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Fitting In!

Novel By: Browneyegirl

One thing is to move from school to school, another is to move from down south to up north. Really easy you might think, right? Well, I don’t agree. Not really but I have to get used to it.


Mayte Fernandez is the new girl over at Westview High but she's not very welcomed.

Nancy Hartwell takes it as a competition and starts the whole drama but, what she doesn't know is that Mayte might just beat her and take the Miss Westview respect.

What happens when Blake Snyder enters in action? Will Mayte and Nancy keep on with the competition or will they stop?
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One thing is to move from school to school, another is to move from down south to up north. Really easy you might think, right? Well, I don't agree. Not really but I have to get used to it.

It was my first day of school, having to move from Mexico to somewhere in the USA. Well, I'll let you on that later but I tell you, I HATE when people start to annoy the hell out of me which is exactly what happened on my first day to school, in first class.

I had already registered for school the very first week that I arrived in California and I had already gotten my schedule so I headed straight to my first class. Sadly, I had Singing Class! From freaking 7:15am to 8:55am, can you believe me? I mean, I'm barely awake at that time so who knows? I could be singing asleep for all I know.

"Hello, Miss Fernandez." The teacher greeted with a smile when I opened my mouth to ask her if this…classroom was for Singing Class. She had blond hair and baby blue eyes that made her feature look stunning. She was around 23 to 24 if I'm good at deciding people's age by their feature.

I smiled back and said, "Hello, ma'am. Uh, is this the classroom for Singing Class? Miss Nix?"

Yeah, I speak English! Duh! Why else would I be in school at seventeen if I didn't speak English? I'm pretty sure you're thinking I'm crazy but, hey! This is a Mexican girl you're tagging along with.

She laughed and said, "Of course it's this classroom, darling!" Okay, I don't like people calling me that, "I'm Miss Nix and you must be the new girl, Mayte, right?"

I nodded, "Mayte Fernandez. Nice to meet you, Miss Nix."

"It's so great to have you in my class, Miss Fernandez. Please, come in and we'll see what we can help you with. Are you fluent with English or are you just learning?" Hello! Aren't I speaking English here or something?

I smiled politely, "I'm quite fluent even though I don't see why you'll be asking me that." I speak from my mind and say what I want to say…if you haven't noticed.

We went inside the classroom, which had some desks at the back, a stage at the front, and microphones lined neatly on the stage. Weird class I have here. I don't love singing, I like it sure but that's a whole different story.

Miss Nix sat down on her desk and said, "Well, I've had so many Hispanic students in the past years so I just had to ask." She shrugged as if that explained everything and turned to the laptop and some papers that were on her desk.

I asked, "So, what time does class start?"

"In about ten minutes, the bell will ring signaling for students to head to their first class," She was saying it as if explaining to a three year old, "We're in here from 7:15 to 8:55 and then you're off to your next class."

"Oh, great." Not!

"How long have you been here?" Is she trying to make a conversation? Cause it obviously isn't working on this Mexican Girl! I can be a bitch sometimes but it's because I get annoyed or mad.

Instead of giving a shitty reply like 'my business not yours', I simply said, "Three weeks."

"My goodness! Why didn't you start school right away then?" She was studying me closely. I could feel her gaze on me.

"I had to interpret for my parents when they applied my younger brother."

"Ooh, that's very nice of you. Have you been here before?" Nosy teacher! I feel like strangling her…no, don't go away! I'm begging! I was only kidding, it's not like I'm some serial killer looking for revenge or anything.

"Yeah, when I was younger."

The bell rang from somewhere up in the ceiling and I looked up to see if it was visible. Stupid, I know! I mean, I'm only a Mexican after all. Mexican's do stupid things sometimes.

"Well, class is about to start. Please have a seat and I'll get one of the students to help you catch up when they get here."

I nodded and turned around to have a seat then decided not to and turned back to Miss Nix, "May I go the bathroom first?"

"Of course, across the hall." Huh? "The bathroom is the door across the hallway." Right. I felt like smacking my head against the wall but decided against it.

I walked across the hallway and straight inside the bathroom. I looked at myself on the mirror and smiled. I admit I looked good, not gorgeous like some girls but pretty? Whoa, I'm not supposed to judge myself.

My reflection showed a girl that I haven't seen in a while; she had long black hair color (Natural! cheeky), a pretty nice looking face, slender body, average height, brown eye colors, and, well, a pretty girl?

I was wearing a banded neck top, dark blue wide leg jeans, and black converse with some small materials on the side.

I fixed my straight hair and applied some eyeliner on then headed back to the classroom. I use make up, okay? But, I'm not afraid to reveal my real self to people who I don't even know. I was raised to be tough and that's what helps me stand up.

When I got back to the classroom, the students were just arriving, they were still half asleep. I don't blame them, I blame the technologies nowadays. Sue me if you don't agree!!!

"Miss Fernandez, I was just asking Anise if she could help you catch up with us," Miss Nix said when she saw me coming through the door.

Of course, that was not a great idea because every head turned my way. Some were already seated and some were still standing. I counted and, turns out, there were fifteen of us. How can that lady teach singing lessons like that? Only she knows how but, if I were her, I'd rather die first.


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