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Together Forever!

By: brittanysmithsexy1717

Page 3,

That whole night I was in Ronnie's arms. It felt comforting to be held the way he held me. I loved him and at that point I knew that I did. When I woke up Ronnie was still asleep. Snoring away. I didn't mind him snoring, it was actually peaceful. I wanted to go back to sleep in his arms.

"Good morning" he said

. He opened his eyes to me smiling at him.

"good morning" I said.

He leaned down and gave me a kiss. He held me close, and that's all I really wanted. Ronnie and I headed toward the kitchen. He made me an omelet and some bacon, while he made him some pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, cereal, and a protein shake. I wasn't as hungry as he was.

"do you want to go shopping today?" he asked. I don't know how to shop. I never been before.

"sure" I said. Im excited.

I always had wanted to go shopping.

"well since I am your mate its tradition for the male mates sister to go with the mate." he said.

"if that's what mates do then I will do it." I said.

He pulled me in for a hug.

"your going to love my sister." he said.

I went upstairs and took a shower. Pulled on the clothes that Ronnie had left for me. Half an hour later I went downstairs and there was an unfamiliar woman standing next to Ronnie.


"Katy, this is Riba. Riba this is my mate, Katy. " he introduced us. Riba was skinny, dark tan, very pretty.

She had barely any makeup on, she has very modern clothing. I like how she is dressed. I wonder if I'm going to look like her after we go shopping?

"you are going to love shopping, I know I do. " she said.

Ronnie hands me a plastic card.

"this is a credit card. Its were there is money on this card, there is no limit, so you can go crazy if you want." he said.

"so, if I want to buy something I can use this card? I asked.

"yes, and if you need any help, Riba Will help you." He gave me a hug, giving me a kiss, I smiled.

Walking out side with Riba I stopped to notice her car. I stared in amazement. Her car was a 2013 Blue Ferrari. I learned how to drive a year ago when Colin got sick. Riba and i went to at least a dozen stores. I swiped the plastic card at least 20 times. We shopped at some stored that were very fancy, some that had club outfits. Riba took me into a store that sells langerie and other sex stuff. Riba insisted.

We went into a hair salon to get my hair all fancied up. Riba told me that I have breakage and dry hair. Riba told the stylist to dye my hair dark brown with red lowlights and to add some length. My hair before was dirty blonde and to my shoulder. My hair is to the middle of my back, close to my butt, and brown with pretty red lowlights. I felt fresh and new.

The first time in my life I felt pretty. We got home and I had about 30 bags in the back seat. I felt beautiful and sexy. Ronnie came outside and once his eyes hit me, they got big. I had on some shorts and a classy shirt on with some heels on.

Riba had me practice before I bought them.

My hair was curled and it smelled really nice.

"you look amazing" he said.

Walking towards me and he pulled me and pressed his lips to mine. His arms made their way up to my face cradling my face. My hands were on his waist. Slipping his tongue into my mouth, he moved closer to me. I like the way he kissed me so passionately.

"okay now, Ronnie can you please help me with the bags then yall can finish." Riba said.

Pulling away he walked over to her car and pulled out the bags that Riba didn't have. Ronnie brought the bags to the bedroom and I followed.

"when I bought the house I made sure they had two closets, so this one is yours" he said putting the bags into the closet.

Ronnie gave me a tight hug. I knew he liked how I looked and I was pleased that I can look how he likes. Pressing my lips to his, he received my kiss and returned it. His hands cradled my face.

"im glad your here" he said.

" I wouldn't be anywhere else, I have everything I have ever wanted right here" I said.

He gave me a tender kiss.

"all right, you unpack your stuff and meet me downstairs. " I nodded and he left the room.

Im falling madly in love with Ronnie. I somehow knew this was love.

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