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Novel By: brontewriter

Zoe is now seventeen and in her final year at school. She meets a handsome boy called Jake Hamilton who claims to have known her since they were five but that turns out to be a disaster!

Her father has turned into an alcoholic slob. View table of contents...



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Chapter Seven

Three years have gone by, and a month and a half ago I turned seventeen in late May beginning of summer, 1948. I had gone back home to North Cornwall for my birthday to see Grandmother Maxine, Papa, and Gene, who was now eight. He was at primary schoool in his fourth year. He'd grown taller and was resembling Papa every day with his striking good looks. And Grandmother, well, she was exactly the same she always was: happy, cheerful, filled with enthusiasm and energy.

But Papa, I can only say this. Grandmother Maxine's predicament of Papa turning for the worst after he came back from the Second World War fighting three years ago had become a terrible reality. He's turned into an alcoholic! Papa doesn't do anything around the house to help Grandmother with the washing, ironing, cleaning and other things. he just slobs around the house and listens to the radio and then expects everyone to clean up after him. Papa drinks all day long down at the local pub called the 'THE WHEEL', with his drunk friends don't know.

Gene has tried encouraging Papa to come and teach how to play croquet but Papa is always too drunk and lazy to do it.

I hated us seeing our once loving, caring, and gentle father and son in law, who we've trusted for so long waste his whole life away by becoming an alcoholic slob. I insisted that I should stay at home and help but Grandmother had assured me she had everything under control.

So I reluctantly returned back to school. I passed through all of my end of term exams in early summer, which Grandmother Maxine and Gene were so happy about. And I too had been proud of myself for studying hard. I knew that it would've made my Mama proud and happy to see from heaven.

Days and weeks flew by and all the girls in the fifth year at school were getting really excited about the ened of year summer school dance that was to be held in the school Gym. The St Robert's boys were coming to the dance.

The exciting night of the final year summer school dance finally arrived and Laura, Bethany, Liz, Crystal, and I were all getting ready for it.

I slipped into my thin, white strapped dress that came above the knee and got Bethany to zip me up at the back. I had decided to leave my long blonde hair down over my shoulder in loose curly tresses with a black and white flowered hair slide in my hair; I wore my white heeled sandals on my feet.

All of my friends looked very beautiful this evening.

Bethany wore a yellow summery sleevless dress with her shoulder length black hair pinned up at the back of her head with some mascara on her eyelashes and a bit of red lipstick on her lips.

Liz had got all of her long brown hair cut off to a nice layered bob above her shoulders. She wore a red dress with gold star earrings that she'd gotten from her parents a year ago for her sweet sixteenth birthday.

Laura still had long and gorgeous golden blonde hair. She wore it down with a very sexy strapless black and white dress on that showed off her fabulous womanly curves in all the right places. She was breathtakingly beautiful. She looked like a movie star.

And Crystal were a elegant long, silver ankle dress that looked amazing against her chocolate brown skin. She looked stunning. Crystal, same as Bethany, had her long, curly black hair up but in a French twist.

I gazed at my elegant and mature friends in turn with some glow in my face of happiness. Remembering the very first day we all met each other. "Oh, you all look so beautiful," I gushed.

"I do, don't I?" Laura said, stepping forward and swayed her hips from side to side.

We all rolled our eyes at her sarcastically.

"I hope the young men are going to be handsome tonight," said Liz, grabbing up her small round hand bag to match her red dress from her bed.

"I sure do hope so," replied Laura brushing her hair once again for the umpteenth time. She smiled at us with a dazzling movie star smile and then headed for the door. "Come on then ladies the end of school summer dance awaits us and so do the men."

We followed her out and I closed the bedroom door softly as we left .

Once we walked to the big school Gym we could hear loud music coming from inside. Crystal pulled the Gym door open and we all walked in.

The gym was decorated with big, coloured balloons and streamers. There was a huge sign that hanged up on the ceiling that said, 'SUMMER SCHOOL DANCE OF 1948'.

I gasped loudly looking all around us with admiration. My blue eyes hardened when I saw Miss Hardman standing in the far corner of the gym talking to Mrs Peacock and Miss Mason. I just told myself I wasn't going to let Miss Hardman spoil the evening; I was going to have fun with my friends.

The St Robert's boys hadn't arrived yet. But just then the gum foor opened and the boys marched in wearing identical black suits and tie. They all looked handsome.

The girls were all waving and flirting with the boys.

A tall, middle aged man in a grey suit walked over to Mrs Peacock and shook her hand. I gathered he was the headmaster of the school.

A couple of hours later the dance was in full swing with couples dancing on the dance floor. Even the teachers were swaying their hips to the beat of the music.

I was sitting down at the side of the gum on a plastic chair sipping a plastic cup of pink lemonade when I caught the eye of a dashing, tall, dark haired boy. He was staring at me with the most intense eyes that made me blush.

The boy walked over to me and asked in a kind, deep voice. "May I sit with you?"

I didn't know what to say so I just nodded and he sat down beside me on the empty chair.

He gazed at me with admiration in his big, green eyes. "Hello, I'm Jake Hamilton, and you're Zoe Smith," he said, to my complete, utter amazement.

"How did you know that?" I asked.

Jake smiled, "we went to Port Isaac's primary school together."

"Really? What class were you in?"

"I was the very shy geek who sat at the back on his own who had a secret crush on you who sat in the middle of the class."

I blushed. "Oh, my god. Come on, let's dance," I urged him onto the dance floor.

Jake smiled and we went onto the crowded dance floor and he wrapped his strong, toned muscular arms around me and I wrapped mine around his neck.

We slowed danced together for ten dances and then he suggested we should take a walk outside to get some air and I foolishly agreed. We walked out the gum door without anyone looking.

The air was humid and warm when we got outside but there was a slight coolness as well.

"It's a beautiful night, isn't it?" Jake said gazing up at the black starry night sky.

I nodded my head in agreement, "it's beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you," he turned to me and touched the side of my left cheek with the back of his right hand then lowered his lips upon mine and kissed them gently.

I was a bit taken back with surprise so I blinked my eyes. "What was that for?" I asked in a whisper.

"That was no accident. I had this urge to kiss you there and then because you're looking so beautiful tonght, Zoe."

I blushed.

He smiled and bent down to kiss me once again. I kissed him back this time. Soon our kisses became passionate. I felt Jake's hands run up and downmy back which made my body shiver a little; He grabbed hold of my hand and led me forward.

"Where are we going, Jake?" I asked with a short laugh but also felt myself beginning to panic. My heart began to poud against my chest.

"Let's take a walk of the grounds. We'll only be a few minutes."

I let him lead me forward around the side of the school and Jake began kissing me down my neck. I closed my eyes just as I felt a chill running down my spine. My brain was telling me to make him stop before things went any further. But my body wanted him to kiss me passionately, devour me with his body and soul. It pressed against his body. "Jake, stop, I'm not ready for this," I said starting to panic as I felt his hands run down the sides of my body slowly.

"Ssh, it's OK, Zoe, we can go back to the dance in a minute," Jake replied in a sleazy voice.

I laughed nervously. "That wasn't what I meant," I pointed out.

"So what did you mean?"

"I don't think we should have sex."

His handsome face glowed with mischief and then smiled at me indicating he had no intention of stopping. He held me tightly up against the trunk of a tree with all of his body weight as he lifted up the skirt of my white dress and then began tugging at my knickers. I felt him harden against my body excitedly.

"GET OFF ME YOU JERK!" I shouted and tried to break free but he was too strong.

Jake unbuckled his belt around his trousers and unzipped them taking out his hard member while I tried struggling to be freed.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as he had pulled my knickers aside and pushed himself deep inside me despite my pleas for him to stop. I sobbed silently with anger and sadness and misery as Jake Hamilton raped me. I felt as though I'd been torn apart. I'd lost my virginity through rape which I'd hope I would of lost it through love. How naive I had been to think like that.

The gym door burst open and everyone had rushed out to find out what that scream was and they all gasped in shock to find me on my back on the groud, legs open, dress torn, tears running down my cheeks, as Jake was zipping himself back up.

Laura, Bethany, Crystal and Liz ran to my side and shot evil glares at Jake who was getting a right ear full from the headmaster and was taken away by the ear and all of the boys left much to the girls' disappointment.

Some girls shot me looks of anger from ruining their fun night but others looked down at me sympathetically and pitied me.

Mrs Peacock rushed to my side "my dear girl, I'm so sorry this happened to you," she said sympathetically, wrapping an arm around me.

My body shook and felt numb all over and felt sore.

"Right, dance is over, everyone back to your rooms," MIss Hardman ordered, her grey eyes turned to me and softened sympathetically.

The girls groaned and started to walk back to their dorm rooms.

My friends, Mrs peacock and Miss Hardman helped me back to our room as I was in state of shock as I'd been raped.

What could of been the best night of my life turned into the worst night of my life.


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