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Suprise, I Love You!

Novel By: BreannaThe Lost

this is what happens when i get bored :) View table of contents...



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I sighed as i turned over and shut off my alarm. I sat up with a grimace and looked around my room. The orange walls were lined with posters of various things and the floor was sprinkled with random items from the previous night. As i started to change from last nights outfit into something fresh I looked with suprise at the large tattoo of a spider on my left hip. I didn't remember getting it but there was no way in hell I planned on showing my mom when she got back from her trip to Australia.

As I brushed the knots out of my hair i tried to recollect what had happened the previous night, the only thing i could remember is that i had a party and that Medgel brought the beer. I carefully opened my door, not sure what i was going to find on the other side of it. I relaxed when i saw no one in the room. I trudged through the trash and knew i had to clean it up when i got back from work. I checked my watch and saw that i still had an hour before i had to show up. I took advantage of the time by taking a short shower and making some french toast.

I put the key into the igniton but the car didn't turn on.

"Really?" I screamed, "You're going to do this NOW?" this time when i turned the key the engine reeved and the sterio filled the silent car with a song i had never heard before.

"So they finally put sonething new on this stupid channel?" I said as i pulled out of my driveway. I calculated the time it would take me to clean up the house compared to what time i got off of work and how much energy i was going to put into it.then i let my mind wander back to my tattoo.

How the hell did i get it? Where did i go to get it? Who paid for it? Who pretended to be my mother? i wondered this because, me being only sixteen, I am not allowed by the state of Wisconsin to get one without parental pemission. I was brought out of my thought by the sound of a beeping horn. I had been gradually slowing down and now i was completly stopped in the middle of the road. I blinked my apology at the cars behind me and stepped on the gas. I was going to be so late!

By the time i pulled into my spot and got inside my boss, Kim, was already on my ass for being late.

"Where the HELL have you been?"

"I overslept, I'm sorry ma'am"

"Damn right you're sorry! Get to work!"

I walked over to the registers and turned to face Brendon, who stands at the register off to my right. Brendon and i have been friends since birth and we know everything about eachother, we keep no secrets from eachother. Having overheard what just happened he gave me a look saying 'it's not your fault, she's just a cranky bitch' and I laughed and he pointed to my register to let me know i had a customer. I made a disapproving face, as i turned around i changed it into a plesant smile. Before me stood a small old lady with white hair and a shawl-covered dress. As i rang her up she dug through her purse and produced a large wad of cash.

"You're final total is $52.19" I said in my thank you for coming voice. She handed me three twenty dollar bills and mumbled something in my general direction, "I'm sorry ma'am, could you please speak up?"

"I said you can keep the change dear." She said without looking up.

"Well thats very kind of you." I said. I put all the cash into the register and counted out $7.81 to put in my tip jar. As she walked away i turned to Brendon and made a large gesture to say that she left a big tip. He laughed and gave me a thumbs up. I was about to say something and remembered my newly found prize. I turned my left side to him and pulled my shirt up and my pants down a bit so he could see a little bit of my tattoo. He laughed and showed me the exact same one on his right side.

"Do you know?" I asked.

"No clue, but they're cool eh?"

"Yeah, but i just want to know where they came from. Have you talked to Medgel today?" I inquired.

"No, but i remember a lot more then you will," he said with a mischievous smile, "You were drunk off your ass for more then half the party!"

I smiled at him in a way that always made him guess what I was thinking, just so that he would think I wasn't telling him something. I pointed to his customer and he pulled his attention aways from me. I turned my attention to some kids in the store that were fighting about where they would find something. I exited the register area and walked over to them with my best smile.

"Can i help you find something?"

"Where would we find the action movies?" The girl asked.

"Three isles that way, half way down, there is a little sign there that says action."

"Okay, cool, thanks." she said with a radient smile. As i walked away i overheard her, "I told you they were that way." The little boy laughed and followed her to the isle i had pointed out a moment earlier.A few minutes later they approached my register with three action movies and a comedy starring Adam Sandler.

My day was mostly quiet after that, but Brendon and I limited our fun because we were under the watchfull eyes Kim and we didn't want to feel her wrath. At half past two Geno and Mark walked in. We handed over our registers and got the hell out of there. Once we were outside Brendon broke the silence.

"That sucked!" He laughed, "I'm coming to help clean up weather you like it or not."

"How do you know i need to clean?" I laughed.

"I woke up two hours before you did and I got everyone out of there," He smiled, "well, I'm assuming it was two hours judging by the fact you came in with damp hair and you "overslept" this morning." I stared at him in amazement and his smile widened, We got into our cars and he followed me home. I unlocked my door as he walked over, when i opened it i almost dropped my keys.

He laughed, "Suprise!" I looked around my house in amazement. There wasn't a single piece of trash on the floor or anything out of its usual place. I stood there speechless, which made min smile even more. "I have my ways." was all he said. I hugged him tightly.

"I say its time to spill what happened last night!" I said with a smile.

"Hmmm.... no!" He said with a chuckle, "Not yet." I scoffed and he chuckled again.

"You make it sound like i did something i'm going to regret!" I moaned. He walked over to the television and put a DVD into the player. I hadn't seen that DVD before and i had ransacked the house a week earlier for my mom's horror film collection. "Where did that come from?" I asked confused.

"You will not believe what i found!" He said as he looked up with a huge grin on his face, a sign that i knew ment 'you're about to find something out and it's going to be amazing!' I plopped down onto my couch and he sat right next to me, glowing like a lightbulb.

The television sprung to life with a video obviously taken by an amature. I was slightly confused for a moment before i realized that this video was from the party last night. I watched as a tipsy me danced around to the music with an even tipsier Medgel, Tyler, and Geno. Mark popped up behind Medgel and turned her around and kissed her.

My jaw dropped and I looked over at Brendon, who immediatly smiled and pointed back at the screen.

I looked up just just as brendon walked into the picture, only slightly buzzed by the look on his face. I offered him my beer and he downed it. I smiled as he threw the cup and turned his attention back to me. He must have said something because I gave him a confused look then a little smile and a nod. He grabbed my hand and pulled me through my crowded house to the staircase, being a split level house the upstairs was also pretty crowded, the camera followed us until we climbed out of view. Then turned back to my friends.

I grabbed the remote and hit pause.

"What was that all about?" I asked, he reached over and snatched the remote from my hand a hit fast-forward. I watched the mystery cameraman videotape more people for about two minutes before he started making his way for the staircase. When he rounded the corner to the second short set of stairs Brendon hit play.

As he reached the top of the stairs I saw that it had been longer then I thought because by now Brendon and I were completly drunk and laughing over something. The camera approached us and I heard what i assumed to be the inebriated Cameraman but I couldn''t make out who the voice belonged to. Suddenly Brendon nodded at someone out of the camera's view, the music stopped, and everyone immediatly made room for Brendon and me.

I glanced over at Brendon and he had an excited look on his face. He glanced over to me and almost jumped out of his skin with excitement. "I watched it this morning and you aren't going to believe it because I hardly did! This is where it happens!"

I looked up at the screen. A drunk Brendon was in the middle of telling a Drunk me to hold on for a second. He took something out of his pocket and got down on one knee. I listened hard and I made out a few words, "...Known you forever...", "...Have something...", "...Will you...". The camera zoomed in on my hand and he put a ring on it. He stood up, leaned over, and kissed me. The crowd cheered and the music started again.

I looked down at my hand and gaped, I always have jewelry on so I hadn't noticed the new ring on my fourth finger. I looked over at Brendon, who was pratically exploding with excitement. "I found this sitting on your table this morning with our names on it." It must have been obvious to him that I was speechless because he smiled. After about five seconds of silence he dropped his smile and got a more serious tone, "I don't remember asking you but I do love you. If you --"

I cut him off with a kiss. After we seperated i said the only thing I could manage, "I love you too." I laughed to lighten his still serous face, "It's about time!" I joked.



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