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Novel By: brontewriter

Zoe and Gene meet their aunt and uncle and cousins and a forbidden love blossoms between Zoe and her cousin Devon. View table of contents...



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Chapter Ten

The loud sound of the train honking its horn made Gene and I wake up. I looked around and saw that we had arrived at St Ives train station. The train came to a stop and people started picking up their luggage and stepping off it.

I took hold of Gene's right hand as we stood up and with our suitcases followed people off the train into the crowded station. I glanced around for anyone who could be looking for us and there standing by the entrance was two men, one much older than the other.

The older man had greyish blonde hair wearing a brown suit jacket and trousers. The younger man was a lot taller and handsome with red hair that was brushed back neatly with pale blue eyes. He wore a pair of navy blue pants and jacket with his hands stuffed inside the pockets of his pants. The younger man smiled at me then whispered something into the older man's ear who nodded his head. Theystarted walking towards us.

"Hello, you must be Zoe and Gene. I'm your Uncle Herald and this is my son, Oliver, your cousin," said the older man introducing himself and the younger man.

"it's a pleasure meeting you at last, sir," I said, quite shocked that this was my Uncle Herald and one of my cousins. A look of confusion washed over me. "I thought you had two sons and a daughter."

Both men laughed heartily.

This time cousin Oliver spoke, "my sister, Cynthia, is back at our farmhouse with my mother, your Aunt Isabel. And my dear, ruthless younger brother, Devon, is out on a horseriding hack in the woods but he'll be back."

I blushed at the way cousin Oliver was looking at me.

Uncle Herald and cousin oliver took our suitcases as we headed for the car park and got into their navy blue car that could fit four people in. "I hope you two like chicken," Uncle herald said cheerfully to Gene and I as cousin Oliver started the engine up and drove us away to our new home.

"We love chicken!" I said.

Uncle Herald chuckled and cousin Oliver smiled at me in the rearview mirror. "Good because your aunt has been slaving over a hot stove all day preparing a delicious chicken casserole for your arrivsl today."

"Sounds wonderful, Uncle Herald."

"It does, doesn't it?" he replied, turning to Gene now. "hello Gene, are you looking forward to living with us?"

Gene nodded enthusiastically which made us all laugh. Soon afterwards Uncle herald, cousin Oliver and I began talking about foxhunting and how there should be a campaign to stop it from happening from society.

Cousin Oliver drove us into a huge open green field filled with wildflowers. He drove us onto a narrow, dusty road towards a big yellow farmhouse. There was a young girl standing at the front porch looking out with a pretty angelic face with long, beautiful and curly red hair that blew out behind her through the breeze.

"Mama, they're back," the girl called back into the house over her shoulder. "Daddy and Oliver have got them."

Cousin Oliver stopped the car just as a quite tall and slim red haired woman in her late forties came out of the front door of the house to greet us with a big smile on her pretty face.

I noticed my aunt had a white apron tied around her waist with flour down it.

"Zoe, Gene, sweethearts! she cried with happiness at seeing us. Aunt Isabel threw her arms around me and hugged tightly. "My, my, what a beautiful young woman you've grown into, hasn't she Herald?"

Uncle Herald smiled with agreement.

My aunt's gaze moved away from me to Gene who stood beside me. "And you must be Gene, boy, what a fine liittle man you are. How old are you?"

"Ten," said Gene stuffing his hands in his trouser pockets.

Her green eyes widened and she gasped, "wow."

"Father, here comes Devon," said Oliver.

We all turned to our right towards an open field where a young man with shoulder length blonde hair galloping towards us on a black stallion horse from the woods.

I watched with fascination as my cousin Devon brought the beautiful animal to a trot; he smiled widely at his parents, brother and sister. His big, green eyes rested on my face and studied it hard for a few moments and then smiled. I smiled back feeling myself blush and my heart started pounding. "You must be Devon," I said, as he brought over his leg from the saddle and jumped down.

Devon walked up close to me that I could almost feel his warm breath on my face. He wore a thin white flannel shirt and light brown trousers with light brown cowboy boots. Devon shook my hand gently and gaxzed at me with admiring eyes. "And you must be our very beautiful cousin Zoe," he said, grinning.

I let myself grin back.

"Come on, Oliver, Devon, come and help your cousins into the house with their luggage," said Uncle Herlad.

Devon and Oliver went to the boot of the car and each of them took a suitcase. While they walked past towards the house, Devon turned his head and winked at me.


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