. Igit. I looked up and the boy was smiling at me. I quickly looked down again and hugged my teddy bear to me. "Hi sweetie. My name's Sylvia and this is my husband Drake and my son Xavier." Sylvia said. "Hi Sylvia." I said sweetly. "I'm sorry, Sylvia, she's a little shy." My daddy said. He put his big arm around me lovingly and I happily snuggled into his warm chest. Sylvia laughed. "Oh that's okay. She is a very beautiful child. She looks just like you." She said to mommy and smiled at her. My mommy was beautiful with flaming red hair that reached her waist and black-speckled violet eyes. I asked her why our eyes are like that once and she said that violet eyes ran through her family for a long time. The kids at school would crowd around me asking why are my eyes like that. A few of them said that my eyes are witch eyes. Kids would shy away from me whenever I asked them if they wanted to play. I don't care that much about what they think. That's why I'm always by myself at school. When at recess I would sit on an old swing set by myslef and read a different book each day. That's right I'm a speed reader. Mommy likes to brag about me reading big 100-paged books. I don't like to brag much about it since I'm shy like daddy. The teachers at school consider me one of the smartest kids there. People say that when I grow up I'm going to be just like Mommy. She was a small woman with a big heart and loved everybody. But you don't want to get on her bad side. Then she'll get scary. My daddy was tall and muscular with short messy blonde hair and sparkly green eyes. I got my looks from mommy but people say that I have my daddy's big smile. Daddy was extremely tough most of the time, but really, he was just a big cuddly teddy bear. You don't want to get daddy angry either. When my parents got into a fight mommy was just as scary as daddy, sometimes even scarier if mommy was more angry. She may look small but you don't want to mess with her. "Thank you." I sent her a big smile showing her my missing two front teeth. She laughed again. "Awwww you are so adorable!!!" She told me. I blushed again and buried my face back into my daddy's chest. I heard them all laughing at me. "Alyx why don't you and Xavier go play." Mommy said. I nodded and stood up. I went towards Xavier and said, "Come on." I held my hand out that wasn't holding Mr. Igit. He took it and stood up. My eyes widened when I noticed how tall he was. He had to be around at least a year older than me. He was about two heads taller than I was. It was a little scary. I ignored it and led him up to my room. My room had red walls and my bed had a black comforter. There was big windows and a balcony. I also had a huge bookcase with all of my favorite books in it. I know it was a little too much for a 5 year old but all of the rooms in the house were big so we didn't have a choice. I sat down on the bed swinging my short legs back and forth. Xavier sat down next to me. I felt even shorter when I saw that his feet reached the floor and mine's didn't. "So, how old are you Xavier?" I asked him staring into his black eyes. They seemed to see straight through me. "Seven." He answered. So he was two years older than me. His height was still unnatural. "How old are you?" He asked me. "Five." I said. He nodded. He reached out and caught a strand of my long red hair. "I like your hair, Alyxandria. It's pretty." He said. I blushed at his compliment. "So are your eyes. Why are they like that?" He asked. My cheeks were still flaming. For some reason Xavier seemed to make me feel all tingly. I haven't even known him that long and he could easily make me embarrassed. "My mommy and I have them. Violet eyes have ran through our family for a very long time." I answered him. "Well they're beautiful. Your eyes with your red hair kind of remind me of a witch." He murmured. This didn't really offend me since I'm used to it by now. "Dude that's so cool!" He exclaimed. I giggled at him. "What's his name?'' He pointed to Mr. Igit. "Mr. Igit." I replied. He chuckled at me. Oh my god, stop blushing! I told myself. He laughed at my red cheeks. He was still playing with my hair twirling it around his fingers and slowly pulling his finger out making my hair a long curly strand. "Mr. Igit? Where'd you get that from?" He asked me still laughing at my embarrasment. "I just thought of it." I told him. "I got him for my birthday last year. July 7th." I said proud of myself for remembering my birthday. "When is your birthday?" I asked him. "January 10th." He said. "Oooooo do you wanna be best friends?" I asked him excitedly with a big smile. He smiled back and said, "Okay." Wow I've never had a friend before! I can't wait to see how it feels. He took my hand and held it with his while we told each other random things about ourselves. Like his favorite food was pizza while mine's was Asian food. His favorite hobby was basketball and mine's was reading. He made a face at me when I said that. "Ewwww why do you like reading? Reading is boring." I laughed at him. "Hey no it's not! Reading is fun, you just gotta make it fun. All you have to do is look for the kind of book that interests you the most. Then just go from there. That's what I do." I said. He nodded. "Okay. I'll try it." He smiled. He slowly slid his fingers in between my fingers. We talked some more while comfortably holding hands until it was time for Xavier to go. It felt nice talking to him without seeing him cower away in fear from my strange eyes. We walked back downstairs hand in hand. At the front door we took our hands apart. I was sad because I liked how it felt. I looked up and saw mommy and daddy smiling down at me. Xavier's parents were looking at us and smiling too. I was very confused. Where were they looking at us like that? Are they hiding something? I looked at Xavier at the same time he looked at me and I saw that he was also confused. We shrugged. He leaned over and whispered, "Parents are weird." I giggled and nodded. He laughed along with me. Our parents laughed at our childish behavior. We were going to be best friends forever for sure. ______________________________________________________________________ OKAY IGITZ that was the prologue of this FREAKIN BRILLIANT idea of this story so.....Wat y'all think??? The beginning of Chapter1 is going to be a little weird but bear with me peoplerz!!!! It just hit me all of a sudden a few minutes ago and now it's written down somewhere....I think. So yeppish. There we go! BYE!!!


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