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Novel By: Brinahardmo

Faith has nothing her mother barely evens cares for her and her father is dead, but now it's her 17th birthday and she's determined to spend it with the one man she thought cared for her. Now her world fallen apart. In one night she found out her boyfriend was cheating with her with her so called "bestfriend" and now she's been kidnapped by the new boys at school. What has her life become and as if to make it more complicated she's fallen in love. View table of contents...


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~~My phone vibrated in my pocket at I made my way out the the car that morning. "Hello" I said mindlessly to hear casidy's annoying voice in my ear, "Where the FUCK are you at. I'm standing out here waiting for your slow ass freezing My ass off." I don't know exactly why I'm friends with her. I guess I just figured it's better to have them as a friend then an enemy. "I'm getting in the car now. I'm on my way." "I'll give you 10 minutes hurry up and get here." With that she hung up on me and I sighed as I pulled out of the drive way. Today was going to be another long day.

A few minutes later I arrived at Casidy's house and we made our way to school. She doesn't talk to me when I'm driving and for her sake that's a good thing. We pulled into the school parking lot, pulling into our usual spot only for me to realize it was taken. Two boys stepped out. The one in the passengers seat met my eyes momentarily before walking away with a shrug. He had dark black hair and Crimson red eyes rimmed with gold. His face was almost angelic with his perfect lips that any girl would die to kiss and even with his baggy shirt you could tell her was well built. I shook my head and found a different parking spot deciding no to make a big deal out of it. Casidy opened her door and did one last makeup check before fully exiting the car. "Hurry up Faith, I don't want to be late because your so slow." I sighed and nodded following behind her. We separated and headed to our lockers. I put my bag in and began to take out the books I would need for history. When I closed my lockers I was met with just the face I needed to see, Julian. "Hey babe" He smiled giving me a hug and kiss on the lips. Wrapping his arms around my body.

"Hey Jul" I sung happily as he was the only person who made me smile. Without him I wouldn't be able to tolerate Casidy. Though I know he would prefer if I wasn't her friend but he knows my reasons. He draped his arm around my shoulder and made our way to class joined be Casidy soon after. "Hey Julian." She smirked trying to be sexy which Julian ignored and replied with a dry. "Hey." That's the exact reason why I chose him. He would never hurt me. When we entered class I sat in the far back with Julian and Casidy left me for her 'Real' friends as she did everyday. Soon after the bell rang and class began.

"Good morning class," Mr.Crinch began. " I hope everyone had a good weekend and with that it's time to get ready to work, we have a lot to cover today." The door open with a creak interrupting Mr.Crinch reveling a boy. He had his hood up and music in his ears hiding his face. He whispered to Mr.Crinch then handed him a note before taking out the music, pulling off his hood, and facing us. It was the boy from this morning. So he was a new student I thought to myself.

"Class we have a new student a Mr.Cane. Introduce yourself." When he finally looked up to met our eye's instead of speaking to everyone I felt as if he were only speaking to me and we made eye contact. "Hello," He spoke in an English ascent. "It is nice to meet to all. I am Dante Cane. Please take care of me." He finished plane and simple. "Very nice now if you will please take a seat by miss Cross we will began class." He made his way back towards me giving me a cocky grin and sitting next me. I could feel Julian glare at him.

Throughout the rest of the day no matter were I went I always noticed Dante staring at me, not seeming to care if I noticed. I made my way to my car with Julian and Casidy when Julian says"So babe, What are you doing for your birthday." I had completely what today was. "I-I'm not sure I guess I'll just stay home." I heard him chuckle. "What kind of boyfriend would I be If I let you spend your birthday that way." He spun then hugged me to his chest, Casidy rolled her eye's and climbed into the drivers seat. I heard him chuckle again. "Let's go out tonight. We can go to that new night climb down town." I thought for a moment. It would be better then staying home all alone. I am turning 17, so my mom won't mind. "O.K." I nodded smiling as he kissed my nose. Then he began to walk away yelling behind his back. "Be there by 10. I'll met you in the back." I watched him walk away and sighed climbing into my car and pulling away.

Maybe that was the mistake.


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