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Novel By: brontewriter

zoe's world callopses around her as her family disown her and devon when the truth of their forbidden love is revealed. View table of contents...



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Chapter Fourteen

I had slammed the car door shut and ran into the house past Uncle Herald and Cousin Cynthia who were oblivious of what was happening. I ran straight to my room not even noticing Cousin Devon sitting near my bedroom polishing his boots.

I wanted to scream, but I didn't. I just bawled like a baby into my pillow of my bed tears flowing down my cheeks like waterfalls. My life had been crumpled to pieces by minutes of passion with my cousin. I was going to be a mother? I was only twenty two years old. I wasn't ready yet. I wanted to meet the right man and get married and then have children. But I had fallen madly, deeply, hopelessly in love with my cousin instead.

A gentle knock on my door made me stop crying and look towards the door.

"Zoe, it's me, Devon, are you OK?" Cousin Devon said in a concerned voice.

I cried even more. I was far from OK.

"Please let me in," he begged.

I reluctantly got up and opened the door and turned away quickly.

Devon took hold of my shoulders gently and turned me around and he gasped when he saw how red and swollen my eyes had become from crying so much. "What's happened, Zoe?" He took my hands in his.

I pulled away and went back to my bed "I suppose you'll find out sooner or later . I'd rather you heard it from me than your mother," I said.

"Heard what?" he asked, arms folded against his chest. "What are you talking about?" Devon then closed the door softly and walked to me and knelt down beside me gazing up into my eyes. "What is it, my love? I've missed you so much. There hasn't been a day when I have not thought about you and missed you wishing I could be at your side."

It took all of my outer and inner strength to tell him that I was pregnant with his child. "I'm pregnant, Devon," I declared.

Devon stared back at me in complete, utter shock, his green eyes wide, "what?"

"I'm pregnant with your unborn child," I told him again, slightly agitated he wasn't getting it.

He grabbed hold of my hands in his and squeezed them and I only saw love and devotion in his eyes "I love you, Zoe, very much. I can't think of my life without you and as its come as a huge shock, I am delighted your carrying my baby - our unborn child inside you," Devon said, declaring his love for me.

I started crying again. I was surprised I had any more tears to shed.

"Why are you crying?"

"Because I'm so happy and I love you so much too," I said, smiling through my tears.

Devon laughed and we kissed tenderly on the lips.

My heart literally dropped a few feet because standing in the doorway was Aunt Isabel and Uncle Herald and they both looked completely and utterly shocked and motified at what they were witnessing.

"WHAT IN GOD'S NAME IS GOING ON HERE!" screamed Uncle Herald with utter rage. His face was bright red with fury.

Devon stood up slowly to his full height of six foot three and turned to his red faced mother and father and said nervously putting his hands in his trouser pockets "Look Ma and Pa, Zoe and I are in love and very serious about each other."

Aunt Isabel started sobbing.

"You can't be! Your cousins, it's incestious! A sin!" Uncle Herald raged.

"Father, we are having a child together and we plan to marry as soon as possible," Devon told them calmly. Surprising me as this was the first time he had mentioned anything about marriage. He turned to me and took my left hand in his and squeezed it tightly.

Aunt Isabel sobbed even louder and harder into her husband's arms. I felt terrible for doing this to them but we couldn't help falling in love with each other.

"If you marry her, you are no longer a son of mine!" Uncle Herald threatened, his eyes bulging out of their sockets with rage.

Aunt Isabel straightened up and stared deathly cold at me "this is all your fault, Zoe, you brought disruption to our peaceful household and now you have torn us apart. You are evil!" she spat at me, frightening me. "This child growing inside your belly is of the devil himself. The devil's seed."

I shoook my head wildly, "no, Aunt Isabel, it's not.." I said.

"What is it then? If its not the work of the devil to have planted a devil's seed in your belly?"

"Mother, enough!" Devon defended me.

But Aunt Isabel ignored him and walked up to me and slapped me across my right cheek and then the left. "I hate you, Zoe! You going to to maternity place to have your devil's seed and you shall never ever think of us ever again!"

Devon shoved his mother back from me "you are not taking Zoe anywhere but with me. I have a small cottage in South Cornwall," he said. "We will take Gene with us. There is nothing you can do to keep us from going. We are going to be husband and wife and if that means I'm no longer a son of yours, father," his eyes met his father's horrified ones. "Then so be it."

I turned and pulled out my suitcase and threw in all the stuff I really needed and then Devon and I went to go and get Gene ready.

Within the next hour Devon, Gene, and I were ready to start our new life together.

Uncle Herald and Aunt Isabel were too shocked to do anything.

We placed all of our luggage into the boot of Devon's black automobile and we said our final farewells to Cousin Oliver and Cynthia. We got in the car and drove away making a fresh, new and happy start in our life together.

"Devon, are you really sure you don't want to be your father's son anymore?" I said.

"Zoe, you are my world now and if my parents can't except that then I don't need them," he said. He lifted my right hand to his lips and kissed tenderly.

I smiled. I wondered if it was going to go smoothly as much as we want it to be.


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