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Cloud Nine in Calera

Novel By: BUgirl13

*COMPLETED* Auden loved her life in Orlando, Florida, with her amazing friends and life style she loved. That all changes when her parents make her and her twin brother to move back to their hometown of Calera, Alabama. Calera is a small, hick town where the accent is so thick, you almost need a translator. Auden gets a job at the local mechanic shop in town where she meets Dexter. Dex is cynical and seems to dislike Auden from the beginning. Will their time together lead to more arguments… or will they get past their disagreements and learn to like each other? Or maybe even love.

**Warning: There may be sexual material some find offensive! You've been warned :) ** View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 11, 2010    Reads: 4,266    Comments: 16    Likes: 8   

** Alright guys, this is my second story! But don't worry all you Mess of Love fans, that is my first priority… I will probably publish a chapter or two a week of this one until Mess of Love is over! Hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think =]**
Cloud Nine in Calera
Auden sighed as she got off the miniature plane, taking in the scene around her. "Good 'ole Alabama," she mumbled to herself, "Did you grab your bags Dawson?" she asked her twin brother.
"Yeah, yeah" me muttered, "When are Nene and Granddad going to be here?" he asked her.
"They said when the plane landed they'd be getting our bags," she said shrugging her shoulders.
Auden still couldn't believe her parents were forcing them to leave Orlando, Florida, the town where her and Dawson grew up. The town where all their friends were. But no, they were sent back to Calera, Alabama to live with their grandparents. Their parents were well off. They both went to Highland Preparatory School in Calera, which is actually a really great school even though it's in the middle of nowhere, and graduated from Princeton University. Her mom was a psychiatrist and her father was into marketing. There family believed in tradition and always wanted their children to attend HPS so they could also get into an Ivy League college.
The whole ordeal sounds complicated, but really it's not. Auden and Dawson along with everyone in their family were born in Calera, Alabama, but when they were 4 her father got a job in Orlando, hence them moving down to Florida. Her parents wanted Auden and Dawson to go to HPS for all of high school, but there was no way her father could do his job from Alabama and her family was to close to be shipping their children away for 4 years. Instead, their parents said they would be staying with their grandparents until Christmas and then they would fly out and live the rest of the semester with them until college.
Auden and Dawson had fought tooth and nail about having to move back to Calera. For Christ's sake it was Alabama. Not only did everyone and their mother have a country accent, they knew no one. "You know your grandparents," her mother had told them.
"Awesome. Clabber on Friday nights," Dawson said rolling his eyes.
They knew their parents had their best intentions in heart, but it didn't make them like it anymore. Oh and to top it all off, they both needed to find a job. Auden and Dawson both had jobs in Orlando even though they weren't needed. Both her parents were making well over enough to get by, but they also believed in working for what you've got. Auden was in no way spoiled and was totally okay with working in Orlando. But the fact that she had to move to a different state, go to a different school, meet new people, and get a job… that set her over the edge.
So here they were, in a terminal in a dinky airport in Alabama waiting for their grandparents to pick them up. After about thirty minutes of waiting, they finally showed up.
Her Nene walked to them with a huge smile plastered on her face, "Oh my sweet grandbabies!" she exclaimed in her thick accent.
"Hey Nene, good to see you," Auden said hugging her. As much as she did not want to live here, she did miss her grandparents like crazy. She only saw them during Christmas and a week out of the summer when they visited.
"Suga!" her granddad exclaimed, pulling her into a hug. He had always called her 'Suga,' she couldn't remember a time when he ever called her by her first name.
"Missed you Granddaddy," she said, hugging him back.
"Hazelbug, did you get your luggage okay? Dawson? Sorry we were late, lost track of time!" her Nene said.
Auden rolled her eyes at 'Hazelbug' Hazel was her middle name, yet her Nene always called her that. It was like her grandparents never knew her first name to begin with.
"Well we know who the favorite is," Dawson whispered nudging her, "Miss Hazelbug Suga" he mocked
She elbowed him in the side, "Oh shut up… I don't know why they still haven't learned my first name,"
"Now we have ya'lls rooms set up and Dawson, honey, I talked with my friend Mr. Lott, Gregory Lott, and he said he had a position at the realtor company here in town, now wouldn't that be nice? You know the dealership on highway 43?" she rambled on in her southern accent.
"Nene, it's the only realtor company in Calera… and yeah that sounds good, thanks," he said
After making it through the airport and the insufferable drive answering a thousand questions their grandparents had, they were finally to their new home. "Dawson, why don't you help your Granddad with the bags and me and Hazelbug will go make some sweet tea, sound nice?"
"Sure Nene," Dawson replied.
"So Hazelbug-"
"Nene, you know you can call me Auden, right?"
Nene laughed her off, "Of course honey, but you'll always be my little Hazelbug… now have you called your parents yet? You better get on that, they're probably worried sick!"
"No I will now," she said getting up and calling her parents on the house phone. After the first ring her mother picked up.
"Hello? Auden? Dawson?… is that you?" she said sounding frantic.
"It's me mom, calm down," she told her.
"Oh Auden! I was worried sick about you! Your father and me! How was the flight? I take it everything went okay? Oh, I miss you two already!" she sauntered on.
"Mom, take a deep breath. We're fine. You're the one who sent us out here anyways," she told her mom.
"I know, sweetie, but it's for the best… you'll see. How's Dawson? Is he there?"
"He's helping Granddaddy with the bags… I'll tell him to call you later,"
"Alright sweetie, just promise me you'll be careful… and call me everyday! I miss you already and daddy says he misses and loves you too,"
"Love and miss you both too, talk to you later… bye!" she said then hung up the phone.
"Your momma can talk a mile a minute, I swear that girl keeps going and going like the energizer bunny," her Nene said smiling and shaking her head.
"Wonder who she learned it from, Nene," Auden said raising her eyebrows.
"I know, I know… so what do you want to do today… you're first day in Calera since you were 4! Oh how the years fly."
"Actually, I think I'm going to go in town and look for a job since we have a month left of summer… hopefully someone is hiring,"
"I'm sure they are… just keep your cell phone thingy on you! Love you Hazelbug and I'm glad you're here," her Nene said pulling her into a hug.
"Love you too, Nene," she said but couldn't admit to the other part… not yet at least.
Auden rode her mom's old bike into town, since it was only a mile away. She really had no idea what kind of job she was looking for so she went to the first store she found that said 'Help Wanted'. It was Hank's Auto Life. A car-part store. 'Perfect' she thought to herself. She really knew nothing about cars but she had to try. She walked up to the counter where an older guy was working, "Excuse me? I was looking to talk with the manager or someone?" she said politely.
"Well you've found him sweetheart, I'm Hank," he said sticking out his hand to shake hers.
"Oh! Hi! I'm Auden Wildenbaum, I just moved out here and saw your 'Help Wanted' sign outside and came to see if I could apply,"
"Wildenbaum, eh? You don't happen to be Samuel and Mindy's granddaughter, now do yah?" he asked smiling.
"As a matter of fact I am,"
"Well, we I am still lookin' for someone and no one else has come by lookin' for a job… you got a resume?" he asked her.
"Actually, I do," she said reaching inside her bag to pull one out.
"Alright hun, let me run back to my office and you just stay put I'll be back in a few minutes," he said then turned around, "Dex!" he yelled out to the store, "I need you to cover the counter for a few… Dexter!"
"I'm comin', I'm comin'!" he yelled back. Hank smiled at her once more then turned his back and went to his office.
She finally turned around to see the guy 'Dex' walk back to the front counter. She almost dropped her jaw. He was gorgeous. Short blonde her, tan skin, and muscles that looked like they were from doing actual labor.
Dex looked her up and down when he got to the counter. Even though it wasn't in a sexual way, she still blushed. She was just your average girl. Long, wavy brown hair, green eyes, and curves in all the wrong places or at least she thought so. She was athletic and ran everyday, so there was no doubt she was in shape… but she could never get rid of her round bottom or shapely curves.
"Can I help you with somethin'?" the guy asked.
"Oh," she said, snapping out of her daydream, "Um no, I'm just waiting on Hank,"
He continued to star at her, "You're not from around here? Who are you?" he asked bluntly.
"I'm Auden Wildenbaum… I just moved here," she said shyly.
"Wildenbaum? I know your grandparents," he said… almost making it sound like a bad thing, "I'm Dexter Anderson, Dex," he said extending his hand.
She shook it but didn't say anything, "So," he started again, "where are you going to school?"
"Highland… you?" she asked timidly.
He snorted, "Of course you are… I go to Richardson High… the public school," he said, annunciating the word 'public'.
"Cool…" she said dazing off.
"So what is someone with Daddy's money doing in a store like this?" he asked raising his eyebrows.
What an asshole, "What the hell is that suppose to mean?"
"Well you're a Wildenbaum and going to Highland… I'm not stupid," he said rolling his eyes.
Before she could reply Hank came out of his office, "Well little lady, we would definitely love to have you here. No need to continue looking if no ones going to show up… Just be here Wednesday at 9 am and we can go over everything… sound good?" he asked her.
"Sounds great! Thank you!" she said as Hank turned back to his office. Auden turned her cool glaze back to Dex, "Well," she started smugly, "looks like I'm your new co-worker," she said then turned and left the store, leaving Dex speechless.


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