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Enslaved Heart

Novel By: BrokenAngel714

Once you’re caught and thrown into slavery it couldn’t get much worse. Until you lose your freedom and are bought by a haughty, cold, and arrogant teen lord who only wants you for one selfish thing. Could this lead to love? Hardly. Well, maybe, just maybe...

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Chapter 1
I don't understand. There is said to be a God right? One that's supposed to love and protect us from harm and danger in our world. Well if there is one he really sucks at his job, I think bitterly as the rope binds wrapped around my wrist bite into the now raw skin. My tear streaked cheeks hurt as the sand in the heavy breeze slapped me across the face. I lowered my scratched face attempting to wipe the dried tears and sand from my irritated eyes.
"You, in the front," a loud booming voice yelled at me from behind. I shivered discreetly in fear at hearing the voice of the head whip wielder that held us captive. He was a tall man, at least seven feet, and he towered over every other man in his posse. He was built like a redwood tall and thick with the power to intimidate. His arms were so thick and muscular I had a feeling even if I used both hands they wouldn't fit around his bicep. His blue eyes, which could have been beautiful, were icy and cold with experience and hate. And his voice was gruff and hard without a trace of kindness.
I quickly wiped the side of my face off the best I could with my shoulder before turning to look at him. I knew better than to answer or I'd be in trouble for disrespect, no matter what I said.
"Keep your hands away from your face, slave girl." He barked striding up the line of walking bound girls reaching my place towards the front. He walked next to me keeping pace before saying, "unless of course you'd like a repeat of last night."
He traced a finger dangerously close to a whip wound that drew itself across my shoulder.
I fought the urge to yank away from his disgusting touch and beat him as well as physically possible for me. I did though grit my teeth preparing to let some expletives loose ready to except the consequence until I felt my best friend, Cassidy, clench the back of my shirt tightly with her restrained hands. I could just see her silently begging me with her eyes to stay out of trouble.
"I didn't think so," he chuckled as if it was some kind of joke before returning to his place in the barricade of men that kept us from escaping.
No, I wouldn't want that again. But I'd do it exactly the same thing I had the night before in a heartbeat if it was rewound to that time. I thought through the events of last night only reassuring myself that I would do it again.
(/) (/) (/)
Us girls huddled together for warmth on the cold desert sand, that ironically, we had cursed earlier that day for being to hot. I glared enviously at the men who sat laughing and drinking around the large flickering fire that we were just a little too far away from to really feel. I continued to staring until the sobs from Cassidy became audible.
"Cassidy! Shh you're going to get in trouble," I whispered urgently my gaze flickering nervously to the men who had become aware of the distant crying too.
"I c-cant A-Amber! I-I w-wanna go h-home!" Cassidy wailed tipping her head back as if trying to reverse her tears, without much luck. I moved closer wishing I could hug her but the restraints made it impossible.
"There isn't a home anymore. Everything, everyone's gone now, you have to try to be strong." I whispered feeling tears of my own trying to surface. But they soon dissolved into intense fear as a man holding a whip made his way over.
"A-Amber th-their all gone, our f-families our g-gone! We're n-n-never going t-to see them, a-anyone, ever a-again! We're g-gonna die as s-slaves!" She choked going into hysterics all over again. The big lumbering man held his whip unraveled at his side staring pointedly at Cassidy.
"Stop crying girl or you're going to really have something to wail about." He threatened taking a menacing step closer. Cassidy honestly tried to stop but her fear only brought on more tears that she couldn't stop.
"I said stop!" he shouted raising the whip swiftly preparing to hit Cassidy.
"No!" I cried throwing my body over Cassidy's protecting her. I felt the whip land across my shoulders. I yelped at the painful sting that dug into my back.
"Amber!" Cassidy screamed.
"So, you want to take her punishment huh?" he asked me rhetorically bring the whip down on my back again. I screamed and writhed at the second blow before realizing this was a way to take a stand for my now destroyed village. I had to take this quietly for the pride of my village. I couldn't let this man get the satisfaction of hearing my cries of pain anymore.
I felt the flog again but instead of making a sound I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut feeling the unstoppable tears preparing to come. I buried my face in Cassidy's stomach hiding my tears from my tormenter. Visions of my burning town, our dying soldiers and citizens, and me and my friends becoming captured appeared before my mind's eye keeping me strong.
Four more licks clawed at every part of my exposed back but I never made another sound. The man gazed sharply at me before addressing the rest of the slaves, "let this be a lesson to you. I say things once and I expect to be obeyed."
The girls stayed silent peeking at me cautiously from the sides of their eyes. The man walked back to his neanderthal friends who laughed drunkenly at his triumph in breaking down the girls.
Once the men passed out drunk and the one night guard went into a slight daze Cassidy leaned over doing her best at a gentle hug.
"Amber…I'm…I'm so sorry," Cassidy whimpered softly stroking my tangled black hair with her bound hands.
I sighed happily, "its ok. I did it for you but also for our old town and I'm happy I did."
I nuzzled my head into her stomach using it as a pillow while she laid back on the sand her fingers still stroking my hair. I concentrated on the soothing motion rather than the wind blowing into my open wounds. But all the pain was more than worth it. I closed my eyes drifting to sleep but one memory remained burned into my mind, the village being lit on fire behind me as I was pulled away by a binding rope. And one last tear slipped down my cheek before sleep claimed me.
(/) (/) (/)
"Finally we're here," a voice grumbled loudly bring me back from my memory. I clanked up now noticing a large town looming overhead just beyond a forest on the outskirts of the desert. My stomach took a nose dive as panic drove itself into my body.
"Yes, payday!" one of men to the right of me with short black hair shouted while pumping his fists in the air over his head. The men made grunting sounds which I assumed was laughter.
Another man with a shaved head and a morbid skull tattoo on his shoulder interjected, "we should make bets on who'll sell at the highest price. It's a way to make a little more cash."
The men became rowdy calling out bets and numbers of who they thought would bring in the most money.
"Hey Tristan, can we stop so we can better make our decision?" the short black haired man asked their leader. So Tristan was his name, but right now I really didn't give a damn. I just wanted to stall for time. I wanted more time so badly I didn't even care when I was lined up and while the men's eyes raked each of us up and down calling up final bets.
We were walking again all too soon through the forest, closer to our sealed fates.
I could feel my body beginning to shut down in response to this immense fear.
My mouth was dry, my legs and hands were shaking violently, my stomach knotted and clenched, my head felt heavy, I could feel myself sweating, and my soul felt detached from my body.
I was though aware of Cassidy moving closer to me. She pressed into me trying desperately to be comforting and to keep me strong. I smiled weakly at her wrapping my index finger around hers squeezing. She squeezed back.
We walked with our index fingers hooked all the way to the front of the enemy towns' front gates.
Tristan held up a hand immediately bringing us and his legion to a complete halt. He slowly circled our group of fourteen or fifteen girls until he was in the front facing us. I could feel the girls in front of me taking cautious steps back away from him. Smart girls.
Tristan crossed his large arms over his wide chest glaring at us with his deadly blue orbs.
He cleared his throat loudly, "I'm warning all of you; if you cause a scene, refuse a buyer, or attempt to escape I will kill you. I promise you that. And I-" Tristan said making eye contact with each girl, "always keep my word."
The promise in his voice sent a chill down every girl's spine. Tristan turned stalking over to the entrance, briefly talking with the guards before they moved opening the heavy gates.
"Get moving!" Tristan barked leading us in to the dark town. The men behind us herded us into the town quickly eager to get their share of money from the victory in the overthrowing of the town they'd taken us from.
Every girl had different racing thoughts going through their heads but there was one thought that we all had in unison embedded in our minds.
This was our last fleeting moments of any real freedom.


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