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Searching the Forgotten

Novel By: BrittanyW21

Rose is confused when she wakes up in a strangers care. She doesn't remember how she got there, actually she doesn't remember the last few months of her life.

Rose is determined to find the person who tried to kill her. All the while, she is battling her feelings towards the man that saved her. Until she realizes he has a secret of his own.

Will Rose seach for justice? or will she give up in a attempt to hide her lovers secret identity? View table of contents...



Submitted:Mar 16, 2013    Reads: 29    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Wake Up

"I wish she would just wake up." A voice groans. It is a man's voice, although it doesn't sound familiar. I feel a set of fingertips trace my jaw line slowly and then settle over my closed eyelids. Forcefully, I try to open up my eyes, but am refused the privilege. It isn't the fingers stopping me, but my own body. My brain can't make anything move, I am frozen.
"Give her some time, she needs to be ready." A second voice comforts, yet this voice belongs to a female. I can't place the voices, I don't recognize either of them. The fingers pull away and I groan inwardly; my mouth not making a sound. "I will be back in a little while, you should try eating something." The girl says.
"Yeah, yeah. See you later Anna." The sound of a door closing and a human sigh are the last things I hear.


The sound of something hitting the floor awakes me. Although this time, my eyes actually open. The second my eyes flutter open I close them again, a bright light hurting my already painful head.
I hear a small gasp from someone, and force my eyes open a little bit to see the person sitting with me.
"Can you close the curtains?" I request, noticing the bright light is actually the sun. The stranger chuckles in amusement, but still closes the curtains upon my wish.
"Better?" He asks walking back towards me, with them now drawn. I open my eyes fully, now able to see the man I had heard earlier. His tall and strong build is alarming at first, being over 6 feet of pure muscle. A pair of blue jeans and a navy t-shirt clothe it. He has short brown hair, perfectly messy; to accompany it, dark brown eyes. His eyes are intense and mysterious, yet young and welcoming. I feel I have stared at him far too long when I force my gaze away.
"Thanks." I mutter, my voice horse and dry. "Where am I?" I ask curiously, beginning to prop myself up into a sitting position, yet my whole body protests. Something tells me I have been laying here for a long time.
I should be worried, shouldn't I? Waking up in a room I have never seen before, with a man I have never met before. My body and head killing and everything feeling fuzzy. I don't remember how I got here, or even what I was last doing. But I am not worried, actually I feel safe.
"You are at my house." He clarifies.
"Which is located?"
"In Adams. Tennessee?" He sits down in a chair next to the bed I am in. Adams? I last remember being in Nashville, not Adams ..
"Why am I here? What happened to me?" I rub my eyes and pull my knees up to my chest, though they crack in complaint. I feel like I am going to cry, my head is pulsing and I don't understand what is happening. Anxiety starts to get the best of me.
"I am not really sure what happened. I found you lying almost dead in the forest and brought you here to heal. I think you had been beaten and taken there, but I don't know anything for sure." His hands ball up in fists and his voice drops into a tone that does scare me.
"Oh." Is all I can say. I don't remember that happening, why would anyone do that to me? "How long have I been asleep?" I question, wondering how my body has healed if it was beaten. Unless I have been here longer than I expected.
"10 days." His eyes don't leave my face.
"How have I healed so fast then?" I ask looking over my hands, flipping them in front of me. However, where I was injured is beyond me.
He chuckles again, although this time it sounds forced. "My sister tried some ancient family remedies, they seem to have worked." This time, his eyes move away from me, peering up at the ceiling before making contact with me again. Something about his answer is off but at this moment I honestly could not care any less.
"Well, my head is killing me." I say hoping he will have some remedy to solve that. He simply nods and pushes himself off the chair and out of the room.

As he is gone I inspect myself. I am wearing a pair of foreign track pants and a grey t-shirt. These articles aren't mine, they must be his sisters. No marks on my skin, not even a single bruise. The only thing that ensures me that I was in fact injured is the pain in my head and body, as well as the fact that I don't remember anything previous to waking up.
When he arrives back into the room I almost smile. He holds a glass of ice water and his other hand is curled around something. When he sits on the chair beside me again I lean over to grasp the glass of water. The liquid trickling down my throat is a magnificent feeling, as if being born again. My mouth opens up and I can feel everything in my body awaking a little more. Once I am done my first gulp of water he holds out his hand, with two blue tablets balancing in his palm. Advil? I giggle, the ancient family remedy is Advil. I take them thankfully anyways and finish my water.

"Thank you." I murmur turning in the bed to face him. "Your sister, that's Anna?" I ask referring to when he had mentioned her before leaving.
"Yeah, how did you know that?" He raises his eyebrow curiously.
"I heard you two talking, while I was still asleep."
"You could hear us? I uh, didn't know that .." He stutters and I notice his face getting red and flustered.
"No, I only heard a few words. I just heard you say her name." I confirm and notice his body physically relax. Was there something he didn't want me to hear? Is that why he got anxious? I am curious as to what the secret is, but the moment doesn't seem right to ask, so I pick another important question. "I never happened to catch your name though?"
He smiles, his lips just pulling up slightly at the ends. "I am Christopher."
"I'm Rose." I say back, matching his expression.
"It is nice to finally meet you Rose." He whispers and reaches forward, pushing a piece of my brown hair behind my ear. His finger traces along my jaw ever so slowly, until pulling away at my chin.

At this moment I gaze at him, trapped by his eyes. This is the first time I really look at him. He is quite a handsome man, someone my eyes would follow if he were to pass me in my mundane life. Set jaw and soft lips, along with the features I had previously admired. His eyes look tired at this moment, light circles symbolizing lack of sleep. He must have been waiting for me to wake up.


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