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A love Trouble

Novel By: brokenangel1297

Lauria moves to a new town where she fell's for a guy............. Whose already TAKEN and she struggles to fight her feelings.
Plus this is my first novel so i really hope you guys like it View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 20, 2009    Reads: 621    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

"Is that true Ma." I asked

"Yes it's true." Mom said

You see my parents decided to move to Florida and they didn't even BOTHER to ask me. I mean it's not that I hate Florida or anything but they should have asked me.

"Look Lauria." Mom says. "We know that you don't want to leave Cedar Creek, but you know dad doesn't like this town so he got a nice job in Florida."

For some reason my dad just hates Cedar Creek. He doesn't like this town because it's too small and he can't get any privacy which I have no idea what it means but that doesn't mean you have to move. Right!

"I know Ma," I say. "But i don't want to leave my friends."

"But you'll make more friends, honey." Mom says softly.

"But mom! what if I don't? " I asked worriedly

"What nonsense, you know that's not true." Mom says and she is right, you can make friends anywhere you go but that's not the point really.

"But Ma............" I cried

"Look Lauria," mom says cutting me off. " We are moving to Florida wether you like it or not , understood"

I nodded knowing there was no point of arguin, so i went upstaris to my rroom. It;s not a very big toom. It's rectangular like every other room with three windows, one queen size bed, a computer table with ocmputer and a phone. The walls are peach coloured which is my favourite color because I love peaches. I love my room and I will hate to leave it.

I called my two best friends Shanna and Alisha and told them to meet me at the pizza store in ten minutes. After ten minutes we were all sitting at a corner table talking about me moving to Florida.

"So what's the problem with that." Alisha asked nibling on her pizza.

"What?" I literally yelled. " I told you we are MOVINGto Florida, away from Cedar Creek."

"I know that," She said clamly. "But what is wrong with moving to Floria. It's such a cool place."

I stared at here as if she had grown 6 heads. I mean she doesn't get that I am leaving them forever. Okay maybe not forever but still I am leaving them.

"It's not like you love this town or something." She continued. I turned to my other best friend Shanna who is looking at us. Shanna is a very sweet nice and very good friend plus she is an awesome advicer.

"Shanna don't listen to her."I said to Shanna

"But she is right Lauria." Shanna says. "I mean in a way she is. You will have fun in Florida, I heard it's a great place and great people too." Ughhh what is wrong with my friends.

"Okay,, I agree with both of you," I said tryin so hard not to yell, "But that would mean I have to leave you guys. It would also mean Iwon't be able to talk to you guys anymore."

"Umm you can Lauria." Alisha says, "By phone."

"Yes or by emailing us." adds Shanna smiling.

"But it won't be same as talking to you guys in person."Icried. Shanna nodded

"Of course it would be," Alisha says. "All you need to do is dial our number and call us."

We talk bout it for another half an hour or so.

"Well guys I have to go. " I say to Shanna and Alisha. God I am going to miss them so much.

"Where to?" Asks Shanna confused

"You know home to help mom and dad pack." I say.

"Oh okay cya then." Says Shanna

We all hug and then I leave the pizza store. Outside the weather is good. Not to hot not too cold. I am walking and looking atthe shopes thinking if I would actually miss this town or not. I reach my house and see my parents sitting on the sofa looking a little worried. Iclose the door and walk toward them.

"Hey ma, hey da." I say giving both of them kissed on the cheeks. "What's up."

They both exchange worried looks and I wonder what is wrong.

"Okay what's going on." I ask looking at both of them

"Tell her Laureen." Dad says to my mom.

"No you tell her." She says to Dad.

Iam starting to get a little worried here myselft. What are they planning to tell me? Are they going to tell me that we are not moving? From the look on there faces I don't think that's what this is about.

"Um Lauria." Asks dad. "You alright sweet punch." He must have seen the panicked look my face so I nod.

"C;mere.' dad says making some mom on the sofs for me. " We need to tell you something."

"What is it dad." I ask turning to look at him. He clears his throat and asks.

"You know we are moving to Florida?" I nod and he asks again. "And you know we are moving next month." I nod again unable to say anything.

"Well an hour ago." he continues. " I ggot a call from my new job and they asked my if I could come early with my family.

"Okay so what's wrong with taht." I ask

"Umm well.....umm they asked me if I could come on Sunday." dad says. That get's my attention. I take a deep breath and ask

"You mean this Sunday." Both my parents nod. " And you said yes." I ask again already knowing the answer, so when they nod again all i could do was say "OH"

"Okay then." I say getting up from the sofa. "I'll go to my room and start packing up." Without giving them the chance to respond Irun upstairs to my room closing and locking the door behind me. Igo to my bed and fell on it. While I lay there I couldn't stop thinking about waht dad said. We are moving this Sunday, We are moving in TWO days. We are moving after two friggin' days. And with that thought I fell asleep.


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