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Peaceful Beings

Novel By: Brianna105

What is love, well that is exactly what Mia is thinking when, she meets Aren. He doesn't have trouble with making friends or getting girlfriends, because he's the most popular guy in his grade, to add to that hes a major playboy. He doesn't care about women, hes cruel to those he doesn't need, but what will happen when she has to attend every class period with him? She wants to see the truth that hides behind his scary lies, and deception. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1-

When I think of stupid, incompitent, lazy, rude and cruel to the core, i think of Aren. He is probably one of the worst people I would of known. Iv'e been in the same class as him since i was in kindergarden, but you know what he did today? Well...

Earlier This Morning...

I sat down, thinking of fire, I honestly don't know why but I love fire, it fascinates me, Anyway...I put my head down on my desk. I closed my eyes thinking again. Another year of school, and i still don't have any friends at all. I sigh and prop my head on my hand as i place my elbow on the table. Could this be anymore of a bore? Someone sits down next to me, and I look over to see who it is, and with my luck, I t would be HIM. Everyone likes HIM, i don't really know why, he doesn't really try that hard at anything and it pisses me off, i try so hard to get good grades and i get avergae. He doesn't try at all, and gets the best grades in the class. I wouldn't really care but he says that he doesn't even care about grades. I know this is a very hateful thing to do, but I really don't enjoy his company, i don't.

"Oh hey!" he turns to smile at me.

"What do you want?" I look at him. I am being really rude, but i don't want to be bothered right now.

"Er... have I seen you before?"

I look at him. "Probably, ive gone to the same schools as you since kindergarden."

"Really? I think I would have remembered someone so pretty." he winked at me

I rolled my eyes at that line iv'e seen him use so many ties to other girls. ''Whatever.''

He frowned at me. probably because hisline didn't make me swoon over him, like every other girl.


I don't know why he gets me so mad, it not understandable to anyone else.

I walked over to the lockers and searched till i found mine. I opened it and papers fell out, and i could all ready guess what they said.

''GO DIE'' or ''EMO, FAG'' something along the lines of that usually appeared in my locker, but this time i found one that said...


I laughed, thats a new one. They really want to keep him to themselves that badly? They don't have to worry about that. I honestly don't care about the letters or what anyone else says about me, because they're people i don't know, so why should I care?

''Do you get those often?''

I gasped and jumped back a little. Oh it was only Aren.

He laughed ''Need help up?"

I hadn't realized i fell down. I looked at him fro a second, and then got up.

"You haven't answered my question yet.''

'' I don't think i have to.''

He frowned again.

I looked away from him, clenching my hands together "I don't want any of your pity.''

I turned back to look at him. "What?''

he started to stare at me with worried eyes.

Don't make it seem like you care. I turned around and started to walk away.

''I get them everyday...'' I said as i continued to run away.

Please don't act like your worried... Then i might start to feel happy again, but you'll just smash that, now won't you?

You'll just betray me like everyone else did, i may not be able to survive that again.

I don't want to cry invisible tears anymore.


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