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Novel By: brontewriter

Zoe and her maternity pregnant friends find a secret passageway in the bookcase a way to escape from the evil Sisters at the nunnery. View table of contents...



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Chapter Seventeen

A few non-stop hard working months had gone by and I had been driven to complete insanity by Sister Andrea and Sister Maria. They drag all the girls from their bed even the most heavily pregnant ones and I to do our daily chores. I was six and a half months pregnant now and it was beginning to show as the big brown dress started to look tight around my protruding pregnant stomach.

Each night before the Sisters of the nunnery turned out all the lights for the night I'd sit up in bed and caress my belly slowly thinking about what sex the baby would be and couldn't help but to think of Gene and what had happened to him. Where was he now? Was he happy? Had he found new parents in a foster home? Was he thinking about me? Did he miss me as much as I missed him?

And what about Devon? What kind of horrible people were doing to my love, my one true love? The very thought of Devon being beaten and tortured by criminals, rapists, murderers in prison made my bottom lip quiver as tears rolled down my cheeks. It broke my heart that I would never ever see Devon again. Not see his handsome face, smile, and his eyes, not feel his touch or his kisses ever again. Our daughter or son would never ever get to set eyes on his or her father and not know what a wonderful and kind man he really was.

All of a sudden I felt anger surge through my veins as I knew it must have been Aunt Isabel and Uncle Herald who must have told the police about us. And took away any kind of happiness that we had just to make them feel better. I hated them.

One dark, cold stormy night when the lights were about to go out and the trees swayed back and forth at an incredible speed as the wind swished and howled in the air outside. Planks of woods from the old shed opposite the nunnery flew up into the air and then flew straight through the window the girls and I stayed in. Glass shattering to the floor.

The girls and I screamed in shock and surprise and one of the girls called Sara Wilcox who most made me feel welcome and comfortable began to scream in excruciating pain. We all turned towards her and stared wide eyed as she started going into labour.

I ran towards the door and luckily it was unlocked so I was able to run down the corridor to Sister Andrea's bedroom. I didn't really wish to disturb her while she was sleeping but it was crucial she came. I knocked loudly on the door a few times until it opened to a annoyed Sister. I stepped back and swallowed hard before speaking.

"Sister Andrea, it's Sara Wilcox, she's" I couldn't find the words because her stony gaze made me feel very nervous.

"She's what? Speak up girl," Sister Andrea snapped.

"She's gone into labour," I told her.

Sister Andrea turned and hurried back into her room to get changed and came back out a few minutes later in her black and white nun outfit with a few towels under her left arm. She closed her bedroom door and we rushed back to our room where Sara Wilcox was leaning against the window frame for support as tears streamed down her cheeks and was breathing heavily.

"Sara, listen to me, stay calm, I know it's difficult but you have to," commanded Sister Andrea. She took hold of the girl's arm and led her back to her bed and got her to lie down on her back with her legs apart.

I knelt down by Sara's side and she gripped my right hand with hers as the painful contractions started again. She screamed and each time it would be more painful than the last.

Eight hours later a beautiful baby girl was born and Sara cradled her in her arms with tears of happiness rolling down her cheeks. I was still knelt by her side and stared adorably down at her baby girl wrapped up in a pink towel.

"She's so beautiful, Sara," I said, feeling a thrill of happiness wash over me thinking in a few months my baby boy or girl would be born into this world.

"I know," Sara replied happily. She kissed the top of her baby's head. "She just looks like her father." A sad look fell upon her face and tears of sadness rolled down her face.

Sister Andrea sighed and picked up all of the blood stained towels from the floor and said walking towards the door. "Everyone get back into bed we all need to be up bright and early tomorrow for chores. Oh, and Sara, don't get too attached to your baby because a young couple are coming tomorrow to pick her up," with that she left and locked the door.

Sara broke down and sobbed cradling her baby close to her bosom. "I can only love you for a moment and now I have to let you go," she said through tears to the wide eyed beautiful baby gir.

I didn't know what to do or say that would make Sara feel worse than she already felt. I just placed my arms around her shoulders and kissed her cheek. I stayed with her and the baby all night.

The following morning was dead calm outside; There was no strong wind, no breeze just peacefulness. As I sat in a chair by the window with my hands on my belly looking out I noticed a few big trees had been blown over by the storm.

Once again thoughts went back to my brother and cousin. A robin, a small bird with a red chest, flew down onto a tree branch without any leaves. As if it knew I was watching it, it didn't fly away, it just looked around. The robin flew away a few seconds later spreading its wings out into the air as it was free to anywhere it wanted to go.

My head turned round to the sound of Sara laughing as she gazed lovingly down at her baby in her arms. I smiled and then a dark shadow fell over my face as I remembered that in just a couple of short hours Sara's baby would be taken away from her forever. Those made me think of when mine and Devon's baby would be born. I would hold him or her in my arms shower him with kisses of love and then Sister Andrea would be taken him or her away from me. I glanced down at my quite big stomach and rubbed it in slow circles thinking of Devon. Tears of unhappiness ran silently down my cheeks as I stared back out the window and my blue eyes grew wide with shock as a black automobile stopped outside the nunnery and a young and attractive couple stepped out and was greeted by Sister Andrea and Sister Maria with open arms as they led the couple inside.

I quickly got out of the chair and went over to Sara and the baby and scooped the baby out of her arms and said quickly to Sara. "Sister Andrea and Sister Maria are coming with a young couple to take your baby away from you."

"What should I do?" Sara asked frantically, searching around the room for a way to escape.

"I've got an idea," said one of the other pregnant called Melissa Holmes who sat on her bed listening to our conversation. "You don't know this but I know a secret passageway out of here," her face gleamed with mischief.

Sara and I both looked at one another and then turned back to Melissa who pointed towards a small bookcase filled with books on the far side of the room.

Melissa stood up and motioned for us to follow her and we did. She slowly pulled out an old book and to Sara and I's complete amazement the bookcase opened out like a door into a small, dark, and creepy secret passageway. She crouched down low and stepped inside and said over her shoulder at us. "Come on then, if you want to escape from this place without being caught by the evil Sisters."

Sara and I glanced at each other and grinned and then stepped into the passageway. I gave the baby back to her into her arms.

"Hey, wait for us!" cried Heather Green. She and the other girls followed us into the passageway and the last girl shut the door firmly.

We were all on our way to freedom.

Sister Andrea and Sister Maria walked along the corridor to our bedroom with the young couple. Sister Andrea was explaining enthusiastically what a lovely, delightful baby girl Sara's baby was . She put the key into the lock and unlocked it and peered round the door and to her complete utter horror there was no one in the room. Her face turned to fury she quickly closed the door and turned back to the couple with a forced smile upon her face.

"Just remembered we put the baby into a room just along here. Come right this way," she said through clenched teeth.

As the two Sisters led the young couple back up the corridor Sister Andrea whispered to Sister Maria "the baby's gone and so are the girls. Get every security guard up to block the gates so they can't escape anywhere. Now!"

"Yes, Sister," Sister Maria whispered back, hurrying away along down the corridor.

"Is everything alright, Sister Andrea?" asked the young gentleman. "Nothing's happened to our baby, has it? The young mother was alright about letting us adopt her child, wasn't she?"

"Oh, yes, everything is fine, no need to worry yourselves," Sister Andrea said with a forced smile.

The young gentleman stepped forward and folded his arms in front of him and shook his head. "Sister Andrea, you're hiding something. Tell us what exactly is going on. Where's our baby?" he demanded angrily.

She sighed heavily and threw her hands up in the air, "there's a slight problem with the young girl who gave birth to her."

The young woman looked horrified and cuddled her husband while he stared angrily at Sister Andrea.

"What do you mean a slight problem with the young mother? You told us she was fine about it," he demanded.

"She and a few of the other young women have escaped with your baby somehow," she eventually told them the truth.

The young gentleman grabbed hold of his wife's hand and grabbed hold of Sister Andrea's arm and led them both back towards our bedroom. "Open up this door," he ordered.

Sister Andrea hurriedly opened the door and they walked into the empty bedroom.

He walked about the room scanning every inch of it with his dark eyes and then turned back to the Sister. "Is there any way they could have escaped from here to outside without you noticing them?"

Sister Andrea began shaking her head when she remembered the secret passageway through the bookcase that led towards the front entrance outside the nunnery. She smiled brightly, "oh, yes, this way," she said, leading them to the bookcase that Sara and the others and I went down twenty minutes before. She tilted the book out and the bookcase opened to the young couple's surprise. "This way, I have a hunch they all went down here." Sister Andrea pulled out a torch from her pocket and turned it on and the young couple followed her down the dark passageway.


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